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Zhejiang - Hangzhou Hiking Tours

Hangzhou01: Hangzhou to Xitang
Weeping willows, flowers, distant mountains and breeze…all of these compose the charming West Lake. Hangzhou is regarded as "a paradise on earth" and the West Lake is its soul. Xitang water town near Hangzhou also will give a different taste.
Hangzhou Thousand Islets Lake is he back garden of the Yangtze River Delta. Now we offer some routes and details to explore the 1078 islets scatter among the lake.
Hangzhou03 : 3 Days Hangzhou - West Lake - Hangzhou
Upon arrival at Hangzhou, check into an economical hotel. After setting down at the hotel, hire a bicycle and cycle around the West Lake. Take time to appreciate the ten classical sites around the lake, such as Su, Bai causeways, broken bridge etc.

On your second day, expore places like Laohe Hill, Qingting Hill, Jiangjun Hill, Beauty Peak, Baiyun Peak, Jiuhua Mountain. Laohe Hill is located near the Yuquan campus of Zhejiang University and can be  reached by taking one of these buses: No. K293, 82, K82, K89, K16, 21, K21, K101, 15, K15, 815, 527, or K527. Alight at the Yuquan campus bus stop. Distinctive signs are posted along the way, so you won't get lost. The whole journey will take about 6-9 hours.

Take a city tour on your last day in Hangzhou.
Hangzhou04 : 2 Days Hangzhou - Changhua - Western Grand Canyon - Longgang - Daming Mountain - Hangzhou
If you do not have your own transport, take a coach at the West Coach Station. The coach runs frequently at several minutes interval. It takes about 2½ hour to reach Changhua town from Hangzhou and the fare costs CNY15.00 per person. 

Upon arrival in Changhua, take another bus to the Western Grand Canyon. The fare is CNY5.00 and the journey takes another 1½ hour.
Western Grand Canyon, Hangzhou
Visit Tuolin Waterfall, Jianmen Pass and Laojiao Stream. Since the places of interests are far apart, it would be more convenient to travel in a group with others in a chartered van. This way, you can have the driver to drive you to the entrance and pick everyone up again at the exit and then transfer to the next site. It takes about 40 minutes' drive from Changhua to Longgang. 

Stay overnight at a local clean hotel. 

Head for Daming Mountain the next day. It is a majestic and splendid site but takes about 7 hours' to hike up the mountain on foot. You will appreciate all the natural wonders as you climb up the hill. It is a good idea to start hiking early, preferably before 10:00AM. Pack some high energy foods, like roast duck, chicken, ham and sausages that provide and maintain strength. Call 0571-63709588 for more information. 

There is no direct transport services between Daming Mountain and Hangzhou, so you need to return to Changhua first and then take the coach back to Hangzhou. Time is a little bit tight if you return to Hangzhou in one day, so make the best of your time.
Hangzhou05 :  3 Days Hangzhou - Bao'an - Longjing Village - Longxi Village - 28 Du - Jiangshan - Hangzhou
Bao'an town, a Jiangshan city of Zhejiang province, is the gateway to Xianxia Old Trail. It is 240 kilometers away from Hangzhou and will take 4 hours' drive. 

After a good rest in Hangzhou city, take a coach at the South Coach Station on Qiutao road to reach Jiangshan city on the first day. The coach runs every hour from 07:30 hours to 18:00 hours daily.
Xianxia Old Trail
Upon arrival at Jiangshan, find a hotel for a good rest for the night.

On the second day,  take a bus from Jiangshan to Bao'an at the new bus station. It is about 52 kilometers from Jiangshan to Bao'an and the journey will take 1 hour 40 minutes. Xianxia Old Trail is one of the most complete preservations of the Huangchao uprising and hiking will commence from this point. 

There are in total 4 stone passes. Hike to the First and Second Pass; visit Longjing and Longxi villages. It is also worthwhile going up the hill along the path and cross Xiaoganling to reach an old town called 28 Du. Its special location and the frequent wars made the town a clustering of dialects. As a matter of fact, there are in total 9 different dialects and more than 130 surnames. The town maintains the ancient architecture and life style. Enjoy the local flavors and stay at a local hotel. 

