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Impression Sanjie Liu - A Natural Backdrop Live-show

Most travelers choose to cruise down the Li River from Guilin to reach Yangshuo, and then they will tour around the countryside by bicycle or scooter. This is a classic day tour arrangement, but it would be more fulfilled if the Impression Sanjie Liu night show is added. This show is also a good way to immerse in the Chinese arts, even if you don’t know the language.
Impression Liusanjie
The featured folk dance
Impression Sanjie Liu is one of China's best known outdoor night performances, whose stage is set by the picturesque Li River, above a water area of 1.625 square kilometers (0.627 sq miles) with 12 hills nearby. These natural elements contribute a lot to the visual and sound effects. 

More than 600 actors participate in the show, bringing many wonderful and fascinating programs to the audience, including classical folk songs, ethnic minority dances, interesting fishermen's culture, and fantastic light shows. These programs reflect the harmonious coexistence of human beings and nature from various perspectives.
Impression Liusanjie
The view from audience seats
The whole performance is composed of 7 scenes, consisting of the Prelude, Red Impression, Green Impression, Golden Impression, Blue Impression, Silver Impression and the Epilogue:

The Prelude mainly shows the legendary scenery of the Li River;

In the first chapter, fishermen are singing folk songs while rowing the bamboo crafts. Red lights are used to show the fishermen's passion and enthusiasm;

The second one shows the peaceful daily life of the Zhuang ethnic minority with the background of green hills and water, which represents vitality;

The third chapter is distinguished by the golden fish lights showing the audience how the locals live on fishing;

The fourth scene features love songs with a crescent-shaped boat as a core backdrop;

The last chapter is the "Wonder of Lijiang Culture" presenting folk celebrations of the Zhuang ethnic minority;

In the Epilogue, the fishing rafts are sliding farther away from the audience; the gorgeous lights are gradually dimmed and faded, but the beautiful songs are still echoing in the mountains and the ears of the audience.
This night show lasts for over an hour. Usually there are two shows every night at 19:40 and 21:10. You can book the ticket in advance with your hotel or travel agencies in Yangshuo during the travel high season. If in the travel low season, you can buy the ticket at the theater gate on the day. The show ticket price varies from CNY198 to CNY680 according to the location. The cheapest seats are at the front where you can see the actors clearly, while the expensive seats are at the back row with much broader view. All seats are open air seats, but don’ worry if it rains, they provide a free raincoat. Please be aware that the show is not available in the month before Chinese New Year. 
The theater ground is not far from the West Street, only five minutes by car. Or you can go a 30-minute’s scenic walk to there. After the show finished, you can catch an electric cart back to the West Street for CNY10. You will see the carts parked to the left when you exit out from the main gate.
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