Great Wall in Shanxi

The Shanxi sections of the Great Wall measure more than 2,175 miles, distributed in nine cities and over forty counties in Shanxi Province. The Yanmenguan Pass of the Wall is situated on Mount Gouzhu within the Hengshan Mountain range, 12 miles north of Dai County of Shanxi Province. It's one of the three most important passes through the inner line of the Great Wall. Detailed information about Shanxi Travel Guide
Nestling on the mountains, Guguan Pass is the only existing intact stone wall in China. Almost all of the emplacements, beacon towers, watch towers and other fortifications remain in good condition.
Located at the boundary of Shanxi and Hebei provinces, Niangziguan Pass is the ninth pass along the Great wall, well-known for its green hills and clear waters especially the waterfalls.
As one of the Outer Three Passes (the rest two are Ningwuguan Pass and Pianguan Pass) along the Great Wall, Yanmenguan pass also named Xijingguan Pass, is located 40 li (12 miles) northwest of the Daixian County, Shanxi Province.
Originally built in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), Victory Fortress was the main place of interflow of commodities and commercial transaction between the Mongolian people and the Han people at that time.
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