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Jiaoshan to Sandaoguan

Route: Qinhuangdao City - Jiaoshan Great Wall - Daping Peak - Liupin Peak - Sandaoguan Pass Great Wall - Qinhuangdao City

First, either take bus 25 or 302, or hail a taxi to the Shanhaiguan Railway Station in Qinhuangdao City. Take special bus line 5 on the square in front of the train station to the terminal, Jiaoshan Great Wall Scenic Area, and this one-day independent Great Wall tour will start there. 

As you climb further along the Jiaoshan Great Wall, the ramparts will become narrower and steeper. After hiking along a steep slope, you will reach at the No.2 Watchtower that occupies a difficult location. Visitors need to resort to ladders to get through the tower. Pass by another watchtower and you will enter the wild segment of Jiaoshan Great Wall. Ramparts there didn't receive any renovation work and reveal the wild beauty of Jiaoshan section. Follow the damaged ramparts for a few minutes to the Daping Peak and have a full view of the whole scenic area as well as the Qinhuangdao City and wide sea in the distance. 

From the Daping Peak, hike for one hour eastwards and you will arrive at the Sandaoguan Pass Great Wall via Liupin Peak. Built on dangerous mountains, Sandaoguan Great Wall is famed for the startling scene of Great Wall ramparts overhanging the steep mountain ranges. 

Carefully get down from the wall to the bottom of the valley, and then go to the parking lot of the nearby Longevity Mountain Scenic Area. There you can take special bus line 4 back to Shanhaiguan Railway Station and this one-day Great Wall hiking tour will end here.

Tour Highlights:
Jiaoshan Great Wall
Jiaoshan Mountain is the first peak the Great Wall climbs over from the easternmost Laolongtour Great Wall to the west. The Jiaoshan Great Wall stretches for 1,536 meters (1,680 yards) along the mountain ranges to Daping Peak. Ramparts of this section are 7-10 meters (23-33 feet) in height and the average width is around 4 meters (13 feet), but the narrowest point is of only 2.7 meters (8.9 feet) wide. It used to house five watchtowers, but two of them were severely damaged with only traces of their foundations remaining nowadays. Among the other three towers, the No. 2 Watchtower is the most characteristic one which is connected by a steep slope of nearly 80 degrees. Visitors will make a detour along a stretch of iron ladder and climb up a vertical ladder to get inside the tower.

Sandaoguan Pass Great Wall
Sandaoguan means 'three strategic passes' located at a gully, among precipices, and at hillside respectively. If comparing the Great Wall to a giant dragon, it dives straight into the bottom of the valley at Sandaoguan and then runs up to the other peak along the mountain ranges, Some also say that this section of ramparts seem like to overhang the mountains with a nearly vertical angle.
Jiaoshan Great Wall CNY 40
Sandaoguan Pass Great Wall Free of charge
Special bus line 4 CNY 3
Special bus line 5 CNY 2

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Questions & Answers
Asked by Becca from USA | Oct. 29, 2019 16:03Reply
Bus from Shanhaiguan to Jiaoshan Great Wall
We want to go to the Jiaoshan Great Wall from the town of Shanhaiguan. Is there a public bus that goes there from Shanhaiguan? We will be travelling in the middle of January 2020 on a Saturday.
Answers (1)
Answered by Carlos | Oct. 29, 2019 19:27

The tourist bus line 5 goes from Shanhaiguan Railway Station to Jiaoshan Great Wall, but it does not operate in January. Besides, there is no direct bus to Jiaoshan Great Wall. I suggest you hail a taxi or charter a car in advance.
Asked by Philippe Glaude from BELGIUM | Jun. 30, 2019 19:00Reply
Reaching from Nangaige
I'm for the moment in Nandaige.
I would like to how how to reach Jiaoshan Great Wall from there by public transport.
Or maybe a tour is existing?
Answers (1)
Answered by Kevin | Jul. 01, 2019 18:19

From Nandaihe to Jiaoshan Great Wall, you need to walk to Ninghaidao crossroad station first to take bus no. 801 to Beidaihe seaside bus station and then transfer to bus no. 34 to First Hospital station. Then you need to transfer to bus no. 33 to Tianxiadiyiguan station, from where the tourist bus line 5 will take you to Jiaoshan station. Upon arrival, you can walk to the Jiaoshan Great Wall or take a taxi. The whole bus journey takes about 3.5 hours.
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