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Some visitors got cheated when joining low-priced China tours. For those interested in low-priced China trips, be cautious and double check what’s included in the quotation, what’s excluded, and other details, by which way to find out the real low-priced itineraries with high price ratio.

A mountain rock fall happened in Guilin Folded Brocade Hill resulting in 7 dead and 25 injured on March 19th. Officials said the tragedy was caused by a natural geological disaster, but some others thought it was due to possible man-made causes. gives some tips to future travelers considering geological changes.

China’s tourism market grew rapidly during 2015 Chinese New Year holiday. During the period, Mainland China witnessed 261 million visitors and received 14.483 billion CNY in revenue, an increase of 12.9% and 14.6% respectively compared with 2014. The most popular activities and destinations include New Year blessing and greeting trips, ice and snow related activities, hot springs, winter resorts, and nearby countries, etc. No serious accidents happened; but there are still many problems to be resolved during the Lunar New Year peak travel season.

Published: Feb. 06, 2015

2015 Chinese Spring Festival Holiday Rush has begun on February 4th. About 2.807 billion passengers will travel within China during the period. To off load the transport demands, more trains/planes/coaches/ferries have been put into service. provides some trips for traveling during the period. gives a report based on China inbound tourism features in 2014, including whom like traveling to China most, what foreign travelers like most about China, what it is like to visit China… We hope it will help you to some extent when making your travel decisions.

In 2014, China’s inbound tourists decreased by 1% according to officials. However, the data was estimated as high as 20%-30% by and some other local travel organizations. The major reason is the decline of China’s national image. To reverse the trend, it is time for the government to take measurements.

On the New Year eve, a stampede happened in the Bund area of Shanghai and caused 36 dead and 49 injured. feel so sad about the incident and provides some self-rescuing methods when encounter a stampede.

Winter is usually a low travel season because of low temperature. However, low temperature can bring some unique scenery like snow, ice and rime. This winter, there will be lots of festivals and activities held in China, concerning the white fairy-tale scenery. If interested, come to China and spend a different winter!

Shanghai is probably to offer tax rebate to inbound visitors. The required minimum cost at designated stores may be at least CNY500. However, the policy may not be as popular as in Europe countries in absence of Chinese people. If Shanghai wants to dig consumption capacity, it should create a more supportive shopping environment for Chinese people.

The APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) 2014 Conference will be held in Beijing from 4th to 11th, November. Various transportation restrictions will be carried out during this period. And local people may enjoy a week-long holiday. Thus TravelChinaGuide suggest you make full preparations for your journey to Beijing.

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