Chaotianmen Dock

Chaotianmen Dock is a major water transportation hub in Chongqing, where Jialing River and the Yangtze River meet. It is also the landmark and a must-visit attraction of Chongqing.

Chaotianmen was built in 314 BC as a city gate. In ancient time, local officials knelt down to receive the emperor’s decrees in front of the gate. The emperor was considered the son of the heaven in that time, so the place is called Chaotianmen, meaning “towards the heaven gate”.
Chaotianmen Chaotianmen Dock

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One of the Busiest Docks in China

Chaotianmen is the largest dock in Chongqing and one of the busiest docks in China. The Yangtze River cruise ships, the city sightseeing ships, and the city ferries all start off from the dock. Yangtze River Cruise is the best way to appreciate the most beautiful section of Yangtze River, Three Gorges. The sightseeing ships shuttle between Chaotianmen Dock and Jialing River Bridge, or the Yangtze River Bridge; it is a good way to appreciate the landscapes and night view of the city. The ferries run between the dock and Foreigners’ Street, a place with architecture in various styles and delicious food.

The Confluence of Jialing River and Yangtze River

Jialing River and Yangtze River meet at Chaotianmen. The Jialing River on the left, with 1,119 kilometers (695 miles) long, flows into Yangtze River here. In the early summer, green Jialing River and brown yellow Yangtze River with the rolling whirlpools, forms spectacular scenery. Chaotianmen Square above the dock is the best site to view the two rivers getting together.  

An Ideal Place to See Night View of Chongqing

The most beautiful night view of Chongqing is on Yuzhong Peninsula while the most beautiful night view of Yuzhong Peninsula is in Chaotianmen. The colorful lights of the buildings along the bank, of the ships on the river, and of the stars in the sky together form this charming night view, which is difference from the night view of other places.

A Prosperous Commercial Area

At present, Chaotianmen Dock has become the most prosperous commercial wholesale and retail area of the city. The boats, ferries, riverside wharfs, crowded pedestrians, and alley of shops and buildings on the banks of the two rivers make it lively. The well-developed traffic and the thriving commerce attract more and more people to go there.

How to Get to Chaotianmen Dock

 Take the metro line 1 and get off at Chaotianmen Station directly. Then just walk north around 400 meters (440 yards) to arrive at Chaotianmen Square.
 Take the bus 414, 440, 480 inter-zone line or 503 and get off at Changbin Road Ninth Dock.

 Nearby Attraction:
 People’s Liberation Monument: It is the landmark of Chongqing, and is also the only national monument for commemorating Chinese nation’s victory in the Sino-Japanese War.
 Jiefangbei CBD: Also called Jiefangbei Commercial Pedestrian Street, it is located at the central business district in the city. It is a great place for shopping and tasting local food.
 Hongya Cave: Located at the bank of Jialing River, it is a hot tourist destination for tourists to enjoy the stunning river view, taste the local yummy food and learn about the ancient Chinese ethnic culture.

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Questions & Answers on Chaotianmen Dock
Asked by Amanda Collins from CHINA | May. 05, 2020 08:34Reply
How do you get tickets to go into the sky walk at the square?
Answers (1)
Answered by Aria from CANADA | May. 05, 2020 22:47

Do you refer to the Sky Walk at Wansheng Ordovician Park? If yes, as I know, you need to purchase the tickets when you arriving there.
Asked by Janine zschneider from AUSTRALIA | Nov. 03, 2019 19:06Reply
Is it difficult to find pier 5 after we reach Chaotianmen dock?
Answers (1)
Answered by Aiden from BELGIUM | Nov. 05, 2019 22:54

Don't worry. After arriving, Chaotianmen Dock, there are several clear signs that can help you find the direction. Or you can consult the staff at the service center. :)
Asked by Christian Ronneberg from CHINA | May. 12, 2019 17:12Reply
Do any of the ships of Chongqing Chaotianmen Dock provide dinner?
Looking to take a group of 15-18 out on an evening cruise..
Answers (1)
Answered by Marie from FRANCE | May. 13, 2019 19:16

Generally, there is no problem. You can consult the ship company for more information. TEL:023-63108939.
Asked by Roy Joseph Ruddy from CANADA | Oct. 28, 2018 08:20Reply
Could you send me info on the night cruise from chaotianmen dock in Chongqing.
Such as price and times. I cannot find any info at all because I am not going to pay over 200.00$ for a private tour.

Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Julius from AUSTRALIA | Oct. 30, 2018 02:04

It is the biggest passenger port in Chongqing and the night view here is very beautiful and fascinating with all lights on and boats shuttling. The dock is opened all year round and free.

The night cruise is opened from 18:00-22:00 every day and you can get the tickets at the No.3 and 4 ports of Chaotianmen Dock, or you can book online.
The ticket price is different due to different ship types, such as CNY148 for Chaotianmen Cruise Ship, CNY88 for Jinbihuihuang Cruise Ship, CNY138 for Jinbi Palace Cruise Ship.
Asked by Lynette E Fedrick from AUSTRALIA | Jul. 25, 2018 01:37Reply
W will be disembarking on Gold 6 cruise ship on 27 November.
Our flight doesn't leave until 17.10 from Jiangbei airport. I wondered a) if there were taxis readily available to the airport and what the cost might be from the Port; b) will be be Chaotianmen Dock where we disembark; and c) can you recommend a tour company with included transfer to the airport, use up some time before the flight.

Many thanks, Lyn Fedrick
Answers (1)
Answered by Villa from FINLAND | Jul. 25, 2018 19:06

1. Yes, there are and the fare is about CNY 70. 2. Yes, it is. 3. If you don’t have much time befor flight, you can stroll around Jiefangbei CBD.
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