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Xinzhou to Beijing Train

1 Xinzhou to Beijing high speed train serves passengers on a daily basis. It takes it 4.5 hours to finish the travel. A ride on the second class seat costs CNY 221, and on the first class seat costs CNY 353.5.  

All starting from Xinzhou Railway Station, 3 Xinzhou to Beijing normal trains are in service daily. A single trip takes 9-10 hours. The soft sleeper costs CNY 194-267, the hard sleeper costs CNY 130-189, and the hard seat costs CNY 69-81.


Xinzhou to Beijing Train Tickets Booking


Other Transportation Options from Xinzhou to Beijing:

Xinzhou West to Taiyuan South Taiyuan South to Beijing West Overall  Travel Time Ticket Price
Second Class Seat / Second Class Seat
G681 07:26-08:04 G610 11:00-13:44 6h18m CNY 24+CNY 197=CNY 221
D5351 10:13-10:52 G612 11:40-14:36  4h23m

Xinzhou to Beijing Flights

Without direct flights connecting Xinzhou and Beijing, passengers can transfer at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Passengers can first take flights from Xinzhou Wutaishan Airport to Shanghai Pudong International Airport, then transfer to Beijing Capital International Airport. A flight takes 6 hours at least.  

Xinzhou to Taiyuan Trains + Taiyuan to Beijing Flights

Passengers can also combine trains and flights together. First, passengers can take trains traveling from Xinzhou Railway Station to Taiyuan Railway Station, and then transfer to flights flying from Taiyuan Wusu International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport. It takes passengers about 6 hours to finish the trip.

How to get to Taiyuan Wusu International Airport from Taiyuan Railway Station
From Taiyuan Railway Station, passengers can take bus 201 and get off at Airport Terminal.

Beijing to Xinzhou Train:

In total, 4 Beijing to Xinzhou trains travel daily, including 1 high speed train and 3 normal trains. For Beijing to Xinzhou high speed train, it takes it nearly 4 hours to travel. As for other trains, it takes them 8.5-9.5 hours to serve passengers.

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Major Rail Lines from Beijing to:

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