China National Film Museum

China National Film Museum is a large public cultural facility, located at No. 9, Nanying Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Currently, it is the world's biggest national film museum. As a landmark building commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Chinese films, it is indeed an art center that exhibits the development of Chinese film industry and technologies, disseminates film culture, and enables academic exchanges on films. Since its opening to the public in 2008, China National Film Museum has received more than 2.85 million visitors. Over thirty thousand pieces of precious collection are gathered here, including film copies, manuscripts, posters, and equipment.

The museum occupies an area of about 466,000 square feet (43,000 square meters), with an architectural area of 409,000 square feet (38,000 square meters). The interior of China National Film Museum is decorated in three basic tones, black, white and gray, setting an elegant backdrop to the brilliant colors of the giant glass windows and those of the circular hall. Since Ding Jun Shan, the first film of China, was screened, the Chinese film industry went through more than 100 years of changes. During that period, a large number of excellent movies emerged. Even today, many classic films are spoken highly of. At present, the first national systematic and comprehensive exhibition showcasing the development of Chinese films from 1905 to 2005 are held permanently here. In addition, temporary exhibitions and expositions are frequently seen in this place.

China National Film Museum is divided into two parts: the exhibition zone and the cinema zone.

Exhibition Zone

There are 20 exhibition halls in total, of which halls 1 to 10 are used to present the one hundred year history of the Chinese film industry and achievements attained during that time, while halls 11 to 20 generally show the technological development of films and uncover the secrets of movie production. The first ten halls are on the second and third floors and halls 11 to 20 are situated on the fourth floor. Visitors are recommended to first visit halls 1 to 10 and have a basic understanding of the Chinese film industry and then go to halls 11 to 20 to join in some interesting activities. Providing visitors’ participation and interaction, the exhibition zone gives visitors a chance to edit film recordings and shoot short videos by themselves, making their trip more special and unforgettable.

Hall themes are as follows:
Hall 1: The emergence of films
Hall 2: The emergence and early development of Chinese films
Hall 3: Chinese films produced during the revolutionary wars
Hall 4: The development of Chinese films from 1949 to 1978
Hall 5: Chinese films produced during the reform and opening period (from 1979 up to now)
Hall 6: Animation films
Hall 7: Films for children
Hall 8: Popular science films, dubbed films, and news documentaries
Hall 9: Hong Kong and Macau movies
Hall 10: Taiwan movies
Hall 11: Film shooting
Hall 12: Artistic designing
Hall 13: Special kinds of movies
Hall 14: Traditional special effects
Hall 15: Digital special effects
Hall 16: Sound recording
Hall 17: Film editing
Hall 18: Film developing and printing
Hall 19: Animation
Hall 20: Other kinds of movies

Cinema Zone

 A grand cinema zone with state-of-the-art film projection technologies and apparatus is located inside the China National Film Museum. The cinema zone consists of six video halls, one IMAX hall and five conventional halls (including digital projection halls) that can accommodate a total audience of 1,210. There are 19 seats reserved for the disabled. Visitors can watch the latest movies here and feel the charm of new technologies. In particular, the IMAX hall introduced to the museum represents the most advanced imaging technologies worldwide. The projection screen is around 69 feet (21 meters) high, as high as a seven-story building, ensuring that all the audience can view the whole screen and have a wonderful audio and visual experience.

How to get to China National Film Museum

Take Film Museum Special Shuttle Bus or Zhuan 116 to Film Museum Station. 
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Admission Fee Free. Visitors need to make a reservation in advance.
Opening Hours Tue. - Fri.:
09:00-17:00 (stop entering at 16:30)
Fri. - Sun.:
Halls on 2F, 3F & 4F: 9:00-17:00; 
Exhibition areas on 1F: 9:00-20:30 (stop entering at 20:00)
closed on Monday.

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