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Kunming to Jinan Train

At present, there is 1 Kunming to Jinan high speed train operated on the daily basis. It starts from Kunming South Railway Station to Jinan East Railway Station, traveling 2,713 kilometers (1,686 miles) totally. The duration is about 15 hours and the ticket fare is CNY 1,150.5 for a second class seat, CNY 1,891.5 for a first class seat and CNY 3,630.5 for a business class seat.

Besides, 1 normal speed train is in service from Kunming Railway Station to Jinan Railway Station, taking about 43 hours. The hard sleeper cost CNY 542.5, and the soft sleeper cost CNY 847.5.

Kunming to Jinan Train Ticket Booking


Running Route of Kunming to Jinan High Speed Train

Kunming to Changsha High Speed Railway Line: This line is 1,169 kilometers (726 miles) in length and constitutes a part of Shanghai to Kunming High Speed Railway, passing by stations like Kunming South, Guiyang North, Shaoshan South and Changsha South.

Changsha to Zhengzhou High Speed Railway Line: Belonging to a section of Beijing to Guangzhou High Speed Railway, this part is 898 kilometers (558 miles) and connects stations including Yueyang East, Xianning North, Wuhan and Zhengzhou East.

Zhengzhou to Xuzhou High Speed Railway Line: Making up the line of Xuzhou to Lanzhou High Speed Railway, this one links Kaifeng North Railway Station, Shangqiu Railway Station, Dangshan [Anhui] South Railway Station and Xiaoxian North Railway Station.

Xuzhou to Jinan High Speed Railway Line: As a part of Beijing to Shanghai High Speed Railway, several stations are covered among this line, for example, Zaozhuang, Qufu East, and Taian [Shandong].

Where to go in Jinan

Baotu Spring Park lies in the Lixia District of Jinan City, and covers an area of 1,053 acres. The park is adjacent to Luoyuan Hall in the north, Guanlan Pavilion in the west, Laihe Bridge in the east, and a long corridor in the south. There are three water outlets with the maximum water emission of 162,000 meters (531,496 feet) per day. And the temperature of the spring water keep at 18 °C (64.4 ℉) throughout the year.
 Thousand-Buddha Mountain is located in the south of the city center of Jinan and is the Taishan Mountains. It covers an area of 166.1 hectares (410 acres) with an altitude of 285 miles (935 feet). Because of the prevalence of Buddhism, thousands of Buddha statues was carved along the mountain in Sui Dynasty (581-600AD), that’s why it is called Thousand-Buddha Mountain. The most famous spots include Thousand-Buddha Cliff, the Myriad Buddha Hole, Xingguo Temple, and Guanyin Park, etc.

Jinan to Kunming Train

1 Jinan to Kunming high speed train is running to meet passengers’ need. It takes about 14 hours and costs CNY 1,134.5 for a second class seat. What’s more, 1 Jinan to Kunming normal speed trains is available.

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Major Rail Lines from Jinan to:
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