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The 7th Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival started on March 15, 2017 and will end on April 14. Gucun Park is the main venue. Besides, the festival is held at seven other parks like Gongqing Forest Park, Fengxian Haiwan National Forest Park, and Pudong Century Park. During the festival, visitors cannot only appreciate the flowers in the park, but also participate in some funny games and cultural activities.

As of March 1, 2017, China will adopt the real-name policy for taking long-distance buses between cities and provinces. All passengers will be required to show valid ID documents when buying the tickets and getting onboard, including Chinese citizens and foreign travelers or expats. In addition, children under 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) traveling for free will also need to get a ticket.

2017 is the Year of the Rooster according to Chinese zodiac. How was rooster selected as zodiac sign? Do you know some interesting stories about rooster? Where to go for celebrations? What are your New Year wishes? Wanna to find the answers? Please read this news. wishes all a Happy New Year.

As the 2017 Chinese New Year is drawing near, passengers can book the train tickets for 2017 Spring Festival Travel Rush since December 15, 2016. It’s reported that this year the train ticket for the travel rush are more difficult to get because of a shorter pre-sale period and early arrival of Chinese New Year.

Many provinces in Northern China welcomed their first snow in this winter from November 21 to 23. The real winter is coming! It is predicted that this winter may be very cold due to the La Nina Phenomena. Here gives some tips for resisting the coldness, winter travel destinations and activities.

Autumn days in China are usually sunny and fresh. It’s a good time to travel at that time. Mutianyu Great Wall in Beijing, Jiuzhai Valley in Sichuan, Yellow Mountain in Anhui, and Kanas Nature Reserve in Xinjiang are among the most beautiful places visitors cannot miss if travelling in China during autumn. As the National Day Holidays falls on Oct. 1 to 7, the places may get crowded during the holiday. Visitors had better avoid travelling there on these days.

The 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit will take place on September 4 and 5 this year. Hangzhou Government has taken a series of measures to enhance the security level. From August 28 to September 7, tourist groups organized by travel agencies will not be received because of the possible control over some roads and attractions. However, individual travelers are still able to make the trip.

On the 40th session of the World Heritage Convention opened on July 10, 2016, 29 sites were nominated for UNESCO World Heritage. Among them, two are from China. One is Shennongjia Nature Reserve in Shiyan city, Hubei Province, and the other is Huashan Rock Paintings in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The session will last for 11 days. During the period, the World Heritage Committee will decide which sites to be added to the World Heritage List and discuss the protection status of some endangered heritage sites.

Recently, China has entered the annual rainy season. In some provinces, the bad weather has caused tremendous damage to crops, outdoor facilities, and houses. In addition, some tourist attractions have been temporarily closed for tourist’s safety concern. According to weather forecasts, the storms will last till late June. TravelChinaGuide here gives some useful tips for traveling on stormy days.

On May 15, 2016, China has carried out the largest-scale train schedule adjustments in recent 10 years. With such adjustments, over 100 pairs of bullet trains are added. 69 rail routes are planned to connect tourist destinations. Morning and night high speed trains are adopted for the first time. Besides, 38 county-level stations have become originating stations for some routes.

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