Xi’an Supermarkets


Chinese name: 华润万家 (huá rùn wàn jiā)
Vanguard is one of the largest retail chain enterprises in China. The famous supermarkets Home World and Ai Jia (IGA) are belong to Vanguard now. The Vanguard supermarket can be described as cheap, fresh and abundant. There are more than ten branches in Xi'an and it is very convenient for the wide contribution.
Opening Hours: 08:30 to 22:30
 Chang'an Lu Branch: No. 435, South Chang'an Road, Yanta District
 Lianhu Branch (West Suburb): No. 120, Daqing Road, Lianhu District
 South Erhuan Branch: No. 64, West Section of South Erhuan Road, Yanta District
 Keji Road Branch: No. 259, Keji Road
 Gaoxin Branch: No. 37, Gaoxin Road, Gaoxin District (near Guanghua Lu Station)
 Xianning Branch: No. 134, Middle Xianning Road

Yonghui Superstores

Chinese name: 永辉超市 (yǒng huī chāo shì)
Opening Hours: 10:00 to 22:00
 Jindi Square Branch: B1, Jindi Square, No. 999, East Qujiangchi Road
 Longhu Branch: 1b, No. 888, North Xinkaimen Road
 Zhongmao Branch: B1, Zhongmao Square, No. 16, Nanguan Street
 Tangyan Lu Branch: B1, Tangyan Center, No. 168, Tangyan Road

Lotus Supermarket

Chinese name: 卜蜂莲花 (pǔ fēng lián huā)
The Lotus Supercenter is invested by Thailand Chia Tai Group and introduces the most advanced concept of large-scale retail store into China. The Lotus Supermarket advocates 'Low Price Everyday' and top quality caring service, which makes it popular among customers and gives the public a fresh feeling as a 'lotus out of water'. It mainly provides daily necessity, foods, and home appliance. 
Opening Hours: 08:00 to 22:00
 Tangyan Lu Branch: No. 3, Tangyan Lu, Gaoxin District
 Changying Branch: No. 75, West Changying Road


Chinese name: 沃尔玛 (wò ěr mǎ)
With the Stockroom-style, the Wal-Mart sells more than 20,000 warehouse commodities and provides well-catalogued service and an easy shopping environment for the customer. Almost all products offered under Wal-Mart brands are private label products, meaning Wal-Mart produces them through subsidized contracts awarded to the lowest bidder. Private label goods can be found in almost every category at Wal-Mart. The recommended commodities are kinds of daily necessities in this supermarket.
Opening Hours: 08:00 to 22:00
 Lifeng Branch: 1F, Lifeng Shopping Mall, No. 6, South Jinhua Road
 Wanda Branch: B1, Wanda Plaza, Yanta Road
 West Steet Branch: Anding Square, No. 246, West Street

Hao You Duo (Trust-Mart)

Chinese name: 好又多 (hǎo yòu duō)
Trust-Mart is a Taiwanese-owned chain of retail supercenters. It has more than 100 stores in 20 provinces of Mainland China. Trust-Mart has set up more than 100 branches all over China. Holding the management idea of 'Service is always first, the customer is always first, to ensure satisfaction', the company has always been customer-centric.
Opening Hours: 09:00—22:00
 Sanyao Branch: No. 79, South Chang'an Road, Yanta District
 West Changqing Road Branch: 2F, Hao You Duo Shopping Square, West Changqing Road, Majiawan Town
 North Longshou Road Branch: 2F, Juhan Square, No. 156, West Section of North Longshou Road
 Gaoling Branch: No. 59, Luge Road, Gaoling District


Chinese name: 麦德龙 (mài dé lóng)
It is a German supermarket known by great quantity and cheap prices. Customer can find an extension of foreign foods in it, such as cheese, biscuits, meats, dry goods and spices. Metro attracts many customers from outside the city as well as introducing local products into the domestic market via Metro's national distribution. However it accepts VIP customers with membership card only.
Opening Hours: 08:00-22:00
 Yanta Branch: No. 86, South Chang'an Road, Yanta District (near the TV Tower)
 Chanba Branch: No. 958, Beichen Avenue, Weiyang District

Ren Ren Le

Chinese name: 人人乐 (rén rén lè)
Ren Ren Le is a retail group that manages supermarkets and department stores in China. So far, the company has opened more than 100 large-scale outlets in the whole country. It became one of the top 100 chain enterprises. Ren Ren Le holds the value of 'always provide customers with a clean environment, quality merchandise, affordable prices, fast service'. It is very convenient for people in Xi'an to find a branch of Ren Ren Le Supermarket.
 Saigao Branch: No. 126, Weiyang Road, Weiyang District
 Huangguan Branch: northeast corner of Weiyang Road and Fengcheng 5th Road
 Dongmen Branch: Dongfang Xingyuan Building, No. 121, Dongguan Zhengjie, Beilin District (near the north gate of Xingqing Park)
 Hongqing Branch: No. 800. Tianhong Street, Baqiao District
 Jiefang Road Branch: No. 63, Jiefang Road (near Dongxin Jie Station)
 West Youyi Road Branch: 246, Youyixi Lu, Beilin District (near Bianjiacun and the south gate of Northwestern Polytechnical University)
 Yuxiangmen Branch: No. 11, Daqing Road
 South Ring Road Branch: No. 159, West Section of South 2th Ring Road

Epin Life

Chinese name: 宜品生活 (yí pǐn shēng huó)
Epin life is an integrated supermarket under the supervision of Century Ginwa. You can find many imported commodities in it, including household items, nourishing health care products, tobacco, specialty foods, fresh cooked food, import food, care products, floral, hairdressing, small home appliances, 3C digital products, etc.
 Gaoxin Branch: No. 33, Keji Road, Yanta District
 Bell Tower Branch: No. 27, West Street, Lianhu District
 Guanghu Road Branch: No. 31, Guanghua Road, Yanta District
 City-on Branch: City-on Shopping Mall, No. 8, Fengcheng 7th Road, Weiyang District

Fresh Hema Supermarket

Chinese name: 盒马鲜生 (hé mǎ xiān shēng)
 Taibai Branch: B1, Taibai Impression City, No. 155, West Section of South Erhuan Road
 Daduhui Branch: 1F, No. 305, Keji Road, Yanta District
 Qujiang Branch: No. 754, South Yanta Road, Yanta District
 Landao Square Branch: B1,Landao Square, No. 4, Keji 6th Road

Everyday Convenience Store

Chinese name: 每一天便利店 (měi yì tiān biàn lì diàn)
 Beidajie Branch: 1F, Mingliu Tiandi Commercial Building, No. 35, North Street, Lianhu District
 Jixiang Branch: No. 195, Jixiang Road, Yanta District
 Daqing Road Branch: Huafu Xichenggangwan Community, Lianhu District
 Fenghe Road Branch: No. 12, Fenghe Road, Lianhu District
 Kangle Road Branch: No. 130, Kangle Road, Xincheng District

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Questions & Answers on Xi’an Supermarkets
Asked by farrah from XIAN | Mar. 07, 2015 02:10Reply
where can i buy halal chicken and meat from in Xi'an please?
Answers (3)
Answered by Linda | Mar. 07, 2015 02:22

I'm afraid there is not such a market specialized in halal chicken and meat. You can just buy what you need from any vegetable market and supermarket.
Answered by farrah from XIAN | Mar. 07, 2015 02:32

Can i buy from muslim street? Or metro or walmart?
Answered by Linda | Mar. 07, 2015 04:00

Muslim street is famous for cooked food, not cooking materials. You can go to Walmart and Metro.
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