Longtan Park

Longtan Park or Longtan Lake Park has a total area of 121 acres combining classic and modern architectural styles. It was built in 1952, officially opened in 1986 and is located to the southeast side of the Guangming Bridge. It is a welcoming place for people in south Beijing to entertain and relax. Beautiful landscape and rich culture have also made it a popular sightseeing resort. Besides the diversified plants in the park, there are 10 huge dragons made of vegetation, and 2 made of flowers, which look so splendid and magnificent. There are also many activities every year, such as: Temple Fair around Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Race around Dragon Boat Festival, and park touring on Double Ninth Festival. Below are the main scenic zones to enjoy new vistas, interesting activities to attend, and entertainment facilities to enjoy inside the park.

Longtan Lake

The Lake in Longtan Park is divided into isles, peninsulas, gorges, and green lands by the stone bridges and waterfall. A huge dragon-shaped mountain is built in the water and another 14 strange and totally different peaks can be viewed. The great waterfall pours down from the main peak, which looks like a huge bonsai. You can take a boat to view the beautiful natural scenery; it takes about CNY40-80/hour based on the boat size.

Lotus Pond and Islets

The Lotus Pond and Islets is located in the southeast of the park. It is built in southern China architectural style, and features, two isles connecting by a 40-meter bridge. There is also a pool filled with fragrant lotus and swaying reeds. Some strange stones lie scattered to the sides of the pond.

Central Isle

It is a small island located in the center of Longtan Lake. Connected with the area off the island by bridges on three sides, the Central Isle is an entertainment site for the people around. Various kinds of performances and shows are held in this area.

Yuan Chonghuan’s Temple

The northwest part of the park is the temple of a national hero of late Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). He launched many wars to fight against the enemy in order to protect his nation. This temple is built to honor his great contributions to his country.

Teenager Activity Center

In the south, there is a teenager activity center covering the area of 2.5 acres. This center provides relatively complete facilities and equipments for children to play and exercise. With this activity center, the youngsters can relieve the pressure of study and make more friends.

Longtan Park Temple Fair

The first Longtan Spring Festival Fair was held in 1984, which has become a large-scale traditional cultural event during Chinese New Year in Beijing. During the fair, there are: flower show, singing show, folk art and acrobatics performance, and exhibitions on park activities, fairs, winter sports, garden arts, and China’s intangible cultural heritage. During this period, the park is decorated by lanterns, Chinese knots, couplet with Chinese traditional features. One can also taste many delicious snacks, plus enjoy a festive and joyful atmosphere throughout the Temple Fair. This is a good chance for you to know the Chinese traditional culture of Spring Festival.

Time: Jan. 28th - Feb. 1st, 2017 (the 1st day to the 5th day of the first lunar month)

Various Entertainment Facilities

Longtan Lake Park is equipped with many entertainment facilities; such as: Fitness Park with over 30 items of equipment and 500 meters of synthetic track, recreational park including children’s park. The recreational park is open from 9:00 am-17:00 pm at weekdays, 9:00 am-18:30 pm at weekends. The children’s park provides lots of entertainment programs like: Pirate Ship, Merry-Go-Round, Dodgems, etc. 

Recommended Touring Routes:

1. North Gate → Dragon Arc Bridge → Longtan Lake → Yuan Chonghuan’s Temple → Dragon Pavilion → Jade Dragon Bridge → Central Isle → Twin-star Bridge → Dragon Stone Tablets → Sporting Area → East Wharf → White Dragon Bridge → North Gate

2. Northwest Gate → Game Area → West Wharf → Longyin Pavilion → Flying Dragon House → Climbing Area → Lotus Pond → East Gate

3. East Gate → Monument To Martyrs → Statue of Sunjingxiu → Statue of Shichuanxiang → Dragon Gate → Green Dragon Bridge → Dragon Stone Tablets → Sporting Area → East Wharf → White Dragon Bridge → North Gate

4. West Gate → Flying Dragon House → Climbing Area → Porch Bridge → Gate ball Ground → Flying Dragon on the Black Stone → Dragon Gate → Willow House → Sporting Area → North Gate

How to Get to Longtan Park:

The North Gate: Bus No. 34/35/36/41/352/561/957, get off at Guangminglou Station
The Northwest Gate: Bus No. 6/12/60/116/352/684, get off at Longtan Park Station.
The East Gate: Bus No.122, get off at the west of South Jinsong Street Station.
The West Gate: Bus No. 12/ 684, get off at the Longtan Lake Swimming Pool Station.

Open Time 09:00-22:00; ticket sale ends at 21:00
Ticket Price CNY 2
Free for children under 1.2m (3.9 feet).
- Last updated on May. 23, 2019 -
Questions & Answers on Longtan Park
Asked by Robert K Jackson from UNITED KINGDOM | May. 20, 2019 05:30Reply
is there a metro line near Beijing Longtan Park?
Answers (1)
Answered by Edward from CANADA | May. 23, 2019 01:56

The nearest metro station is Tiantandongmen on metro line 5, about 2km from the park.
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