Xi’an Commercial Centers

Xi’an Bell and Drum Tower Commercial Center: Most Popular among Locals & Tourists

Xi’an Bell and Drum Commercial Center, located in the city center, is the most popular and largest commercial center in Xi’an. There are more than a dozen of top grade malls, big supermarkets, amusement centers, cultural plazas and famous restaurants. It consists of four main streets:

West Street, Xi'an
West Street

East Street, the most famous shopping street in Xi’an, has various shopping malls such as the Kai Yuan Shopping Mall, Minsheng Department Store and Friendship Store. In addition, Luomashi Pedestrian Street, with two large underground markets packed with all kinds of stores, is also in East Street and has lower prices.

South Street is a great shopping street full of top grade malls with world famous brands.

West Street is the only street featuring Tang Dynasty architecture, which makes it a famous landscape in Xi’an. Many famous century-old shops including Demaogong Crystal Cakes and Defachang Dumpling Banquet plus big department stores including Yintai and Parkson stand along West Street.

North Street, which is not as prosperous as the other streets, is mainly devoted to telecommunication and finance businesses, electric equipment and entertainment.

Also, the Muslim Quarter and Shuyuanmen near the Bell and Drum Commercial Center are great places to eat delicious local snacks or buy souvenirs.

Xiao Zhai Commercial Center: Popular among Young People

The Xiao Zhai Commercial Center is located in the area surrounding Xiaozhai Crossing. It is the earliest student gathering place in Xi’an, so students and young people are the main customers.  As Xi'an developed, Xiao Zhai gradually transformed into the most important full-featured shopping district in the southern suburbs. Featuring youth, fashion and personalized styles, it is a modern and fashionable commercial area integrating shopping, leisure, entertainment, dining and other functions. Also, Xiao Zhai is the first commercial center in Xi'an where two subway lines meet making it very convenient to come here. There are a number of shopping malls and department stores in Xiao Zhai. Saga, with six floors above ground and two floors below, is the most popular shopping mall in the shopping district. The sixth and seventh floors of Saga are dining areas, and the other floors sell clothing, cosmetics, and other items.

Gao Xin Commercial Center: Welcomed by White-collars

A Lancome Store The Gao Xin Commercial Center is located on Keji Road, Gaoxin Road, and Tangyan Road.  Shopping areas include Century Ginwa Shopping Mall, Golden Eagle Shopping Market, Wanda Plaza and the Shangri-La Hotel. The customers here are mostly local office workers. Moreover, there are many internationally famous brands available.

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda Shopping District: Favored by Tourists

The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda Shopping District is located near its namesake, the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. It is a wonderful place for tourists to buy local products and souvenirs. There is also Great Tang All Day Mall as well as some shopping malls for tourists and locals.

Kangfu Road Shopping Area: Cluster of Wholesale Markets

This business district is mostly engaged in wholesaling. The price of clothing, shoes and daily supplies here is much lower than that of other shopping districts. You can bargain here and buy your favorite goods at a low price. However, some of the goods here are not the best quality, so be careful when choosing.

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Questions & Answers on Xi’an Commercial Centers
Asked by kobi from CHINA | Sep. 20, 2015 00:11Reply
where to buy cellphones, batteries, tablet in xian?
Answers (1)
Answered by Smith from CHINA | Sep. 20, 2015 01:21

The SAGA Computer City (Sai Ge Dian Nao Cheng) is the best choice. It is located at no, 8, middle section of Yanta Road, Beilin District. City buses no. 21, 22, 23, 25, 30, 41, 308, 313, 411, 500, 619, 710, 716, K5, K208, and K609 can take you there.
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