Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, aka Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon skywalk, is the world’s longest and highest glass bridge, hanging over Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. Looking from a distance, it looks like a piece of white silk floating between the clouds and fog, hence it is also called Yuntiandu, meaning “a way of clouds to the sky”. Standing on it, if dare to, you can have a bird’s eye view of the Grand Canyon.

Basic Facts of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

 Length: 430 meters (1,411 feet)
 Width: 6 meters (20 feet)
 Height: 300 meters (984 feet)
The bridge bottom is paved with transparent glass, to give visitors an extremely thrilling feeling and a better perspective of sightseeing. In addition, in the middle of the bridge, there is a bungee platform. When opened, it will be world’s highest bungee, measuring 270 meters (886 feet) above the ground.

How to tour Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

1. If you will visit both the Glass Bridge and the Grand Canyon, it’s better to visit the Glass Bridge first to avoid detour and save time and energy.

2. There are cable cars up to the Glass Bridge. A one-way ticket is CNY35. The cable car upper terminal is only 10 minutes’ walk from the Glass Bridge.

3. Visitors had better book a ticket in advance from the official website, as no ticket is sold on the spot, except discounted tickets for some Chinese citizens. The tickets are available 1day to 2 months prior to the visit date. But you are advised to book it as early as possible, especially during the peak season. A valid ID certificate like passport is required for both booking the ticket and entering the scenic site.

4. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon has three kinds of ticket, all valid for one day only:

Ticket A for the Grand Canyon  CNY 118 plus insurance fee of CNY 3
Ticket B for the canyon and Glass Bridge CNY 256 plus insurance fee of CNY 3
Ticket C for the Glass Bridge  CNY 138 plus insurance fee of CNY 3

 Note: Free for children under 1.3m (4.3ft).

5. The entering time is set when booking the ticket:
For Ticket B: 8:00 – 9:59, 10:00 – 12:59, and 13:00 – 15:00
For Ticket C: 15:20 – 17:00. 
Please enter the site during the reserved time; otherwise the ticket will automatically turn invalid.

6. Passenges with Ticket B must enter the canyon before 15:30.

7. Open Time: 07:30-17:30

Recommended Guided Tour:

 1-Day Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Tour to Glass Bridge from $142
Worry-free day tour with all fees included, plus professional guide and private driver.

Tips on Walking the Bridge

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

1. The bridge may be closed if the weather is bad.

2. All visitors to the bridge need to wear a pair of shoe covers. One can get one for free at the entrance to the bridge.

3. One can only bring a cell phone with cover and small-sized bags like a purse or waist-bag while walking on the bridge. You can leave other belongings at the left luggage office. The service fee is CNY5 per piece of small bag and CNY10 per piece of large bag.

4. High heels and metal spiked shoes are not allowed on the bridge.

5. Do not run or jump on the bridge or stand against the rail.

6. Those who have heart disease, high blood pressure and acrophobia as well as drunk visitors are not recommended to set foot on the bridge.

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge Vs. Tianmen Mountain Glass Plank

Tianmen Mountain is also located in the city of Zhangjiajie, about 60 kilometers (37 miles) away from the Grand Canyon. Different from the Grand Canyon Glass Bridge hanging in the air, Tianmen Mountain Glass Planks are inserted into the mountain cliffs. There are three of them and the most famous one is at a height of over 1,400 meters (4,593 feet). It is exciting and thrilling to walk on them, too. If you unfortunately do not get a ticket for the glass bridge, these glass planks are also a good try. There are fewer tourists there and the ticket can be generally bought on the spot.

How to get to Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

 From Wulingyuan Scenic Area, the most famous scenic spot in Zhangjiajie:
Take a bus from Wulingyuan Bus Station to the canyon directly. It takes about 40 minutes.

 From Downtown Zhangjiajie
Take a bus from Zhangjiajie Long-distance Bus Center to the canyon. The travel time is about an hour.

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Questions & Answers on Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge
Asked by Alex from GERMANY | Aug. 11, 2019 07:03Reply
Is it possible to book tickets for the Zhangjiajie glass bridge through your travel agency?
We are foreigners and cannot make the booking over the official website with foreign passports. What is your service charge and how can tickets be delivered (e-mail / courier?)
Answers (1)
Answered by Andrew from FRANCE | Aug. 12, 2019 23:47

Well, as I know, TravelChinaGuide.com doesn't have this booking service. You are suggested to consult the local travel agency when you arriving there.
Asked by Gaurav India from INDIA | Jul. 25, 2019 23:32Reply
I am planning to see zhangjiajie glass bridge from India
Please tell me Zhangjiajie glass bridge nearby international airport flights available from India Beijing Airport is too far away from zhangjiajie city somebody suggest me nearby airport also suggest me cheap hotels for stay and vegetarian food available in your country China
Answers (1)
Answered by Galen from USA | Jul. 30, 2019 19:11

There is no direct flight between India and Zhangjiajie. Where do you start off? You need to fly to Beijing or Guangzhou first, then take train or fly to Zhangjiajie. There are so many cheap and good hostels in the scenic area. You can find one when you get there. I'm afraid there is no vegetarian restaurant in the attraction.
Asked by Lila from USA | Jul. 23, 2019 03:12Reply
Is the bungee jump at Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge open?
I know a company called Bungy China is advertising that it is
Answers (1)
Answered by Bader from USA | Jul. 25, 2019 19:13

Yes, it is.
Asked by Adeline from MALAYSIA | Jul. 13, 2019 03:38Reply
Give up walking Midway on glass bridge
Can one give up or make a u-turn while on the glass bridge due to short of breath or too frighten to move forward.
Answers (1)
Answered by Lea from USA | Jul. 14, 2019 23:32

Sorry, I haven't found related information yet. You can ask staff before you walking on the bridge.
Asked by Ahmad from PAKISTAN | Jul. 11, 2019 10:48Reply
I am coming from Changsha to visit Tianmen Mountain and glass bridge in one day.
I will arrive zhangjiajie at 7:30 am by train and will be back at 7:30 pm so how I can visit these two places in one day please guide which buses I have to take etc .. thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Molly from USA | Jul. 16, 2019 01:14

The time is too tight to cover the two attractions. The Tianmen Mountain is in the Zhangjiajie city area and you can visit it first. After that, take a bus from Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station to the Glass Bridge. The bus will operate till 17:30 and it takes about CNY20.
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