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The Snow Town in Northeast China Began to Receive Visitors since November 11, 2017

Published: Nov. 14, 2017
As of November 11, 2017, the China Snow Town, also known as Shuangfeng Forestry Center of Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province in northeast China began to receive visitors, with abundant snowfall as thick as 50 centimeters.

What to See in China Snow Town?

Layers of snow cover on mountains, rivers, trees, and wooden roofs make a silver and white world. In the early morning, the whole town is shrouded in the glow of the sun, giving a sense of serenity. When the night falls, red lanterns along roadside add more charm to the town. Though not big, the gorgeous town is popular among tourists as a winter resort.

What to Do in China Snow Town?

Folk activities in the town are also awesome. At night, you can enjoy a grand yangko dance on the Xueyun Street performed by over a hundred of local villagers. Dressed in colorful costumes, they dance to the beat cheerfully. The snow sculptures should not be missed as well. Staying in a hostel provides you the opportunity to sleep on the unique brick bed in northeastern China and the hospitable host may serve you with the best local dish - braised vegetables with meat.

Tourist Buses to China Snow Town to Open in Late November, 2017

From November 25, 2017 on, tourist buses will be operated, covering the most famous ice and snow resorts in Heilongjiang, including Harbin, Yabuli International Ski Resort, Erlanghe Forestry Center, and the Snow Town.

 Where to buy the bus tickets

In Harbin: Nangang Longyun Bus Station, the 1st floor of Madie'er Hotel, Harbin North Railway Station, shuttle bus ticket counter at Harbin Taiping Airport
In China Snow Town: the tourist center
In Erlanghe Forestry Center: the tourist center
In Yabuli Ski Resort: the passenger transport center in the scenic area

 Harbin→Yabuli→Erlanghe→Snow Town Bus Schedule and Ticket Fare

No. Departure Time Fare (in CNY)
Harbin→Yabuli Harbin→Erlanghe Harbin→Snow Town
1 6:00 70 100 120
2 8:00 70 100 120
3 9:00 70 100 120
4 10:00 70 100 120
5 13:00 70 100 120

 Note: Passengers can take the bus from the 8th entrance on the 2nd floor of Nangang Longyun Bus Station. The one departing at 08:00 is not available until Dec. 25, 2017.

 Snow Town→Erlanghe→Yabuli→Harbin Bus Schedule and Ticket Fare

No. Departure Time Fare (in CNY)
Snow Town→Harbin Erlanghe→Harbin Yabuli→Harbin
1 7:00 120 100 70
2 10:00 120 100 70
3 13:00 120 100 70
4 13:30 120 100 70
5 13:40 120 100 70

 Note: The one departing at 13:30 is not available until Dec. 25, 2017.

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