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Nanchang to Huangshan Train

Presently, 3 Nanchang to Huangshan high speed trains are available from Nanchang West Railway Station to Huangshan North Railway Station.

These high speed trains take the travel time of 2 to 4 hours to finish the travel distance of 415 kilometers (258 miles) or 443 kilometers (275 miles).

The ticket price for a first class seat is CNY 244 or CNY 311.5 and for a second class seat is CNY 151 or CNY 185.

Nanchang to Huangshan Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train G3184:
1Nanchang West -08:46
2Jinxian South 09:0409:06
3Yingtan North 09:2709:29
4Shangrao 09:5910:19
5Dexing 10:3810:40
6Wuyuan [Jiangxi] 10:5410:56
7Huangshan North 11:1911:25
8Shexian [Huangshan] North 11:3311:35
9Jingxian 12:0112:03
10Tongling North 12:2012:25
11Changlinhe 12:5613:09
12Hefei South 13:2113:25
13Huainan South 14:0414:06
14Shouxian 14:1514:17
15Fuyang West 14:4614:48
16Shangqiu 15:3215:37
17Minquan North 15:5315:55
18Zhengzhou East 16:3416:40
19Luoyang Longmen 17:1617:18
20Huashan [Shaanxi] North 18:1518:17
21Xi'an North 18:4518:54
22Xianyang West 19:0719:09
23Baoji South 19:4919:51
24Tianshui South 20:3520:37
25tongwei 21:0721:09
26Lanzhou West 22:01-
Nanchang West
Huangshan North
Details of the Train G2382:
1Nanchang West -10:45
2Gongqingcheng 11:1511:17
3Jiujiang 11:4211:46
4Hukou 12:0912:11
5Duchang 12:2712:29
6Poyang 12:5012:52
7Jingdezhen North 13:0913:11
8Wuyuan [Jiangxi] 13:3914:01
9Huangshan North 14:2414:28
10Jixi North 14:4414:46
11Qiandaohu 15:1015:12
12Jiande 15:2415:26
13Tonglu 15:4015:42
14Fuyang [Zhejiang] 15:5615:58
15Hangzhou East 16:22-
Nanchang West
Huangshan North
Details of the Train D2202:
Nanchang West
Huangshan North
Details of the Train G1398:
1Kunming South -09:50
2Qujing North 10:2510:27
3Panzhou 10:5410:56
4Anshun West 11:4211:44
5Guiyang North 12:1412:20
6Kaili South 12:5813:00
7Tongren South 13:3613:39
8Zhijiang 13:5914:01
9Huaihua South 14:1414:18
10Loudi South 15:0915:11
11Changsha South 15:4615:53
12Pingxiang North 16:2216:24
13Xinyu North 16:5216:54
14Nanchang West 17:2617:33
15Yingtan North 18:0818:11
16Shangrao 18:4119:00
17Dexing 19:1719:19
18Huangshan North 19:4919:51
19Jixi North 20:0520:07
20Jingxian 20:2720:29
21Tongling North 20:4620:48
22Chaohu East 21:0921:11
23Hefei South 21:33-
Nanchang West
Huangshan North
Details of the Train G2186:
1Chengdu East -09:33
2Meishan East 10:0410:07
3Leshan 10:2610:30
4Yibin West 11:1111:17
5Changning 11:3011:38
6Bijie 12:3012:32
7Qianxi 12:5412:56
8Guiyang East 13:2413:32
9Tongren South 14:3714:39
10Loudi South 16:0216:04
11Xiangtan North 16:3016:32
12Changsha South 16:4516:48
13Pingxiang North 17:1517:17
14Nanchang West 18:1218:15
15Yingtan North 18:5018:52
16Shangrao 19:2519:50
17Huangshan North 20:3120:35
18Qiandaohu 21:0921:11
19Tonglu 21:32-
20Hangzhou East 22:1022:10
Nanchang West
Huangshan North

Running Route of Nanchang - Huangshan High Speed Railway Line

Nanchang - Shangrao High Speed Railway Line: This is a part of Shanghai - Kunming High Speed Railway Line. Running the distance of 107 kilometers (66 miles), the high speed railway line between Nanchang and Shangrao mainly links the railway stations of Nanchang, Jiaxian, Fuzhou, Yingtan and Shangrao.

Shangrao - Huangshan High Speed Railway Line: As a section of Hefei - Fuzhou High Speed Railway Line, Shangrao - Huangshan High Speed Railway Line is 162 kilometers (101 miles) in length, linking railway stations like Shangrao, Dexing, Wuyuan and Huangshan.

How to Get to Nanchang West Railway Station

By Metro

Passengers can take metro line 2 to get to the west railway station directly.

By Bus

Or one can take city bus 50, 168, 708, 936 and 963 to reach Nanchang West Railway Station.

How to Get to Yellow Mountain from Huangshan North Railway Station

Passengers can take tourism bus which is in the North Railway Station’s front square. The bus departs every 30 minutes from 08:40 to 20:30. The travel time is about 50 minutes and the ticket fare is CNY 20 per person.

Top Things to Do in Huangshan

Climb Yellow Mountain

You can appreciate the beauty of the nature all the way from the bottom to the top of the mountain. The natural sceneries include pines and rocks with unique shapes, the beautiful sunrise and so on.  

Watch “Picturesque Huizhou” in Xianming Grand Theatre

The show consists scenes like changes of Yellow Mountain’s four seasons and a love story widely spread in China. What’s more, music, acrobatics, modern Hui Opera and folk songs are also included in the show.
 Tunxi Ancient Village and Xidi Ancient Village are the two places that you can’t miss. There, you can see the buildings in the traditional Hui style, taste local specialties and buy some souvenirs.

Huangshan to Nanchang Train

4 Huangshan to Nanchang high speed trains are in service, taking 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

See detailed Nanchang Train Schedule & Huangshan Train Schedule
Major Rail Lines from Nanchang to:
Major Rail Lines from Huangshan to:
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