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The boat collision took place in Phuket on October 19th caused 23 Chinese injured and 2 South Koreans missing. These on the tourist speedboat found nobody to handle the insurance issue after the accident, as the itinerary was organized by roadside stalls. warns you not to take itineraries by illegal agencies.

The Occupy Central has caused great loss to the tourism of Hong Kong, as well as economy and transportation, etc. Many countries in the world have issued travel warnings to its citizens. TravelChinaGuide also suggest you not to visit the region at this time for the sake of personal security.

China National Day holiday (October 1st - 7th) is not a good travel season for foreigners due to the seas of people at airports, railway stations, and attraction sites, etc. If possible, try not to travel to China during the period. If unavoidable,, the leading tour operator in China, has some tips for your reference.

New regulation about Tibet tour has been released by Tibetan Tourism Bureau recently. According to the regulation, tour groups over 20 are forbidden to enter Tibet. Policemen will be assigned to groups over 19 to take care of the tourists’ safety.

Travel China Guide gives a travel warning to Yunnan Province due to the strong earthquake on August 3, 2014, which caused 398 dead and more than 1,800 wounded. We send our deepest condolence and also suggest that you change or cancel your tours to the area.

19 Chinese citizens were abandoned by their guides and kept waiting for 5 hours in outskirt of Pattaya during their Thailand tour. They were treated such bad just because they said No to compulsory shopping.

Over 100 travelers were told that they could not board their train because of the inconsistency of the personal information on their ID cards and tickets. The travelers booked Qinghai tours with local agencies in Xian and also provided train tickets. It is said that the travel agencies had to purchase train tickets in advance with others’ ID to guarantee their future clients get tickets in peak seasons.

Summer is a good time to travel to China, but your plan may be influenced by bad weather. This summer, the heatwave in northern and central China make the regions as hot as an oven, while the No.10 typhoon hit the southeast coastal region and brought severe rainstorm. You also need to make early reservation for train tickets and hotel rooms, because Chinese students travel during their summer vacation, especially from the end of the June to mid July and from the end of August to early September.

On June 22, 2014, at the 38th session of World Heritage by UNESCO, the longest artificial waterway, China’s Grand Canal and the Chang’an - Tianshan Corridor, one part of ancient Silk Road, and South China Karst (Phase II) have been listed as new World Heritages.

A Silk Road tourist special train “Chang An Hao” opened on July 18, 2014. The train travels along the old Silk Road from Xian to Urumqi with stops at Liuyuan and Beitun, and Turpan on the return way. During the 11-day trip, visitors are going to attractions in and around the four stations and continue the trip by the same train.

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