In-depth Guide to Top 10 Guangdong Destinations

Guangdong is one of the most developed provinces in southern China with the most modern city views of China. Also, the long history of over 2,200 years leaves it with a number of cultural sites. The natural scenery there is also surprising as it’s close to the sea and located in subtropical monsoon climate zone. Then where to go in Guangdong? Let’s learn the 10 best Guangdong destinations together.




Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province, is one of the best Guangdong destinations. It is a warm place with pleasant climate and splendid landscapes. Yuexiu Park, Guangzhou’s largest park since ancient time; Canton Tower, a skyscraper landmark; Shamian Island in Pearl River full of European buildings; and Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family, a traditional local architectural complex are all the top attractions in Guangzhou. The night views along Pearl River is also very charming. Guangzhou is also a shopping paradise rich in both high-end shopping malls and wholesale markets, among which Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street and Beijing Road gathers the most. Last but not least, treat yourself with the authentic Cantonese cuisine. In particular, you may enjoy the Yum Cha like the locals do, which is not only about food, but also about lifestyle. 


Shenzhen is the youngest city but one of the richest and most vibrant cities in China. When choose Guangdong destinations to travel to, it should never be missed. It takes only 30 minutes to get there from Guangzhou and about 20 minutes from Hong Kong by high speed train. Upon arrival, you can hire a cab or hop on a city bus to roam around the skyscrapers. As a young city, it has no historical interests. However, many theme parks to have fun have been constructed, such as Window of the World with multiple miniaturized attractions in different proportions all over the world, Splendid China - Folk Culture Villages showing Chinese ethnic groups, and Sea World, an entertainment center with the large ship docking on the shore. There are also not a few beaches for you to relax. Dameisha Beach is the longest one along the coastline, with observation platforms, bars and various water sports programs.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, Zhuhai

Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is a combination of aquarium and amusement park. It is world’s largest park themed on ocean, with the first roller coaster on water in Asia. The aquarium is also the largest one in the world, breeding more than 15,000 rare fishes. You can see the Chinese white dolphins, manatees from West Africa, whale sharks, walruses, penguins, stingrays, sea birds, otters, etc.; and take a submersible to roam in underwater world. You may overlook the entire Ocean Kingdom on the highest point of lifting tower; or dive rapidly in a drafting boat from the high gateway shaped into walruses.
Diaolou is a multi-storey tower building that integrates the functions of defense and residence. It originated in the late Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644 AD) to protect people living inside from bandits. Most Diaolou preserved till today were constructed in the early 20th century, adopting western architecture arts as well. This kind of unique residence and fortification can only be found in Kaiping, Jiangmen City of Guangdong Province, thus a favored Guangdong destination among many travelers. The best preserved Kaiping Diaolou Clusters are located in Zili Village, Majianglong, Jinjiangli, Liyuan Garden and Chikan ancient town. 

Foshan – The Hometown of Bruce Lee

Foshan is the birthplace of the Southern Chinese martial arts. Choy Lee Fut, Hung Kuen, Wing Chun and many other schools of Kung Fu widely popular around the world originated in Foshan. If you are a fan of Chinese martial arts, you must not miss this Guangdong destination. In addition to the martial clubs, you can watch martial arts show and experience Kung Fu in person at Foshan Ancestral Temple, or go to Bruce Lee Ancestor's House to learn more about the world-famous superstar of Kung Fu. There are also quite a lot of other attractions, out of which most are classical gardens in southern China style, such as Qinghui Garden. You may also watch a Cantonese opera performance, as this local opera was born there. Foshan is not far away from Guangzhou; you can take the Guangfo Metro from Guangzhou to Foshan in less than an hour.

Danxia Mountain, Shaoguan

Danxia Mountain in Shaoguan is listed on top Guangdong destinations, for it’s the only World Natural Heritage and one of the four notable mountains in Guangdong. It is a world geopark famous for the unique Danxia landform, which was just named after the mountain. The mountain is composed of over 680 red sandy conglomerate hills, thus it looks like the rosy clouds in the morning or evening as a whole, and it has been taken as an outdoor geological museum, too. There are also many historical sites, like a number of inscriptions on precipices and steles, fastness, and temples. It’s not bad to breathe the fresh air in such a miraculous place combining mountains and waters. What’s more, it is nice to watch sunrise and sunset glow on the peak of Danxia Mountain.

Chaozhou Ancient Town

Chaozhou Ancient Town is one of a few well-preserved ancient towns in Guangdong. It has a good many remains. Guangji Bridge is one of the four famous old bridges in China. Guangji Gate Tower next to Guangji Bridge is a landmark that is over 600 years old. Kaiyuan Temple built in Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 AD) is a sanctuary for Buddhist pilgrims. The temple of Han Yu is the earliest one in memory of this famous litterateur. And the folk house built in Song Dynasty (960 - 1279 AD) are rare now. In addition, Chaozhou Opera, folk music, crafts and the Gongfu Tea are the local specialties. Teochew foods are also remarkable and worth trying.

Meizhou - Hakka Capital

Meizhou in Guangdong is the largest Hakka settlement around the world, and the vital hometown of oversea Hakka. You can go to the Hakka Museum of China to get the whole picture of Hakka. The Hakka Park is also a good destination to learn Hakka culture while enjoy the beautiful mountainous scenery. Besides, the Yearning Tea Plantation is an attractive spot to appreciate green tea trees, taste Chinese tea and learn Chinese tea culture. Meizhou has other scenic and historical sites as well, like mountains, terraced fields, waterfalls, temples, pagodas, and so forth.

Hailing Island, Yangjiang

Hailing Island is rated as one of the 10 most beautiful islands in China and the fourth largest island in Guangdong, with wonderful sea views, great bathing beaches and delectable seafood. The scenic area is mainly at the southwest corner of the island. You may appreciate the sunset at Dajiao Bay or do sailing, yachting, sea fishing, beach volleyball and water sports on Miles Silver Beach, the world’s longest beach on Guinness World Records.

Daya Bay

Daya Bay is to the west of Shenzhen and adjacent to South China Sea in the south with long coastline and vast sea area. About 100 islands and rocks scatter in it, bringing it the reputation of “Guilin on the Sea” and making it one of the top Guangdong destinations to enjoy a holiday. Travelling around Daya Bay by boat is the best way to appreciate those islands in all sizes and experience the fisherman's life. The Golden Beach is the best site to enjoy the seascapes and sea swimming. Three Trees View Point is a good position to look far into the Daya Bay.
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Asked by Ling lee from USA | May. 02, 2023 13:31Reply
Us passport holder go to Zhongshan for 2 days by Express Bus from Hong Kong for attending funeral. Does it qualify for 72 hours no visa policy?
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Answered by Lucy | May. 05, 2023 22:45

In fact, 72-hour visa-free policy has become 144-hour visa-free transit. I'm very sorry to tell you that you are not eligible this policy as it requires to transit in Guangdong and finally go to the third country or region. Also, it requires to enter Guangdong by plane.
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