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Luoyang to Huangshan Trains

At present, 4 Luoyang to Huangshan high speed trains are running every day.

Departing from Luoyang Longmen Railway Station, this train takes 5.5 - 8.5 hours to Huangshan North Railway Station.

The total running distance of this train is 1,189 kilometers (739 miles).

The ticket fare of the business class seat is CNY 1,504 - 1536.5, of the first class seat is CNY 776.5 - 806.5 and of the second class seat is CNY484 - 496.

Luoyang to Huangshan Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train G2390:
1Xi'an North -07:17
2Sanmenxia South 08:0608:08
3Luoyang Longmen 08:3908:41
4Zhengzhou West 09:0609:08
5Zhengzhou 09:2509:28
6Xuchang East 10:0210:04
7Luohe West 10:2010:22
8Zhumadian West 10:4010:43
9Minggang East 11:0011:07
10Xinyang East 11:2111:40
11Xiaogan North 11:5812:03
12Wuhan 12:3412:39
13Gedian South 12:5713:03
14Ezhou 13:1413:16
15Huangshi North 13:2813:30
16Daye North 13:3813:40
17Yangxin 13:5413:56
18Jiujiang 14:3114:34
19Hukou 14:5714:59
20Duchang 15:1615:18
21Poyang 15:3915:41
22Jingdezhen North 15:5816:00
23Wuyuan [Jiangxi] 16:2816:46
24Huangshan North 17:1017:13
25Jixi North 17:3017:32
26Qiandaohu 17:5617:58
27Jiande 18:1018:11
28Hangzhou East 18:55-
Luoyang Longmen
Huangshan North
Details of the Train G1904:
1Lanzhou West -07:41
2Dingxi North 08:1108:13
3Qinan 08:5308:55
4Tianshui South 09:1009:14
5Baoji South 09:5709:59
6Yangling South 10:2310:25
7Xi'an North 10:5411:00
8Weinan [Shaanxi] North 11:1611:18
9Luoyang Longmen 12:2312:25
10Zhengzhou East 13:0313:07
11Minquan North 13:4513:50
12Shangqiu 14:0614:08
13Shangqiu East 14:1814:20
14Bozhou South 14:3814:41
15Gucheng [Heilongjiang] East 14:5214:54
16Fuyang West 15:1615:21
17Fengtai [Anhui] South 15:4515:47
18Huainan South 16:0116:04
19Hefei South 16:4316:47
20Chaohu East 17:0817:10
21Wuwei [Anhui] 17:2317:29
22Tongling North 17:4117:43
23Jingxian 18:0018:02
24Jixi North 18:2218:26
25Huangshan North 18:4118:45
26Wuyuan [Jiangxi] 19:0619:08
27Wuyishan North 19:4919:51
28Nanpingshi 20:0320:05
29Yanping 20:3220:34
30Minqing North 20:5520:57
31Fuzhou 21:19-
Luoyang Longmen
Huangshan North
Details of the Train G862:
1Xi'an North -11:40
2Huashan [Shaanxi] North 12:1012:13
3Lingbao West 12:2912:31
4Luoyang Longmen 13:1213:14
5Zhengzhou East 13:5213:56
6Kaifeng North 14:1714:22
7Shangqiu 15:0015:03
8Shangqiu East 15:1315:16
9Lumiao 15:2915:31
10Bozhou South 15:4215:44
11Fuyang West 16:1016:21
12Yingshang North 16:3716:39
13Shouxian 16:5616:58
14Hefei South 17:4117:47
15Chaohu East 18:0818:10
16Tongling North 18:3018:32
17Jingde 18:5819:00
18Huangshan North 19:2119:25
19Shangrao 20:0520:07
20Wuyishan North 20:2920:31
21Nanpingshi 20:4320:45
22Yanping 21:1221:14
23Fuzhou 21:51-
Luoyang Longmen
Huangshan North
Details of the Train G3186:
1Lanzhou West -09:08
2tongwei 09:5709:59
3Qinan 10:1710:19
4Tianshui South 10:3310:35
5Baoji South 11:1811:20
6Xianyang West 12:0012:02
7Xi'an North 12:1512:20
8Huashan [Shaanxi] North 12:4812:50
9Luoyang Longmen 13:4213:44
10Zhengzhou East 14:2214:25
11Shangqiu 15:1415:16
12Shangqiu East 15:2615:28
13Bozhou South 15:4815:50
14Taihe [Sichuan] East 16:1016:12
15Fuyang West 16:2416:29
16Fengtai [Anhui] South 16:5316:55
17Huainan South 17:0917:11
18Hefei South 17:4917:55
19Chaohu East 18:1618:18
20Wuwei [Anhui] 18:3118:33
21Tongling North 18:4518:47
22Jingxian 19:0419:06
23Jixi North 19:2619:28
24Huangshan North 19:4319:46
25Wuyuan [Jiangxi] 20:0720:09
26Shangrao 20:3320:51
27Nanchang West 21:52-
Luoyang Longmen
Huangshan North

Where to go in Huangshan

Mount Huangshan is the top ten famous mountains in China. There are 72 peaks in Huangshan Mountain, and the main peak - Lotus Peak is 1,864 meters (6,115 feet) above the sea level. With Bright Summit and Tiandu Peak together, there are three major peaks in Mount Huangshan. There are four unique landscapes including strangely-shaped pines, picturesque stones, the sea off clouds and hot springs. Among them, The Pine Greeting Guests is the most famous and it is a symbol of the warm and friendly people in Anhui Province, carrying the Oriental etiquette culture. There are more than 200 days in cloudy weather in a year, so when the water vapor rises or the fog does not disappear after the rain, it will form the sea of clouds. The red leaves float above the sea of clouds which is a rare wonder in Huangshan. Huangshan is not only a beautiful mountain, but also a rich treasure house of art. You will have an unforgettable memory here.

2. Taiping Lake

Taiping Lake is located in Huangshan City, Anhui Province. Taiping Lake is rich in tourism resources. In a quiet environment, the lake is clear and the hills are rolling. It is praised as the “Chinese Jade”, “World Pearl” and the “Oriental Lake Geneva”. The lake is dotted with islands of different sizes and heights. These islands are scattered, floating on the waters. You can not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery here, but also relax yourself from the busy work.

3. Ancient Villages in Southern Anhui - Xidi and Hongcun

Ancient Villages in Southern Anhui - Xidi and Hongcun is located on the Huangshan Mountain Range. The stretching peaks, high mountains and deep valley are obvious characteristics of the mountainous areas in southern Anhui. With a long history, the ancient buildings attract countless tourists here.

Huangshan to Luoyang Trains

Now, 2 Huangshan to Luoyang high speed train are in service. These trains take 6.5 - 8.5 hours from Huangshan North Railway Station to Luoyang Longmen Railway Station. The total running distance of these trains is 1,189 kilometers (739 miles).

See detailed Luoyang Train Schedule & Huangshan Train Schedule

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