Jingdong Grand Canyon

Jingdong Grand Canyon covers nearly 1,500 acres (about 6 square kilometers). It is located to the north of Yuzi Village, Pinggu District, 53 miles (about 85 kilometers) from downtown Beijing. And it includes Grand Canyon and Jingtai Mountain Scenic Area.

Jingdong Grand Canyon stands out for its steep mountains and deep valleys. It provides visitors with a wide range of beautiful landscapes. Inside it are green hills, clear waters, Karst caves, deep ponds, wide valleys, perilous peaks and plunging waterfalls. Hundreds of hectares of pine trees grow in it.

Scenic spots are mainly as follows: the Wulong Pond, also called Deep Ponds of Five Dragons, Tongtian Gorge which gets the name for its heaven-reaching height, the Plank Roads, Longmen Lake (Lake of Dragon Gate), the Memorial of the Sino-Japanese War and Holiday Village.

The Wulong Pond actually is made up of five ponds in total, each having its unique shape with a vivid name. The Tongtian Gorge looks like a long slit, a heaven-reaching peak split by an earthquake. The Plank Roads are held up by shaky steel cables. Walking on these plank roads is either terrifying or thrilling. Longmen Lake is a place where visitors can wade at the water edge and go boating. The Memorial of the Sino-Japanese War was opened in 1998. It exhibits objects and photos to show that how the armed forces and the civilians fought against the invading Japanese Imperial Army. Holiday Village is a well-equipped rest place for visitors. It has more than one hundred beds, a dance hall, and a dining room which can accommodate 250 guests.

Moreover, the entertainment items in Jingdong Grand Canyon Scenic Area are adventurous and exciting. The Scenery Aerial Tramway is 1,100 yards (about 1,000 meters) in length, by which visitors can overlook the whole scenery of it. Walking on the plank roads that link two cliffs will be a thrill for many. There is even a facility for the brave to walk on the high wire. Moreover, a harvest celebration is held in Jingdong Grand Canyon Scenic Area from July to October every year. Visitors can pick apricots, apples, pears and hawthorns by themselves.

Furthermore, there are many attractions nearby. Panshan Mountain is to its south. To the east of it lie Huangyaguan Great Wall, Wuling Mountain and Dule Temple. Dule Temple is also known as Temple of Solitary Joy, and it is one of the only three remaining temples of the Liao Dynasty (907A.D-1125 A.D).


Take bus 918 from Dongzhimen Transit Hub and get off at Pingguqu Yiyuan Station. Then transfer to bus Ping 12 and get off at Daxiagu (Grand Canyon) Station.
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Entrance Fee CNY 78
Speed Boat (for 5 minutes) CNY 40
Cableway (round-trip) CNY 60
Slideway CNY 100
Tightrope Walking CNY 20
Glass Bridge CNY 20
Opening Hours 08:00 - 18:30
Best Time to Visit August and September

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