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Yangtze River Fengjie-Badong Section Closed for Possible Landslide

Published: Jul. 01, 2015

The Fengjie-Badong section has been reopened at 08:00 on July 3rd, 2015. All ships are allowed to sail into it again and all attractions along it are receiving tourists as usual.

On June 24th, 2015, a landslide caused by continuous rain in Wushan of Chongqing along Yangtze River bank led to capsizing of thirteen small ships, one person missing and four injured. For safety reasons, Three Gorges Maritime Safety Administration has closed the nearby Fengjie-Badong section since 23:00, June 27th, 2015, as there is a great possibility of landslide. All ships, including cruise ships, are prohibited to sail into this section. The reopening date is not known yet; we will give information as soon as it is published.

Fengjie-Badong Section (in red) is Closed

Effects on Yangtze River Cruise

1. Cruise companies will arrange land transfer to cover the section between Fengjie and Badong by bus, which takes about 4 hours, roughly the same as by cruise ship.
2. Afterwards, all passengers will board another same level cruise ship to continue sailing as scheduled.
3. The beautiful scenery of Wu Gorge and Qutang Gorge will be missed. The side cruise to Three Little Gorges will also be replaced by Shennong Stream or Shennv Stream.

What can still be seen along the cruise route?

Xiling Gorge: With a length of 74.6 miles (120 kilometers), it is the longest gorges among the three gorges of Yangtze River. Peculiar peaks, mysterious caves, village houses, singing waterfalls will make the cruise amazing as well.

Three Gorges Dam: Reputed as the world's largest man-made hydropower project, the dam is rather spectacular but controversial as well. Some people say its construction has damaged local ecosystem while others say it brings great convenience for Yangtze River navigation and provides lots electricity for daily use. Maybe by visiting it, you can give your own opinions.

A Side Cruise to Shennong Stream

Shennong Stream: It is one the highlights of Yangtze River cruise. Along the stream, visitors will see inscriptions and hanging coffins on cliffs of two banks. A transfer to pea boat will be even more interesting, when one can touch the clear water, listen to a local guide singing, and have close contact with the naked trackers.

Shennv Stream: This section is famous for primary natural scenery, which used to be seen by only a few photographers and adventurers before. It was unveiled to tourists not very long ago.

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