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Emeishan Railway Station

Emeishan Railway Station stands on the Chengdu-Leshan-Emeishan Intercity High Speed Railway. It is only about 2 miles (3 km) away from the Mt. Emei. Upon arrival at the station, there are both city buses and tourist buses taking visitors to the mountain.  

Address: Xiuhu Avenue, Emeishan, Leshan City

Schedule & Ticket Booking

The Emeishan Railway Station only serves high speed trains. At present, there are 22 pairs of bullet trains in operation everyday, connecting the station with Chengdu, Shuangliu Airport, Leshan, Jiangyou, Mianyang, and Meishan, etc.

(Last Update on May 7, 2019)
ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
First/ Second Class Seat
Chengdu South
C6258, C6306, C6262, C6308...
11 departures from 07:45 to 20:41
1h13m - 1h43mCNY 99/ 62
USD 15/ 9
Shuangliu Airport
C6258, C6306, C6308, C6310...
9 departures from 07:45 to 20:41
1h1m - 1h26mCNY 90/ 56
USD 14/ 8
Meishan East
C6302, C6258, C6306, C6262...
11 departures from 07:45 to 20:41
0h30m - 0h45mCNY 51/ 32
USD 8/ 5
C6302, C6258, C6306, C6262...
10 departures from 07:45 to 20:41
0h16mCNY 17/ 11
USD 3/ 2
C6302, C6306, C6308, C6310...
5 departures from 07:45 to 18:12
2h13m - 2h41mCNY 176/ 110
USD 27/ 17
C6302, C6306, C6308, C6310...
5 departures from 07:45 to 18:12
2h33m - 3h1mCNY 201/ 126
USD 30/ 19
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.

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Station Plan

The station building has two storeys. The entrance is in the middle of the building. The ticket office is located on the west side of the building. There are totally 4 ticket counters available including one set up for physically challenged passengers. Please kindly notice that the self-service ticket machines there can only read Chinese ID cards, passengers hold the passports or other travel document need to go for the counter for ticket purchase and collection. The exit is on the east side of the building. After arrival, passengers can follow other passengers or direction signs to the exit.

How to exit and leave the station

Bus stops are set up beside the exit where passengers can take buses including No. 5A, 5B, 8 and No. 11. There are also tourist buses available which run from the Emeishan train station to the Mt. Emei directly. The ticket office is set up near the exit. Taxis are also available near the exit and on the square.

How to get to Mt. Emei from Emeishan Railway Station

 By bus: Travelers can take bus No. 5A to Baoguo Temple first and then change to the sightseeing buses or travel on foot to other places in the Mt. Emei scenic area.

Travelers can also take bus No. 8 to Tianxia Mingshan bus stop first and then walk about 500 yards to Mt. Emei Tourism Bus Center. From there travelers can take sightseeing buses to other scenic spots. Or upon getting off bus No. 8, walk for a while to start climbing the mountain on foot.

 By Tourist Bus: Travelers can buy the tourist bus ticket at the bus ticket office near the exit and take the tourist bus to Baoguo Temple at the mountain foot, or Leidongping, Wannian Temple or Wuxiangang parking lots on the mountain.
 There is a railway station called Shuangliu Airport Station set up on the Chengdu-Leshan-Emeishan Intercity High Speed Railway. The station is located at L3 Channel, -2F, Terminal 2 of Shuangliu Airport. Travelers can take the train from Emeishan Train Station to the Shuangliu Airport directly. The duration is about 1 hour to 1.5 hours and a second class seat costs CNY56 per person.

Do not mistake Emei Railway Station as Emeishan Railway Station

There is a train station called Emei Railway Station about 6 miles (10 km) away from Mt. Emei. It only serves non-bullet trains, including K118, K113, K9471 and K145 to/from Beijing, Kunming, and Panzhihua, etc.

Instead of arriving there directly, most visitors prefer to arrive in Chengdu first. After sightseeing there, hop on a bullet train to Emeishan Station which is closer to Mt. Emei. If you have no other choice but Emei Station, the bus no.8 can take you to Mt. Emei scenic area from that station.
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Questions & Answers on Emeishan Railway Station
Asked by Mr Jiang from SINGAPORE | Dec. 03, 2017 01:16Reply
Private tour or taxi service for 1-day tour of Emeishan
Hi. Is there any private tour for a family of 4 or taxi service for hire for a day to tour Mt. Ermei? I was told by a friend living in Chengdu that there is no taxi service there and Leshan city/town as well? Is it true? Is there any way to call for cab service?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr. Leong from INDONESIA | Dec. 03, 2017 01:52

I have no idea about the taxi, but I know you could take shuttle bus or high speed train to Emeishan, it is very convenient.
Asked by Jordan from SINGAPORE | Oct. 05, 2017 10:34Reply
Last bus timing from Emeishan Railway Station to Teddy Bear hostel
Hi there,

Planning to reach (from Chengdu) Emeishan Railway station by HSR on Christmas Dec 25. We're a group of 19 pax reaching about 10+ PM. Do you think we can still get to Teddy Bear Hostel by public bus? Do yknw what's the last bus timing from the Railway station to the scenic area?

Thank you!
Answers (1)
Answered by Hampton | Oct. 09, 2017 03:34

The last bus may be around 9:30 or 10pm. Not very sure. The distance is about 2km away only. You may think about the taxi or to see if the hotel can arrange it for you.
Asked by Madeleine from USA | Jul. 26, 2017 05:17Reply
Last bus from Emeishan Tourism Bus Center (Baoguo Bus Station) to Chengdu/XinNanMen ?
We are traveling in September 2017, planning to go from Chengdu to Leshan in the morning and then spend 2 night in the Baoguo, Emei Mountain. On our last day visit Mt Emei then return to Chengdu. What is the last bus from The Baoguo Temple Bus Station to XinNanMen? How much does it cost and can I buy the tickets ahead (if yes, where?) or on the day itself?
and when is the last high-speed train from Leshan to Emeishan? and how much does it cost?
Answers (2)
Answered by Reynold from AUSTRALIA | Jul. 27, 2017 22:31

Ccannot find a timetable, but the duration may around 4 to 5 hours and cost about CNY50. YOu need to buy it when you arrive there. The final bullet ride departs at 9:15pm to Mt. Emei, the price is CNY11 for a second class seat.
Answered by Madeleine from USA | Jul. 28, 2017 15:21

Thank you very much Charlotte. That's a good idea .... I'll see the schedule when I buy the ticket when I get there... t I think the last bus from Emeishan to Chengdu is around 6pm-6:30pm; so that would give me almost one more full day to visit Emeishan.
Asked by Nika from RUSSIA | May. 09, 2017 12:47Reply
Left luggage office or locker room at Emeishan Railway Station
Is there any Left luggage office or locker room at Emeishan Railway Station? Need a possibility to drop off luggage at the station before climbing the mountain.
Thank you in advance.
Answers (2)
Answered by Charlotte | May. 09, 2017 19:49

Did not notice that, but the service center of Mt. Emei can offer that service, for example the one at Baoguosi Tourist Center
Answered by Nika from RUSSIA | May. 10, 2017 05:00

Great! Thank you very much Charlotte!
Asked by Carlos from BRASIL | Feb. 21, 2017 15:50Reply
What time is the last bus to Leidongping Station from Baoguo Temple?
I am going to Emeishan is a few days. What time is the last bus to Leidongping Station from Baoguo Temple?
Answers (1)
Answered by Edith from USA | Feb. 22, 2017 00:11

The official website shows it should be 4pm for off season and 5pm for hot season
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