Shengshi Nangong Film and Television Cultural City

Shengshi Nangong Film and Television Cultural City, previously the North Putuo Film and TV City, lies in Nangong Village of Daxing District, 12 miles (20 kilometers) south of downtown Beijing. Covering an area of over 75 acres (about 30 hectares), it is a multifunctional movie culture city which combines film-making setting, sightseeing, entertainment, movie education and cultural exchange together.

It houses over 20 scenic areas and 50 sights, which are distributed orderly around the lake, the center of the cultural city. The North Putuo Islet in the lake is built with wonderful workmanship while all the architecture is adorned with classical beauty. Now the bright colors may fade, and plaster may come off, but the flavor of China's last two feudal dynasties remains.

North Putuo Temple

The magnificent North Putuo Temple, located at the northeast of the lake, is ablaze with colors, with 500 mud statues of Bodhisattva in varied postures standing along halls. Pilgrims come in a continuous stream to North Putuo Temple which is acclaimed as one of the four main Buddhist rites, another three are the East Mount Putuo in Zhoushan, the South Putuo Temple in Xiamen and the Potala Palace, the West Putuo in Lhasa. Around the temple are three gardens named Pine Garden, Bamboo Garden and Plum Garden respectively, which are full of traditional Chinese culture flavor.

Red Chamber Park

Red Chamber Park was built after the Dream of the Red Chamber, one of the four greatest classical Chinese novels. It also serves as a shooting place. The grandeur of the park reminds people of the scenes in this great novel. A statue was erected in honor of the author Cao Xueqin.


Shengshi Nangong Film and Television Cultural City records the development of the Chinese movie industry. Following CCTV Wuxi Movie City and Zhuozhou Movie City, it is the third filming site in China, which is featured by buildings in the style of the Ming (1368 - 1644) and the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911). About 800 movies and TV plays including some quite popular ones are shot here, making it a good place to learn about filmmaking.

The film location is at the northwest of the lake. An ancient town composed of three streets in the Ming and Qing Dynasties style will take you back to those passing dynasties while the painting and calligraphy house and the clay-modeling hall are the best places to cultivate personal taste. Also to be found here are a village, an opera performance stage, pavilions, terraces, old palaces, stores, marketplaces, forts and trenches, allowing it for making different kinds of movies.

With these settings, visitors can take pictures or make micro-movies with a rich old-fashioned flavor. Lucky visitors may come across film crew and have a chance to take a picture with film stars or play a part in the film.

Moreover, the cultural city is also brimming with many kinds of interesting activities, such as martial arts and throwing embroidered balls. In every fourth month on Chinese lunar calendar, there is a Buddhist pilgrim fair with lion dances, drum performances, and other folk dances. 

How to get to Shengshi Nangong Film and Television Cultural City

Take bus 341, 526, 926, or 953, and then get off at Beiputuo Yingshicheng (North Putuo Film Center) Station.
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Admission Fee CNY36
Opening Hours 8:30 - 17:30
Recommended Time for a Visit Three hours
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Questions & Answers on Shengshi Nangong Film and Television Cultural City
Asked by Mr.Nana from INDONESIA | Mar. 06, 2011 21:34Reply
How far north putuo film & tv city from tian'anmen?
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Answered by Mr.Chang | Mar. 07, 2011 02:08

About 23 kilometers and the travel takes about 45 minutes on a car.
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