On the following day, hike for 45 minutes and you will reach Fengling Pass, which looks like a bridge. Visit Fugai Rock and return to Hangzhou via Jiangshan.
Hangzhou06 :3 Days Hangzhou - Putuo Mountain - Shenjiamen - Peach Island - Hangzhou
If hiking Putuo Mountain is to your fancy, take a bus from Hangzhou to Shenjiamen at the Hangzhou East Coach Station. Call 0571-86964011 for more bus information.

There are 8 scheduled buses running from Hangzhou to Banshengdong port at Shenjiamen from the  coach station and the journey will take about 4½ hours.
Praying at the Putuo Mountain
There are hourly ferry services to Putuo Mountain which takes only half an hour. Speed boat services are also available and takes only about 10 minutes. Call 0580-6091124 for further information.

Hike to Xitian Scenic Area, including Kwan-yin Ancient Cave, Pantuo Rock, Xinzi Rock and Puji Temple. 

On the next day, continue visiting Nantian Gate, Purple Bamboo Forest and Nanhai Kwan-yin in the morning. Transfer back to Shejiamen by speed boat. Upon arrival, enjoy the night scenery of the fishing harbor. 
It is a good idea to visit Peach Island on the last day. There are both ferry and speed boat services between Shenjiamen and Peach Island. It takes only 20 minutes by speed boat to reach Peace Island. It is better to purchase a return ticket beforehand. Please remember that the last ferry and the speed boat services is at 17:00 hour and 15:00 hour respectively. 

Visit the Shediao Entertainment Center, Dafo Rock Scenic Area and Peach Valley Scenic Area. Return to Shenjiamen and take a coach back to Hangzhou. Your pleasant hiking tour ends here. 

Hiking in Other Destinations of Zhejiang: Jinhua, Lin'an, Ninghai, Shaoxing, Wenzhou  
Questions & Answers
Asked by Aline from FRANCE | Jun. 06, 2019 01:29Reply
How to go to Daming Mountain?
Hi, I want to go hiking at the Daming Mountain, how can i get there (i will not have a car) from Shanghai, Hangzhou or nearby? Thanks!
Answers (1)
Answered by Lucy | Jun. 09, 2019 18:41

Daming Mountain is located in Hangzhou. If you go from Hangzhou, you can take bus 598 from Hangzhou west bus station to Changhua bus station. From there, two shuttle buses to Daming Mountain are available everyday, one starts at 8: 10 am, and another one start at 2: 10 pm. If you will go from Shanghai, then you need to take a high speed train to Hangzhou first. Upon arrival at Hangzhou East Railway Station, you can take bus b4 from Hangzhou Railway East Station - West Bus Station to Hangzhou west bus station. Then you can take the bus to Changhua station and then transfer to the shuttle bus to Daming Mountain. As Daming Mountain is located away from Hangzhou downtown, the transportation is not very convenient, so I suggest you charter a car in advance.
Asked by sonia budel from BELGIUM | Jul. 27, 2016 04:34Reply
Could you please give me the exact date and time of the coming tidal wave of September in Haining?
And Hangzhou?
Is there a one-day trip to watch the wave?

Thank you in advance for your time.
Answers (1)
Answered by Wong | Jul. 29, 2016 02:04

In Haining, the tidal wave comes during Sep 1 to 6 and Sep 15 to 20. In Hangzhou, you can see the tidal wave during Sep 15 to 20. This is only for reference, as the tidal wave could be easily affected by weather.
Asked by PHUONGNGUYEN | Apr. 05, 2016 04:51Reply
Can I visit West Lake and Longjing tea fields in one day?
Please advise us some must-visit places in West Lake? As I cannot speak Chinese, shoud I hire a public bike (use Z card) or a private bike? And how to get the bus from West Lake to Longjing tea fields?
Answers (1)
Answered by Lee | Apr. 09, 2016 02:20

Hi, one day is enough to visit the two places. but you can not speak Chinese, it will be a little difficult for you to know more about the places. You can hire an English speaking guide to accompany you.
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