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Beijing to Wuyishan Train

Up to now, 2 high speed trains serve the passengers travelling from Beijing South Railway Station to Wuyishan North Railway Station, requiring about 8 hours to complete the overall travel distance of 1,583 kilometers (984 miles). A first class seat costs CNY 1,070 and a second class seat costs CNY 635.5 . There are also 4 bullet trains running to the nearby Nanpingshi Railway Station, taking 7-8 hours.

Apart from these Beijing to Wuyishan high speed trains, Beijing West Railway Station also operates 1 normal speed train to Wuyishan Railway Station with the duration of about 16 hours. The train ticket fare for a soft sleeper is CNY 596 and for a second sleeper is CNY 378.

In addition, there are 4 bullet trains from Beijing to Nanpingshi Railway Station, which is connected with Mt. Wuyishan with bus K1 and K1 Express. Travel time is 7-8 hours. 

Beijing to Wuyishan Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train G27:
1Beijing South -09:45
2Dezhou East 10:5911:04
3Jinan West 11:2811:34
4Hefei South 13:5513:57
5Jingxian 14:4514:47
6Huangshan North 15:1815:21
7Shangrao 16:0116:04
8Nanpingshi 16:3316:35
9Fuzhou 17:37-
Beijing South
Details of the Train G323:
1Beijing South -10:10
2Langfang 10:3110:33
3Dezhou East 11:3011:32
4Jinan West 11:5611:58
5Taian [Shandong] 12:1512:17
6Zaozhuang 12:5512:57
7Xuzhou East 13:1513:17
8Suzhou [Anhui] East 13:3613:41
9Huainan East 14:1514:17
10Hefei South 14:5615:02
11Changlinhe 15:1315:15
12Chaohu East 15:3015:32
13Tongling North 15:5215:54
14Jingxian 16:1116:13
15Jingde 16:2716:29
16Shexian [Huangshan] North 16:4616:48
17Huangshan North 16:5717:00
18Wuyuan [Jiangxi] 17:2117:23
19Shangrao 17:4617:49
20Nanpingshi 18:1818:20
21Yanping West 18:5118:54
22Sanming 19:2019:22
23Yongan [fujian] South 19:3819:41
24Zhangping West 20:0720:09
25Longyan 20:3320:37
26Zhangzhou 21:2021:22
27Xiamen North 21:43-
Beijing South
Details of the Train G325:
1Beijing South -12:05
2Tianjin South 12:3912:41
3Dezhou East 13:2513:27
4Jinan West 13:5113:54
5Xuzhou East 14:5714:59
6Suzhou [Anhui] East 15:1815:20
7Bengbu South 15:4315:48
8Huainan East 16:0416:09
9Hefei South 16:4916:55
10Tongling North 17:3317:35
11Jingde 18:0118:03
12Huangshan North 18:2418:26
13Wuyuan [Jiangxi] 18:4718:49
14Shangrao 19:1319:15
15Nanpingshi 19:4419:46
16Jianou West 20:0220:04
17Fuzhou 20:5321:00
18Fuzhou South 21:1621:21
19Fuqing 21:3621:38
20Putian 21:5822:00
21Quanzhou [Fujian] 22:2722:29
22Xiamen North 22:54-
Beijing South

Running Route of Beijing - Wuyishan High Speed Train

Beijing - Bengbu High Speed Railway Line: This high speed railway line is a part of Beijing - Shanghai High Speed Railway Line, running the distance of 848 kilometers (527 miles) and connecting railway stations like Tianjin South, Dezhou East, Jinan West and Xuzhou East.

Bengbu - Wuyishan High Speed Railway Line: Running the distance of 700 kilometers (435 miles), this high speed railway constitutes a section of Bengbu - Fuzhou High Speed Railway Line. Railway stations like Hefei South, Huangshan North and Shangrao are along Bengbu - Wuyishan High Speed Railway Line.

Which railway station to choose to get to Mount Wuyi

As for passengers who want to visit Mount Wuyi, it is suggested to take high speed trains to  Wuyishan North Railway Station as it is the nearest high speed railway station from Mount Wuyi. After leaving the north railway station, passengers can take Wuyishan Bus line 7 or line 9 to the scenic area directly, taking about an hour and CNY3. 

If the schedule of Wuyishan North Railway Station cannot meet your needs, reach Nanpingshi Railway Station, where there is direct city buses Wuyishan K1 or Wuyishan K1 Express Special Line in the railway station square to get to Mount Wuyi Scenic Area. Both buses depart from 08:15 to 21:30, taking about 50 minutes and costing CNY 10 per person. Also, passengers can take a taxi to get to Mount Wuyi if no city bus is available when you arrive at the railway station. The duration is around 25 minutes and the fare is about CNY 50.

Wuyishan to Beijing Train

1 Wuyishan to Beijing bullet trains are in service, taking around 8 hours; 4 high speed trains run from Nanpingshi Railway Station to Beijing, taking 7 - 8.5 hours.
1 normal speed train runs from Wuyishan to Beijing, taking about 15.5 hours.

 Major Rail Lines from Beijing to:
Major Rail Lines from Wuyishan to:
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Questions & Answers on Beijing to Wuyishan Train
Asked by Coco from INDONESIA | Apr. 01, 2020 17:10Reply
Nanpingshi equals to Mt. Wuyishan?
When can check for Wuyishan, the results always came out for "Nanpingshi". Are they the same place?
Answers (1)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Apr. 02, 2020 17:08

Thank you for your inquiry.

The name of old Wuyishan East Station was changed to "Nanpingshi" Station formally by China Railway Company. Travelers can get off at this station and then transfer to the mountain by bus or taxi. Hope this information can help you!
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