Jiuyanqiao Bar Street

Located in Jinjiang District and along Jinjiang River, Jiuyanqiao Bar Street is famous for its nightlife. There are hundreds of bars here with different styles and sizes, some are peaceful, some are lively; some can only accommodate several tables, and some can hold hundreds of people. No matter which one you prefer, you can thoroughly enjoy yourself here and all of your pressures will go away.

Jiuyanqiao Bar Street is named for the nearby Jiuyan Bridge which is over 400 years old.  The bridge has nine holes and the bridge floor is paved with blue stones. The whole bridge is in Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) style, measuring 120 meters (384 feet) long and 25 meters (82 feet) wide. Under the north of the bridge is a road, shaping the whole bridge as a half flyover road.

When night comes, having a drink while talking with friends along the riverbank may be the most attractive part of the bar street. People in Chengdu love entertainment, and they usually live a colorful nightlife. Most young people will enjoy spending their nights in the famous bars here. Others might like to walk along the river and appreciate the bustling scene. In a word, Jiuyanqiao Bar Street has been an essential part of Chengdu.

Quiet Bars on Jiuyanqiao Bar Street

If you would like to enjoy some peaceful folk songs quietly on Jiuyanqiao Bar Street, we recommend SOHO Bar, Bund No.1 Bar, 88 Bar, White Night and 1855. The bars are here are relatively small and intimate.

It's worthwhile to mention that the host of White Night is a female poet, and she makes the bar more like a salon. It is decorated with many bookshelves, so many poets, artists and musicians like to enjoy themselves here. Another bar, 1855, has become a favorite of local students because of its affordable prices.

Lively Bars on Jiuyanqiao Bar Street

If you want to enjoy loud and exciting music, then you can go to the other style of bars. Bars like Muse, Le Petit Bar, and Zero Bar will give you a totally different experience. Every night, these bars become a paradise for rock and punk youths. If you want to dance to loud music and release yourself, these bars are good choices for you.

The host of Le Petit Bar is a well-known artist, so you can find all kinds of paintings in the bar. Some famous local bands like Thor, Spinach and Sunflower often play shows there. It’s interesting that there are always many waiters in black suits out the door of Muse, giving the bar a sense of underworld.

How to get to Jiuyanqiao Bar Street?

1. Take bus 56a/56/68/82/112/343/1093 and get off at Jiuyanqiao Xi (West of Jiuyan Bridge) Station.
2. Take bus 19/35/1107 and get off at Wangjiang Lu (Wangjiang Road) Station.
3. Take bus 3/27/34/72/74/92/102/g27/g34 and get off at Jiuyanqiao Bei (North of Jiuyan Bridge) Station.
4. Take bus 12/18 and get off at Jiuyanqiao Dong (East of Jiuyan Bridge) Station.
5. Take bus 1022/g57 and get off at Jiuyanqiao Nan (South of Jiuyan Bridge) Station.
- Last modified on Jul. 16, 2019 -
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