11 Most Romantic Places for a Honeymoon in Shanghai

Shanghai, a city to see the past, present and future of China, is a top tourism destination always surprising its visitors. For the new couples, there are also many places to visit for a memorable honeymoon in Shanghai. Here are 11 romantic things to do in Shanghai for your and your lover’s reference. 


Bund Lover’s Wall

Telling from its name, you can know that the Bund Lover’s Wall, also known as Bund Valentine Wall is a romantic place in Shanghai for lovers. Stretching from Huangpu Park to Huangpu River with the length of around 1,700 meters (1,900 yards), it was formally a flood control wall and became a popular dating site in 1970s and 1980s. At that time, thousands of young lovers came to date here hands in hands. Nowadays, the place is decorated with colorful flowers and green plants all year round to add more romantic atmosphere and still attract lovers to appreciate the night view, enjoy the gentle breeze, take memorable photos and say sweet words to each other.
During the honeymoon in Shanghai, you must want to take some special and memorable photos with your lover. Waibaidu Bridge is among the top choices to fulfill your dream. Erected at the confluence of the Suzhou River and Huangpu River, it is the largest steel bridge in Shanghai as well as a landmark of the city. Many local newlyweds choose to take their wedding photos here, making the air here even sweet. Don’t be outsiders. Take out your camera and record your own happy moment. You can also hang a lover lock on the bridge to ‘lock’ your lover forever. 

Tian'ai Road

Tian’ai in Chinese is ‘Sweet Love’. This is one of the most romantic places in Shanghai famous for the ‘Love Wall’ engraved with 28 famous Chinese and foreign love poems. There is a saying that lovers who walk through this road hand in hand can be in love forever. Along this 600 meters (650 yards) long road, there are also many romantic shops and cafes. It is also worth mentioning that there is a love postbox at the intersection. Many young couples come here specially to send a postcard with love postmark in order to express good wishes.

Binjiang Avenue

With a total length of about 2,500 meters (2,700 yards), Binjiang Avenue is a pedestrian avenue located beside Huangpu River and facing the Bund. Like the Bund Lover’s Wall, Binjiang Avenue with great river view and mild breeze is also a great place for a date. Simply a stroll along it with your lover is one of the most romantic things to do in Shanghai. Along the avenue, you can also capture the panorama of the Bund, where various western style buildings stand one by one. In the middle of Binjiang Avenue, there is a fountain plaza with colorful lights shining in the night. 
Modeled after the fairy tales world, Disneyland Park for sure is one of the most romantic places to visit during the honeymoon in Shanghai. Especially when its Disney Castle is lit by the colorful fireworks, it couldn’t be more romantic anywhere else in Shanghai. Another romantic spot not to be missed in the Disneyland Park is the ‘Once Upon a Time’ Adventure, where you can visit the fairy tale world of Snow White, become a member of this classic story and experience the fairy’s life in person.
Tianzifang is a very artistic place in Shanghai. Full of the Shanghai style folk residences of 1920s and 1930s, it is suitable to take some artsy photos and cherished by many lovers as one of the romantic things to do in Shanghai. Many of the old buildings are now used as private art studios and trendy shops. If your lover likes to collect retro gadgets, then you two can come here for a stroll. Besides, novel and creative cuisine restaurants can be easily found here.
Referring to romantic places in Shanghai, Sinan Road is one of them. It used to be a road in the French Concession, so many western style villas were built here in the 1920s and are well preserved till today, against which you two can take some beautiful photos. Also, tall plane trees grow on both sides of the road, providing shade for you and your lover to take a relaxing walk. There are also some antique stores and cafes along the road. If you feel tired, just step in a café to have a break and in the antique stores, you may find some interesting souvenirs for your honeymoon. 

Ferries Wheel at Jinjiang Action Park

According to the legend, couples sitting on the ferries wheel together will gain forever love because every gondola is filled with happiness. Thus more and more people choose to ride ferris wheel on their date. Among all the ferries wheels in Shanghai, the one at Jinjiang Action Park is the tallest. It is a happy thing to watch the night view of Shanghai with your partner at the height of 108 meters (118 yards). Being one of nice places for a honeymoon in Shanghai, there is no better place for a sweet kiss than here.

Fragrant Camphor Garden

Fragrant Camphor Garden is a romantic restaurant in Shanghai hidden in an old style villa on Hengshan Road. The large camphor tree at the door has been over 70 years old. Now, it is integrated with the house, which makes this gray building extremely elegant. Many couples like to sit under the camphor tree and have a date. Whether have a dinner inside or sitting in the courtyard under the camphor tree with a cup of coffee, it is one of romantic things to do in Shanghai.

Cloud 9 Tapas & Bar in Jinmao Tower

Situated at the 87th floor of Jinmao Tower, Cloud 9 Tapas & Bar is also a romantic restaurant in Shanghai. The revolving restaurant allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of Huangpu River while tasting the food. The dinning atmosphere is quiet with light music. It is a great place for a romantic candlelight dinner!
Xujiahui is one of the top Shanghai commercial centers, located in the southwest of the downtown area. It has Xujiahui Library, Shanghai Meteorological Observatory, Xujiahui Catholic Church and other historical relics. The church is the largest Catholic church in the city imitating the French Gothic architecture. It is also one of the romantic places in Shanghai as many people hold their wedding ceremony and take their wedding photos here. You can also go to Xujiahui Park to have a stroll hand in hand with your lover along the lakeside, among the woods or flowers.
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