Deshengmen Bus Station

Deshengmen Bus Station is a public bus hub which mainly operates the buses to and from Badaling Great Wall, and Yanqing and Changping, two suburban districts in north Beijing. The main bus lines you can find there are 877 and 919 to the Badaling Great Wall, Badaling Tourist Bus Line, and Sightseeing Bus Line 3, etc. 

Basic Facts of Deshengmen Bus Station

Deshengmen Bus Station
Deshengmen Bus Station

Location: At the north of Deshengmen Arrow Tower, to the east of Jishuitan Subway Station along subway line 2, Xicheng District

Ticket Office: There is no ticket office in Deshengmen Bus Station. Passengers can buy the ticket upon getting on the bus.

How to get to Dehengmen Bus Station:

1. Take Subway Line 2 to Jishuitan Station and leave from exit C. The walk about 500 meters (550 yards) eastward to Deshengmen Bus Station.
2. Take bus 5, 27, 55, 380, 409, 625, 635, 872, 877, 919, 919 Express Line, Sightseeing Line 3, Fast Non-stop Line 128, Special Line 13, Special Line 31, or Special Line 51 to Deshengmen.

Buses Departing from Deshengmen Bus Station for Badaling Great Wall

Bus 877:

Operating Hours:
Deshengmen to Badaling Great Wall: April 1 – November 15: 6:00 – 12:30; November 16 – March 31: 6:30 – 12:30
Badaling Great Wall to Deshengmen: April 1 – November 15: 10:30 – 17:00; November 16 – March 31: 11:00 – 16:30
Travel Time: 1.5 hours
Distance: 60 km (37 mi)
Bus Fare: CNY 12. Half the price if you have a Beijing transportation smart card.
Drop-off Site: in the parking lot near the entrance to the Badaling Great Wall

Beijing Bus 877 to Badaling
Bus 877 leaving from Badaling
Beijing Bus 919 to Badaling
Beijing Bus 919 to Badaling

Bus 919:

Operating Hours:
Deshengmen to Badaling Great Wall: 5:45 – 19:00
Badaling Great Wall to Deshengmen: 5:00 – 18:30
Travel Time: 2 hours
Distance: 62 km (39 mi)
Bus Fare: CNY 13. Half the price if you have a Beijing transportation smart card.
Drop-off Site: near Badaling Forest Park, 1.6 km (1 mi) from the Badaling Great Wall
Note: Do not mistakenly take the bus 919 Express, which operates between Deshengmen and Jingzhang Lukou North in Yanqing. When getting on the bus, do confirm this with the driver.

Badaling Tourist Bus Line

The bus operates between 8:00 and 10:30 during peak travel seasons. The bus fare is CNY 30 for a single journey.

Which Bus to Choose? 877 or 919?

  • Bus 877
  • Nonstop Ride
  • Bus Fare: CNY 12
  • Runs on highway, faster
  • Leave when all seats are taken, not crowded
  • Get off near the Great Wall
  • Bus 919
  • 13 stops on the way
  • Bus Fare: CNY 13
  • Runs on county road, slower
  • Crowded, many people get on along the way
  • Drop-off site far from the Great Wall
 From this chart, we can easily make the conclusion that it’s much better to take bus 877 for the less time spent on the way, more comfortable onboard environment, and shorter distance between the drop-off site and Badaling Great Wall.

Traps to Avoid at Deshengmen Bus Station

When taking buses to Badaling Great Wall from Deshengmen Bus Station, be careful not to be cheated by the fake buses around. The staff on the fake buses often claim they will depart as soon as you get on and run fast on the way. However, you will finally find out that you are taken to the Water Pass Great Wall, instead of the Badaling Great Wall. Therefore, make sure that you take the right 877 from the bus station in the north of Deshengmen Arrow Tower.

Seldom do the taxi driver run the meter if you take a taxi from Deshengmen to Badaling. If you indeed want to take a taxi, you had better carpool with your friends. The cost is about CNY 700-1,000 for a round-trip per car.

Other Bus Lines Operated in Deshengmen Bus Station

Sightseeing Line 3: It is operated between the Forbidden City and Beigongmen Subway Station along line 4, passing by some most popular attractions in Beijing, including the Forbidden City, Jingshan Park, Beihai Park, Prince Gong’s Mansion, Houhai, Deshengmen, National Aquatics Center, National Stadium, the Old Summer Palace, and Summer Palace.

Bus Line 872: It departs from Deshengmen to Dingling Tomb and Changling Tomb, two most famous sites in Ming Tombs in Changping District of Beijing.

As buses to Yanqing District are mainly operated at Deshengmen Bus Station, passengers can take a bus here to visit the attractions in Yanqing County, like Badaling Ski Resort, Longqing Gorge, and Shijinglong Ski Resort. Note that bus transfer is needed in between for some attractions.

- Last updated on Jan. 11, 2021 -
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