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Cold Wave Hits China and Winter Travel Tips

Published: Jan. 26, 2016

Most parts of China have been hit by a cold spell unexpectedly since January 22nd, 2016. With a 5 to 10 degree centigrade drop in temperature, many provinces witnessed the lowest temperature in over a decade and experienced a round of rain and snow. Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Autonomous Region, even experienced the 1st snow on historic records.

According to the National Meteorological Center, the cold spell will linger for a few more days and end after January 27th. However, it’s forecasted that there will be another temperature drop around the Chinese New Year, possibly from February 6th to 8th.

Yellow Mountain After Snow
Passengers Queueing to Buy Train Tickets

Some Attractions Closed While Some Became White Fairylands

The heavy snow accompanying the cold spell has reached many provinces. Considering the safety of tourists, many tourist sites have been closed during the extremely cold days.

It’s reported that 40 scenic spots in Hangzhou are temporarily closed and the date for resuming operation keeps unknown. The 40 scenic spots include Xixi National Wetland Park, Thousand Islet Lake and the Leifeng Pagoda, while the West Lake is excluded.

In Anhui, the whole province was covered by heavy snow, causing an economic loss of CNY 37.3 million. The famous Buddhist Mount Jiuhua has already been blocked. In addition, the main peak of Tianzhu Mountain has currently stopped to receive visitors from January 21st.

However, the snow covered up some scenic spots with a white cloak, endowing them unusually beautiful scenery. The Yellow Mountain is now a holy white world where tourists are deeply impressed by the magnificent view. Likewise, Guilin also presents stunning landscapes in the snow world.

 Tip: Before heading for a tourist attraction, please double check whether it is open if the weather is bad.

Trains Arrived Late

Because of the cold and snowy weather along with the Spring Festival Travel Rush, some trains were delayed or arrived late, including those running along Beijing-Shanghai and Shanghai-Kunming High Speed Railways.

 Tip: Passengers are advised to keep an eye on the real-time train schedule and bring some food or snacks while traveling in case that it delays. Also, set off for the stations earlier than usual if the road conditions are bad.

Flight Delayed or Cancelled

Due to the snow, many airlines have put off or cancelled their flights. For example, Nanchang Changbei International Airport was closed for 10 hours on January 22nd, causing inconveniences to passengers.

 Tip: Passengers please contact the airline before going to the airport to confirm that the flight will run normally.

Road Traffic Control Adopted

To reduce the potential accidents resulted in the sleety weather, traffic authorities has implemented traffic control on many expressways. Some are closed currently while some are under strict control.

 Tip: It is recommended to travel by train rather than buses in bad weather for safety concern.

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