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Li River Cruise to Xingping with Bamboo Raft

Picturesque Li River
This one-day independent Guilin tour guides you to go down along the Li River to the rural area. You will pass by Yangdi and Xingping Town and finally arrive in Yangshuo.

After breakfast, you may find your way to reach Guilin South Bus Station. There are many public buses leading to the station, such as bus 12, 28, 26, 82, 96, K99 and K96. Or, you may take a taxi to go directly to the bus station. Then catch a direct bus there to Yangdi Dock. The bus is only available at 09:00 and 11:40 in the morning, so you should get to the bus station before 08:30. The bus ticket costs CNY22. The whole journey takes around one hour. 

Upon arriving at Yangdi Dock, you can take a bamboo raft there to drift along Li River all the way to reach Xingping. It is more adventurous and interesting to take a raft than a cruise ship. The bamboo raft ticket from Yangdi Village to Xingping Town costs CNY216. Although the drifting takes 2.5 hours, the picturesque scenery of rolling hills reflected on the green water will not make you feel bored. You will encounter renowned sights along the way, such as Painting Brush Peak who got this name because of its unique shape, Mural Hill with plants and rocks portraying the image of nine horses, Yellow Cloth Shoal whose scene is printed on the bank note of CNY20...

Get down at Xingping Dock and walk for a few yards to the Xingping Ancient Town. Different from other historical towns in China, it is a quiet place to let you have a glimpse of the authentic lifestyle of people living beside the Li River. Most of the old buildings there are well preserved, but mottled walls and smooth flagstone path are the signs of age of this town. You may follow zigzagging lanes to come around these simple and secluded courtyards. The main street of the town is relatively bustling with handicraft workshops, restaurants, and hostels lining on both sides. You can go pick favorable souvenirs and taste local cuisines along the street.
Xingping Old Town
After having a leisure time in Xingping Ancient Town, walk back to Xingping Dock, where you can take a free bus to Xingping Bus Station by showing your draft ticket. Then take a bus from the station to Yangshuo. Upon arrival, charter a car at a cost of CNY 100 or so for a round-trip to the Silver Cave. Stalactites in the cave are crystal white like a flowing milky way and send out the light of silver, and hence the name. The entrance fee for Silver Cave is CNY65.

When you finish the visit to the Silver Cave, return to Yangshuo and get off at the famous West Street. This street has a history of over 1,400 years. Strolling around this old-style pedestrian street is on the to-do list of most backpackers who visit Yangshuo. Along the S-shaped street stand elegant buildings following the traditional architectural style of this area, with grey tiles, sloping roof, and white walls. It is also the most prosperous street in the town, brimming with souvenir shops, restaurants, bars, and various themed hostels. The West Street is also nicknamed as the Foreigners' Street as it is very common to see visitors from different countries, sitting together drinking beers, tasting coffee, and exchanging their own stories.

Your one-day independent Guilin tour package will end here. Please take bus No.801, 802, 806 or 809 from the southern end of the West Street to Yangshuo Bus Station, where you can take the direct bus back to Guilin South Bus Station. Please bear in mind that the last bus back to Guilin leaves at 18:00, so make sure you arrive at the bus station by that time. The bus ticket costs CNY30.
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