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Ningbo to Yiwu Train

2 Ningbo to Yiwu high speed trains are running from Ningbo Railway Station to Yiwu Railway Station. These Ningbo to Yiwu bullet trains need the travel time of around 2 hours to finish the distance of 121 kilometers (75 miles). The ticket price of a first class seat is CNY 204 and of a second class seat is CNY 121.

In addition, 7 normal speed trains are available from Ningbo Railway Station to Yiwu Railway Station, taking 3 to 5 hours. A soft sleeper costs CNY 177.5 or CNY 185.5 and a hard sleeper costs CNY 132.5 or CNY 137.5.

Ningbo to Yiwu Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train G1416:
1Ningbo -06:59
2Yuyao North 07:1807:20
3Shaoxing East 07:3207:34
4Hangzhou South 07:5308:18
5Yiwu 08:4608:48
6Jinhua 09:0409:07
7Quzhou 09:2809:35
8Yushan South 09:5610:05
9Shangrao 10:1810:20
10Yingtan North 10:4610:48
11Nanchang West 11:2311:28
12Yichun [Jiangxi] 12:1012:12
13Pingxiang North 12:2912:31
14Changsha South 13:01-
Details of the Train G1432:
1Ningbo -16:27
2Yuyao North 16:4716:49
3Shaoxing North 17:0917:15
4Hangzhou South 17:2818:03
5Yiwu 18:3118:33
6Jinhua 18:4918:51
7Quzhou 19:1219:17
8Shangrao 19:4619:48
9Yingtan North 20:1420:16
10Nanchang West 20:5120:55
11Xinyu North 21:2721:29
12Yichun [Jiangxi] 21:4421:46
13Changsha South 22:29-

How to Get to Ningbo Railway Station

By metro

Passengers can take metro Line S1 to get to the railway station directly.

By Bus

Two bus stops can be found around the railway station.

The South Square of Ningbo Railway Station: 1, 10, 30, 81, 106, 156, 161, 179, 181, 301, 354, 514, 518, 625, 633, 634, 638 and 692.

The North Square of Ningbo Railway Station: 22, 26, 38, 345, 371, 380, 541, 753, 789, 852, 871, and 965

One can take any of the buses mentioned above to reach Ningbo Railway Station.

Top Things to Do in Yiwu

As the largest film studio in Asia, Hengdian World Studios consists of Fantasy Valley, Ming and Qing Palace Area, Palace of Emperor Qin, Guangzhou Street and Hong Kong Street and etc. You can see how movies and TV series are made. You can even wear the costume and shoot a film of yourself.
 Yiwu International Trade City has five districts. You can find anything you want in the trade city: Ornaments, craftworks, toys flowers and etc at very low price.

Taste Local Specialties

Ham, jujube, Donghe Meat Cake and Yiting Pulled Noodles are the local specialties that you should have a try during your travel in Yiwu.

Yiwu to Ningbo Train

3 Yiwu to Ningbo high speed trains are in service, taking the travel time of about 2 hours.
6 normal speed trains also run from Yiwu to Ningbo, taking 3 to 4.5 hours.

See detailed Ningbo Train Schedule & Yiwu Train Schedule
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Major Rail Lines from Yiwu to:
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