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Where to go this winter?-Top Festivals & Activities in China

Published: Dec. 23, 2014

Winter comes as appointed and it treats its fans with unique and beautiful scenery, such as crystal ice, pure snow, and soft rime. Every year in China, lots of winter themed festivals and activities are held. Here below are some to be held this winter. Anyone interested, move and enjoy yourselves in the white fairy-tale world!


Harbin Ice and Snow Festival: It will start on January 5th, 2015 and last for about one month. During the festival, visitors can appreciate various ice and snow sculptures, colorful ice lanterns, go fishing over frozen river or lake, have fun in Ice and Snow Happy Valley. If you want to wet yourselves, they even have ice hockey, skiing, curling and swimming competitions. In addition, a group weeding will be held in the white fairy-tale world this year. By the way, Yabuli International Ski Resort nearby Harbin has been opened since November 23rd; it is one of China's best ski resorts and a paradise for skiers.

Sixth Bird's Nest Ice and Snow Festival in Beijing: It will be officially started on January 10th, 2015 and last till February 24th. Covering an area of 17.3 acres (70,000 square meters), visitors can ski and skate there, play dodgems on ice land and CS on snow field, have fun in amusement zone made of snow hills, and make snowmen in DIY zone, etc. Interesting facilities like snow zorb balls, snowmobiles, and snow tubings are provided. In addition, there will be skiing and figure skating, and youth hockey competitions held during the festival. The ticket fare during the festival will be CNY 120 on regular days and CNY 160 on weekends and holidays. Children below 1.2 meters will be admitted for free. Also in Beijing, ski resorts in suburban areas have been opened recently.

Ice Town in Shanghai: Located in Shanghai Expo Garden, it has been opened on December 20th and will be closed in next March. In the Christmas Market, one can taste delicious food, appreciate creative handiwork, and have fun under the Christmas tree; in the Pole and Fairyland, one can have a glimpse of what the pole looks like, play ice slides, have fun in snow maze, and appreciate small houses of Eskimos; in the Ice and Snow Amusement Park, one can drive bumper cars and spin a top on the ice; in the Snow Restaurant, one can enjoy delicious food while appreciating beautiful snow scenery. Highlight of this Ice Town is an ice bar totally made of ice, including walls, roof, tables, chairs, and cups; so amazing!

Jilin International Rime, Ice & Snow Festival: Started on December 18th, it will last for about three months. During the festival, there will be 16 activities held, including rime appreciation, skiing, snow sculpting, photography, and winter fishing. Jilin rime along the Songhua River gets more and more popular in recent years; the best time to appreciate it is 09:00 to 10:00.

2014 China Ice and Snow Nadam Fair & 2nd Cold Pole Festival: There will be a series of activities and competitions held from December 20th, 2014 to March 1st, 2015 in Hulunbeir city and its surrounding areas, including Hulunbeir Grasslands, Aoluguya Ewenki Nationality Town, China's Coldest Village, Mt. Jinlong Ski Resort,

Chaihe National Forest Park, and Phoenix Villa, etc. During the fair and festival, visitors can attend Marathon, horse racing, wrestling and photography competitions; learn how to tame horses; experience reindeer culture in hunters' tribe; go skiing and skating; ride camels, snowmobiles, snow bikes, snow karts, dogsleds and horse sleds; appreciate northern Europe style residences, Christmas castle, ice and snow sculptures, and fireworks; and taste delicious local food…

Mt. Emei Ice, Snow and Hot Spring Festival: With opening of Liedongping Ski Resort on the higher part Mt. Emei, the festival has been started on December 13th, 2014 and will last till March 31st, 2015. During the time period, visitors can go skiing and do other sports on real snow; climb to the Golden Summit to appreciate snow-covered crystal scenery; and enjoy natural hot spring on the mountain foot.

2014 Hami Ice and Snow Tourism Festival & Balikun 10th Ice and Snow Culture Tourism Festival: It will be started on December 26th at Pulie Grand View Park in Balikun County of Xinjiang. Beautiful snow and ice sculptures have been made for the festival and skiing competition, sports on ice, and temple fair will be held during the festival.

In addition to above mentioned ones, there will be lots of interesting activities held in other parts of China this winter, making winter a good travel time too.

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