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Real-Name Online Ticketing System Implemented in Badaling Great Wall

Published: Jul. 04, 2019

Since June of 2019, the real-name online ticketing system has been implemented formally in Badaling Great Wall and the daily tickets have been capped at 65,000. At present, tourists can make a reservation on Badaling Great Wall official website and official Wechat account at most 10 days in advance and each ID card or passport can only purchase one ticket.

What Can the Visitor Limit and Ticketing System Bring about?


Better and safer travel experience

As one of the most popular monuments of China, the Badaling Great Wall attracts thousands of tourists every day from home and abroad. However, during the Chinese holidays like National Day Holiday, it is extremely crowded and the travel experience can be absolutely terrible. The new ticketing system help visitors to avoid a long queuing when buy tickets. Meanwhile, it has set a new warning system with three-grades: the yellow signal of 39,000, orange signal of 52,000 and red signal of 65, 000. The managers of Badaling can take corresponding measures according to different warning signals, which just ensures a better and safer trip for travelers.  

Protection of the Great Wall

Besides the safety of tourists, it is also a good measure to protect Badaling Great Wall from damaging due to the over crowds. Too much tourists that bring high income and popularity to the tourist sites also bring heavy burden to the site protection. For example, on May 1, 2019, there were more than 18.2 tons of garbage produced in just one day. Thus, implementing the tourist limit is definitely helpful to protect the cultural relics.

Why 65,000?

It is set according to a national guideline which suggests the most appropriate capability of the Badaling Great Wall on the basis of safety, management, culture and ecology aspects.

What If Someone Cannot Buy Tickets Online?

Although the online ticketing system is implemented, for tourists who don’t know how to use smart phones or buy tickets online, they can purchase tickets at the service counters on site with their valid passport/ ID card as long as the number of tourists isn’t over the limit.  

Other Chinese Attractions Adopted Visitor Limits

In fact, a lot of Chinese tourist sites have adopted daily quota of the tourists for a long time. Since 2014, Mogao Caves in Dunhuang has capped at 6,000 visitors every day. From 2015 on, the Forbidden City has a daily quota of 80,000 and booking tickets online is must. In 2018, the Jade Snow Dragon Mountain had also declared that its limit was 10,000 tourists per day. From May of 2019 on, the classic Suzhou Gardens including Humble Administrator's Garden, Lion Grove Garden, Lingering Garden and Tiger Hill have also required to book entry tickets online in advance. Some other attractions limit the visitor numbers in the peak season like the Potala Palace, Chaka Salt Lake and Yading Natural Reserve. In the future, more and more scenic areas will carry out the policy and travelers need to get used to it gradually.


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