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Tianjin to Nanning Train

At present, only 1 Tianjin to Nanning train is in service.

This train runs from Tianjin Railway Station to Nanning Railway Station, taking 40.5 hours in total.

The distance is 2,754 kilometers (1,711 miles).

The ticket fare of the soft sleeper is CNY 806.5, of the hard sleeper is CNY 528.5 and of the hard seat is CNY 285.5.

Tianjin to Nanning Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train K2388:
1Changchun -11:46
2Gongzhuling 12:2412:26
3Siping 13:0513:07
4Shenyang North 15:0015:20
5Jinzhou [Liaoning] 17:5618:03
6Huludao 18:3918:41
7Xingcheng 18:5819:00
8Suizhong 19:3119:33
9Shanhaiguan 20:2120:27
10Beidaihe 20:5921:02
11Changli 21:2421:26
12Luanxian 21:5322:05
13Tangshan [Hebei] 23:0023:03
14Tianjin 00:2900:36
15Renqiu 02:5103:05
16Hengshui 04:2704:31
17Liaocheng 06:1006:18
18Liangshan 07:1307:17
19Heze 08:0408:09
20Dingtao 08:2408:34
21Fuyang 11:4812:15
22Hengchuan 13:4213:45
23Macheng 15:0115:12
24Huangzhou 15:5315:56
25Qichun 16:4016:43
26Jiujiang 18:0418:11
27Nanchang West 19:3119:41
28Jian [Jiangxi] 22:1022:16
29Hengyang 05:2605:38
30Qiyang 06:4706:51
31Yongzhou 07:2007:26
32Dongan East 07:4707:50
33Quanzhou [Guangxi] South 08:2808:32
34Guilin North 10:1110:24
35Liuzhou 12:4112:50
36Laibin 13:4613:57
37Litang 14:50-
38Nanning 17:0817:08

Tianjin to Nanning Flight

Currently, 4 non-stop flights from Tianjin Binhai International Airport (T2) to Nanning Wuxu International Airport (T2) are optional every day. The total time of the flight is about 2.5-3.5 hours. According to the different time and date of departure, the ticket fare of the economy class fluctuates between CNY 600 and CNY 2,200.

Where to go in Nanning

1. Daming Mountain

Daming Mountain is famous for its high peaks, high-altitude meadow and flying waterfalls. The waterfalls rush in the dangerous canyons where the green hills and clear waters are beautiful and the vegetation is very lush. At the same time, the sound of waters and waves can be heard everywhere around the whole mountain. The vertical drop of the waterfall is more than 400 meters (1,312 meters), and the most spectacular waterfall among them is Longmen Waterfall. You can also go to the Daming Mountain Ski Resort to have fun. Advanced snowmaking and snow-pressing equipment, snowboarding will give you the perfect experience.

2. The ancient town of Yang

The ancient town of Yang is located in the southwest of Nanning. In here, the ancient buildings in Ming (1368 - 1644 AD) and Qing (1644 - 1911 AD) Dynasties are most intact. The remaining cultural heritage is spread throughout the town. There are more than 200 cultural heritages, most of which are located in the streets and lanes of the town, and some of them are well-perserved. You can also have a taste of the local food - chicken and Zuojiang fish.

3. Jiuqu Bay Hot Spring Resort

Jiuqu Bay Hot Spring Resort is located in the beautiful Jiuqu Farm. It mainly develops hot spring eco-tourism and integrates sightseeing, recreation, recuperating and hotel together. It is a hot spring resort with rich ethnic customs and local characteristics. At the same time, the hot spring water contains a lot of minerals which are beneficial to the human body. Jiuqu Bay Hot Spring Resort becomes tourists’ first choice when they come to Nanning.

4. Nanning Flower World

Nanning Flower World is a comprehensive tourism and leisure resort integrating ecological tourism, science exhibition, leisure meeting, and outdoor fitness together. A special fountain is located in the middle of the square. The newly built tourist tickets center, office area, dining area and other buildings are in a unique shape, like scattering few red petals. You can relax yourselves here.

Nanning to Tianjin Trains

Currently, 1 Nanning to Tianjin train is in service. This train takes 40.5 hours from Nanning Railway Station to Tianjin Railway Station after running 2,754 kilometers’ (1,711 miles).

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