Garden of World's Flowers

Beijing Garden of World's Flowers, located in the south suburb of the city, is a large park characterized by all kinds of worldwide flowers and exotic gardens, covering 418,000 square meters (499,000 square yards). The park consists of 7 big greenhouses and 15 garden squares combining world flower culture with wonderful garden arts.

Seven Greenhouses

The seven greenhouses in Garden of World's Flowers are Tropical Plant, Sand Plant, Exquisite Flower, Vegetable and Fruit, Tea and Flower Appreciation, and greenhouses housing a Flower Research Laboratory and a Flower Science Demonstration Room.

The Tropical Plant Greenhouse exhibits all kinds of tropical plants from China, the Middle East and Australia. Among these plants, a jatropha podagrica over 300 years old is the most appealing tree which has a huge trunk shaped like Buddha’s tummy. The bischofia polycarpa at the age of more than 400 years old is the most valuable plant in the greenhouse with the height of 12 meters (39 feet) and weight of 1,600 kilograms (3,500 pounds), worth your visiting. Besides, the taxus chinensis in the house is an ancient tree surviving from the Fourth Ice Age. The cyathea spinulosa is one of Chinese endangered ferns.

The Sand Plant Greenhouse exhibits more than 100 plants which belong to cactus family, agave family, lily family or crassulaceae family, characterized by their drought tolerance. Excepting these plants, you can also see some models of desert architectures like Mexican pyramid and sand sculptures, making visitors feel like they are walking through a desert.

The Exquisite Flower Greenhouse has an interesting Chinese zodiac-shaped plant garden and a potted landscape garden, which exhibits well-known flowers from different countries and potted landscapes of different flowers. Apart from these plants, you can also see some ancient boats, chariots and waterwheels decorating the plants.

In addition to those greenhouses, you also can visit the Vegetable and Fruit Greenhouse with a huge pumpkin which weighs 150 kilograms (330 pounds). In the Tea and Flower Appreciation Greenhouse, you can have a rest and drink some tea in the hall, appreciating flowers, bridges and flowing streams.

After visiting the greenhouses, you can go out to appreciate the garden culture of different countriesin Beijing Garden of World's Flowers.

Fifteen Gardens

Hundred Flower Square presents the theme of flowers through the treelawns of the two sides, pattern flower beds and five-color flower lanterns. When you walk along the path in the Water garden, you can be circled with 1,400 thousand perennial herbs of more than 60 categories like staying in a sea full of flowers. The center of the garden uses different-shaped architectures to present all forms of water. In the north of Beijing Garden of World's Flowers, there is a quiet and beautiful Peony Garden with more than 100 kinds of peonies, decorated with a square pavilion, a bubbling spring and a creek.

Besides, you can also see exotic gardens from different countries in the Garden of World's Flowers.

The German Garden has German flowers like cornflowers, larkspurs and pepper tree. Along the visiting path, you can know German custom and culture illustrated on the signs. To the north of the garden, there are some bars designed in German style where you may drink German beers.

Walking in the Versailles garden, you can appreciate European corridors of Roman architectural style and the flower beds planted with 20 thousand Chinese junipers and shaped in Chinese traditional auspicious patterns.

The The Chinese Garden is constructed with whitewashed walls, grey tiles and lattice windows in a style of classical gardens with beautiful China roses blossoming along the path.

Austrian Garden, sitting to the west of the Russian Garden, takes music as the theme. The golden statue of Johan Strauss, a great Austrian musician stands in the center of the square. Walking in the garden, you can hear the graceful waltz music of Strauss.

You can also visit Dutch Garden with plenty of Dutch tulips blossoming and the Russian Garden with an exquisite-shaped flower well. Japanese Garden has a pavilion circled with cherry blossoms, the national flower in Japan.

The Children's Water Playground is composed of many winding ditches with the depth below half meter. Children can play and find beautiful pebbles there. They can also cultivate seeds and observe the growth of flowers in the Children's Tissue and Seed Cultivation Lab.

In addition to the 7 greenhouses and 15 gardens, the Flower-arranging Art Museum of China in Garden of World's Flowers is the only professional place for the art of flower-arranging in China, worth a visit.

How to Get to Garden of World's Flowers

1. Take Subway Line 19, and get off at the Xinfadi Station, then walk northward for 400 meters (437 yards) and then turn right and walk eastward for about 500 meter (547 yards) to find the south gate.
2. Take bus no.377 or no.646, and get off at Beijing Garden of World's Flowers Station. Then enter the garden through the south gate.
Admission Fee CNY 45 per person
Free of charge for children below 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) and the old over 70
Opening Hours
Apr. 6 - May 6: 8:00 - 17:30
May 7 - Oct. 7: 8:00 - 18:00
Oct. 8 - Oct. 31: 8:00 - 17:30
Nov. 1 - Apr. 5 the next year: 8:00 - 17:00

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