Dressing of Terracotta Warriors

The Qin Terracotta Warriors were molded by adopting the realistic methods of expression. Therefore, the armors wore by them should be the most common styles in the Qin Dynasty, and Qin soldiers probably wore this kind of dress to fight.

 Qin Officer's Dressing
In the Qin Dynasty, the ranks of officers can be recognized by their dressings. The terracotta general wears a dual long jacket, a dark purple crest hat, a long pant, a thigh protector, a pair of boots with square opening tipping and uniform head, and covered with a colorful armor, looking grand and awe-inspiring. 

The middle-level officer has two kinds of dressing. The first kind includes a long jacket, a thigh protector, a boots with square opening tipping head, chest plate trimmed with colorful lace and a double long hat. The second kind includes a high collar gown clasped on the right side, a thigh protector, a boots with square opening tipping head and covered a piece of armor with smooth edge and colorful lace. The junior officer wears a long jacket, a piece of armor, a long hat, a pair of shallow shoes and a thigh protector. Also there are a few junior officers do not wear armors. They fight in light equipment.
A figure of terra cotta warrior
Majestic in Appearance
The Head-dress
The Head-dress
The officer figure, terra cotta warriors
An Officer Figure

 Qin Soldier's Dressing
The heavy infantries of the Qin terracotta warriors have three kinds of dressing. The first kind includes a long jacket, a pair of shorts, and a pair of shallow shoes, and combed a tight roll of hair at the right side of the head, assembled with leggings and has armor on the back. The second kind is similar to the first one except the soldiers have a red handkerchief on the head. The third kind of soldier's dressing is same to the second one, but the soldiers belong to this group combs flat bobs on the back of the heads instead of wearing handkerchiefs. The cavalries wear Hu dress ("Hu" refers to the northern minorities living in the northwestern part of ancient China, unlike the loose clothes wore by the people living in the central China, Hu dress is tight which is easy for horse racing and archery), waist-length armors and round small hats. They hold the bow and arrow in one hand, with the reins in the other hand. The drivers of chariots dress in two ways. Some wear long jackets, armors, long hats, shallow shoes and armed with leggings. The other kind of dressing provides strict protection to the body which is reflected in the square plates protecting the neck, and the plates cover the two arms to connect with hand guards.
A close look at the warrior
A Close Look at the Warrior
A Plait of Braided Hair
A Plait of Braided Hair
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