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Wudangshan Train Schedule & Stations

Currently, only Wudangshan Railway Station is for passenger transport in that area and only non-bullet trains are available there. A new station, Wudangshan West Railway Station is under construction and scheduled to be opened in 2018 to serve high speed trains.

Wudangshan Railway Station

The station is frequently used by visitors to Wudang Mountains, with a distance of about 9.5 miles (15.5 km) between. To downtown Shiyan, the distance is about 13.5 miles (22 km).

Address: Liuliping Town, Danjiangkou, Shiyan, Hubei

Scheduel and Ticket Booking

Up to now, there are only non-bullet trains in operation at Wudangshan Railway Station. The direct rides mainly covers cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Changsha, Chongqing, Shiyan, Xiangyang…

Major Rail Lines from Wudangshan to:

Station Plan

The station consists of a building with two floors and a small front square. Facing the station building, from the left hand to right hand, there is waiting hall, ticket office, luggage consignment service center, and office for self-service ticket machines. There is also a small shop on the left hand of the waiting hall where travelers can buy drinks and snacks; it also offers short-time left luggage service.

In the ticket office, there are two ticket counters where international travelers can collect their paper tickets or purchase ticket by using their passport.

With paper ticket in hand, passengers can enter the waiting hall. The paper ticket will be verified by the station staff and you and your luggage need to go through the security check. After that, go upstairs to the waiting area on 2F.

As a small station, there is no broadcast in English, the station staff usually use a loudspeaker instead to inform passengers the boarding information. However, international travelers do not need to worry about missing the boarding time since there is only one boarding gate. You can show your paper ticket to the station staff at the boarding gate for help.
Wudangshan Railway Station
Wudangshan Railway Station
Waiting Room
Waiting Room

How to get to Wudang Mountains from Wudangshan Railway Station

 By bus: Travelers can walk straight from the exit for about 220 yard to the bus stop to take bus No. 202 or 203 directly from the Wudangshan train station to Mountain Gate (the final stop). The duration is about 1 hour. After your arrival at the Mountain Gate, travelers can follow the signs and walk about 650 yards to the tourist center via Wudang Golden Street.

What are the differences between bus No. 202 and 203?
Difference Bus No. 202 Bus No. 203
Wudangshan Railway Station on the running route The bus stops over the station and it is not easy to find a vacant seat onboard especially during holidays. The bus originates from the station, so it’s easier to have a seat.
First & Last Departure 05:55 and 20:30 from Shiyan Railway Station 06:05 and 20:00
Interval About 10-15 minutes About 10 minutes
Ticket Price CNY4 CNY2

  By car: There are usually some private cars near the exit and the bus stop. The cost is about CNY15 to 20 per person.

Wudangshan West Railway Station

Wudangshan West Railway Station in Wuzhishan area of Liuliping Town is under construction and scheduled to be put into use in 2018. It will mainly serve high speed trains running along Wuhan-Xi'an high speed railway. When opened, it will be more convenient and faster to get to Wudang Mountains.

The station will consist of a terminal building and a front square. The building will adopt Taoism architecture style, inspired by the Grand Purple Cloud Palace on Wudang Mountains. Its unique beauty will make it a new landmark in Wudangshan.
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Questions & Answers on Wudangshan Train Schedule & Stations
Asked by Emma from UNITED KINGDON | Sep. 19, 2023 07:56Reply
Is Wudangshangxi station same as Wudangshan?
Is Wudangshangxi the same station as wudangshan? I am travelling from Beijing to Wudang mountains but confused which stop to travel to, it is the G1589 fast train that stops at Wudangshanxi. Is this the WudangShan West station or WudangShan? Also I assume the Wudangshan/xi is nearer to the Wudang mountains than Shiyan? Thank you for helping, Em
Answers (1)
Answered by Leo | Sep. 20, 2023 02:44

They are two different train stations. Wudangshanxi is Wudanshan West this is actually closer to Wudangshan Mountain, only about 10 km.
Asked by Annie Watt from MALAYSIA | Jul. 27, 2023 00:11Reply
Is there train from Hangzhou to WudangShan Mountain? How far the distance train travel time and fare
Is there accomodation we can book stay at WudangShan Mountain? Please provide more information on bookings and hotel rates plus transportation ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Trace | Jul. 27, 2023 20:00

There is no direct train from Hangzhou to Wudangshan. You need to make a transfer at Hankou Railway Station in Wuhan. The high speed train from Hangzhou to Hankou takes about 4.5 hours and around CNY300 for a 2nd class seat; that from Hankou to Wudangshan takes about 2-2.5 hours and around CNY200 for a 2nd class seat.

There are hotels up on the moutain, mostly at Wuyaling. The ratings vary a a lot among different classes of hotels and in different times. During holidays, the ratings are generally higher. On normals days, it usually varies from CNY200-1500. There are buses sending visitors from mountain foot to the parking lots near Wuyaling.
Asked by Stan from POLAND | Mar. 13, 2019 11:56Reply
From Shennongjia to Wudangshan
Can you advise the best connection between Shennongjia and Wudangshan? Probably I'd have only 4 days to visite both sites. Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Eugene | Mar. 15, 2019 04:25

I heard that there is one morning bus from Shennongjia to Shiyan. If you can take this bus to reach Shiyan, it would be convenient to reach Wudangshan. There should be bus, taxi or train to Wudangshan from Shiyan.
Asked by Hupsidupsi from AUSTRIA | Apr. 08, 2018 09:20Reply
Last Entry/Bus up Wudangshan mountain to Nanyang scenic spot (Wudangshan Jianguo Lodge)
I am coming down to Wudangshan Train Station from Xi'an. The Train will be arriving 15.55. I did read that the last entry was 5.pm.
Will I make it before they close down as my hotel is inside the park?

Thanks for your help
Answers (1)
Answered by Denny | Apr. 09, 2018 02:17

I think the time is not enough. It may take around 40 to 60min to go from Shiyan Station to Wudangshan. Then you still need to walk some distance to reach the ticket office and entrance. Maybe you need to stay in Shiyan city for one night first and then go to Wudangshan the next day morning. Or you can choose a late overnight ride to Xiangyang and then from Xiangyang to Shiyan or Wudangshan so that you can reach there in the moring or around noon.
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