Chengdu People's Park

Chengdu People's Park is located on Shaocheng Road in the downtown area. Built in 1911, the park covers a total area of 112,639 square meters (134,715 square yards). It is a comprehensive park which integrates heritage preservation with entertainment.

There are many famous scenic spots in the People's Park, including the Gold Water Stream, the Goldfish Island and the Potted Landscape Garden. Besides appreciating the charming landscape, tourists can sail on the artificial lake, drink tea in the teahouse by the lake and watch all kinds of exhibitions and performances on the Rockery Square. The chrysanthemum show and the Singing Crane Teahouse are time-honored and known far and wide. People will get relaxed and delighted here.
Map of Chengdu People's Park
Map of Chengdu People's Park

Rockery Square

One will get to see the Rockery Square upon entering the People's Park through the east gate. Built in 2004, the square covers 10,600 square meters (12,677 square yards). About 3,000 tons of rocks were used to heap up the artificial hill, where an extraordinary and fascinating waterfall sits. It is as high as 12 meters (39 feet), and as wide as 43 meters (154 feet).

Goldfish Island and Teahouses

The Goldfish Island lies behind the Rockery Square. It is so called due to the hundreds of goldfish in the lake. Other that that, one can also enjoy tea at the Forever Gathering Teahouse on the island, which is also connected with the Singing Crane Teahouse by an arched bridge. If that is not enough, one may go to the Flower Water Teahouse in the north of People's Park to enjoy more tea.

Drinking tea has become a leisurely lifestyle of the locals since ancient times. It is due to the fact that teahouses were once the venues for cultural education and social activities of the upper class. Ordinary people also entertain and relax themselves here. Talented and skillful entertainers also performed at teahouses then. Nowadays, tourists may do the same to enjoy the fragrant tea and at the same time watch some performances.

Gold Water Stream

The Gold Water Stream flows from the west hill southeastward to the east gate of People's Park, with a length of 355 meters (1,165 feet) and a width of 6 meters (20 feet). Built in year 2000, the stream is paved by tiny pebbles at the bottom while the stream sides are paved by bigger pebbles. Many different trees were planted by the stream, including peach, willows, and privet trees.

Memorial to Railway Protection Movement

Located in the northwest of People's Park, the Memorial to Railway Protection Movement is in memory of the heroes who sacrificed themselves in the Railway Protection Movement in 1911. In late Qing Dynasty (1368-1644), the right to construct railways in many part of China was 'sold' to foreign companies by the government to earn money, which angered the patriots in Chengdu and triggered the movement. Erected in 1913, the memorial inherited the traditions of Chinese architecture and drew lesson from artistic features of foreign buildings. Made of bricks and stones, the memorial comprises a terrace, a base, a body, and a top, measuring 104.5 feet (31.9 meters) in height. Locomotives and railways are carved on the four sides of the base. On every side of the body are carved the characters 'the Memorial to Railway Protection Movement' in different calligraphy styles. 

Orchid Garden

The Orchid Garden is situated in the south of People's Park, to the east of the south gate. Being the largest in downtown Chengdu, the garden covers a total area of 880 square meters (1,052 square yards). The front of the garden is a grey wall which is covered by pantiles on the top and embellished with hollow windows. Getting through the arched door, tourists will find a square cement pavilion which is surrounded by a pool. At the western and southern sides of the pavilion stand orchid trellises, on which more than 900 pots of orchids are displayed, with over 28 species.

Potted Landscape Garden

Next to the Orchid Garden is the Potted Landscape Garden, occupying an area of 2,600 square meters (3,110 square yards). There are more than 200 potted plants on display, including over 20 pots of landscape bonsai and over 180 pots of plant bonsai. The potted Buddhist pines serve as a precious treasure of the Chengdu People's Park for it once won the first prize in China's Potted Landscape Exhibition. Equipped with corridors, pools and artificial hills, the garden is tranquil, green and peaceful all year round. There are all kinds of aquatic plants in the pool, including lotuses, calamuses and water lilies. Various ancient trees can also be found here, such as elms, yaccas and ginkgos.

Children's Playground

To the west of the south gate, the Children's Playground is like a children's paradise. It is equipped with many kinds of facilities for kids to have fun, such as scooter cars, merry-go-round, and children's slides.

Chrysanthemum Show

Raising chrysanthemum in China has a history of over 2,500 years. Along with its ornamental values, chrysanthemums can be eaten, brewed or used as a medicine.

The chrysanthemum show in Chengdu People's Park usually lasts from late October to late November. With more than 1,000 species, there are 200,000 pots of chrysanthemums on show during the period. They are displayed in nine exhibition areas, like the Potted Chrysanthemum Area, the Calligraphy and Paintings about Chrysanthemum and Flower Arrangement Area. Tourists can wander in a sea of chrysanthemums while getting a basic idea of the local chrysanthemum culture.

How to Get to Chengdu People's Park

Take Metro Line 2 to People's Park Station, Exit B. Walk for three minutes, and enter the park through North Gate (Main Gate).

1. Take bus line 5, 13, 43, 47, 51, 53, 58, 62, 64, 64 Express or 78 to Renmin Gongyuan (People's Park) Station and get into the park through Main Gate.
2. Take bus line 30, 57, 109 to Dongchenggen Nanjie (South Dongchenggen Street) Station, and get into the park through East Gate.
3. Take bus line 53, 70, 93, 126, 127, or 340 to Xiaonanjie North (North of Xiaonan Street) Station, and get into the park through West Gate or South Gate.
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Entrance Fee Ordinary day: free of charge
During a flower show: CNY 12
During major festivals: CNY 8
Opening Hours  Apr. to Nov.: 6: 30- 22: 00
Dec. to Mar.: 6: 00- 22: 30

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