What to Do in Shanghai in December: 6 Places to Go

Considering the chilly weather, there are limited choices of what to do in Shanghai in December. To stay warm, tourists can visit indoor attractions like Shanghai Museum and the Oriental Pearl Tower, or go shopping at the Huaihai Road or the Xintiandi area. There are also, of course, outdoor attractions worth seeing. In the late December, Longhua Temple and the Guyi Garden hold special activities to embrace the New Year. Detailed information about these six places to go in Shanghai in December is listed below.

Shanghai Museum
Thanks to the central heating system, Shanghai Museum is a warm place to visit in Shanghai in December, even on a windy or rainy day. Most precious exhibits here include the bronze cauldron (Da Ke Ding) of the Western Zhou (1046-771BC), bronze plate (Zi Zhong Jiang Pan) of the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476BC), the painting “Gao Yi Tu” of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and the calligraphy “Ya Tou Wan Tie” of the Eastern Jin (317-420). Tourists can also feast their eyes on the assorted porcelains, jade wares, Buddhist sculptures, ancient furniture, seals and coins here. This museum is free to enter, but remember to reserve in advance.

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Oriental Pearl Tower
What if it is too cold outside to enjoy the scenery of the Huangpu River? The answer is quite simple – go sightseeing inside the Oriental Pearl Tower. This landmark has the 259m (850ft) high transparent corridor and the 351m (1,152ft) high space capsule, both enabling tourists to enjoy a clear view of the Huangpu River and the Bund. One can also try VR roller coaster here. If you come here with your beloved one, having dinner at the revolving restaurant while seeing the night view is the most romantic thing to do in Shanghai in December.

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Huaihai Road

Huaihai Road
As mentioned at the beginning, shopping indoor is recommended for tourists who visit Shanghai in December, and the prosperous Huaihai Road is a good destination. This road is divided into three sections, east, middle and west. Shopping malls and stores mainly gather at the middle section. In the late December, as the Christmas Day and the New Year are approaching, this road is bursting with the air of festivity. Beautiful Christmas trees, fancy articles in the display window, and the foods with enticing aroma can be seen everywhere.
Don’t be fooled by the traditional Shikumen Residence and consider Xintiandi area merely a historical site. Actually, the interior of each building is very chic and you can find many international brands and fashion products. Especially when you travel to Shanghai in December, many goods are sold at a generous discount. What’s more, Xintiandi is a haunt for local youngsters and overseas to spend night life. Various bars scattered throughout can show you another aspect of this metropolitan city.
Longhua Temple is the top place for tourists to spend the New Year’s Eve in Shanghai. According to the custom, people will burn incense and listen to the 108 bell chimes before the zero hour to wish their dreams come true. The vegetarian noodle (Yue Nian Mian) specially offered on this day is another must for the visitors. Other activities include watching folk performances, guessing riddles written on the lantern, and so on.
Guyi Garden
Enjoying the winter sweet blossom at the Guyi Garden should not be omitted from the list of what to do in Shanghai in December. When taking a walk around this classical Chinese garden, tourists can be pleased by the fragrance of the red, pink and yellow winter sweet blossoms all over the place. What’s more, in order to welcome the New Year, the whole garden is adorned with red lanterns and festival fairs are held. At that time, many artisans will show people how to weave palm fiber, make dough figure, printed cloth and glutinous rice cake, let alone the sugar painting and the paper cutting.

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