As a famous Taoist cultural site, Louguantai is located along the north range of  Zhongnan Mountains, about 15km (9 miles) from Xian. Known as the home of Taoist temples, it got its name from the Western Zhou Dynasty in the 11th century B.C. The attractions include Ancient Louguantai Taoist Temple, Temple of God of Wealth, and Louguantai Forest Park. Except all of that Taoist culture, it’s also the nearest place from downtown Xian for you to enjoy cute giant pandas.

Louguantai Wild Animal Center

The most valuable animals of the center should be giant panda, crested ibis, golden takin, and golden monkeys. As is known to all, the giant panda is a symbol of China. The cute pandas in Louguantai Panda Preserve are different from those in Sichuan Province. With shorter noses and browner fur, they look more beautiful. So they are called 'beauties among pandas' by the locals.

Except the four creatures, other rare animals are also kept in Louguantai Wild Animal Breeding and Protection, such as swans, little pandas, and bears.
Golden Monkeys in Lou Guan Tai
Golden Monkeys in Louguantai
Black Bear in Lou Guan Tai, Xian
Black Bear in Louguantai, Xian

Ancient Louguantai Taoist Temple

Constructed along the north-south-going mountain range, the whole building follows the architectural style of the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911). It shows the Taoist philosophy in the Tai Chi Diagram carved on the ground, the statue of Zhuang Zhou (an important representative in Taoism), and the statue of people practicing Tai Chi.

Louguantai temple was built 2,600 years ago in Western Zhou Dynasty (1046-771BC), famous as the place where Laozi composed the classic Taoist book, Dao De Jing. There is an interesting story of this book. Once Laozi passed by Xian and was stopped by a local governor, who asked him to leave something about Taoism. So Dao De Jing was born. Preaching Platform in the temple is where Laozi taught and explained Taoism. Other main attractions include Star Viewing Tower, the Stove, and Lüzu Cave.
People Practising Tai Chi in Louguantai Temple
People Practising Tai Chi in Louguantai Temple
Shehuo Show in Louguantai
Shehuo Show in Louguantai

Temple of God of Wealth

The temple mainly enshrines Zhao Gongming, the most famous God of Wealth in Chinese culture as well as a famous figure in Taoist culture. In the main hall stands the statue of Zhao Gongming riding on a black tiger, with a black steel hat on his head and a steel whip in his hand. There are also some statues of other legendary Gods of Wealth, such as Fan Li, Mazu, and Wong Tai Sin.

Yansheng Taoist Temple

It was built for Princess Yuzhen in Tang Dynasty (618-907), who used to spend her monastic life in this temple. She named the temple ‘Yansheng’ in memory of her mother, with the wish of prolonging one’s life. Many famous poets came here and left many wonderful poems and stories. The temple has been rebuilt many times in the later dynasties. Now the whole building complex centers on the original site of Tang dynasty, with nine zones with different Taoist topics.

Huanü Spring

Its name comes from an interesting legend. It’s said that Laozi once came here to test one of his students, Xu Jia. He stuck his crutch into ground and made a beauty with a grass. It proved that Xu Jia didn’t put his whole heart into Taoism and was distracted by the beauty. So Laozi angrily pulled out his crutch from the ground, and then a spring jetted from there. There are three major palaces in the scenic area, enshrining some famous goddesses in Chinese Fairy Tales.

Louguantai National Forest Park

The park is well known for various kinds of bamboos, which is not common in Northern China. Full of lush trees and clean water, Louguantai National Forest Park is an ideal summer resort.

How to get there

Take Huan Shan Tour Bus No. 1 from the North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda during 8:30-11:30 am. It returns during 13:30-17:30 pm. A one-way ticket costs CNY 12 for bus with air- conditioner. The bus stops by Temple of God of Wealth and Ancient Louguantai Taoist Temple. Other attractions are within walking distance from either of the two stops.
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Opening Hours 09:00-17:30
Admission Fee Ancient Louguantai Taoist Temple CNY 70
Temple of God of Wealth CNY 60
Yansheng Taoist Temple CNY 30
Huanv Spring CNY 30
Louguantai Forest Park March-November: CNY 45
December-February: CNY 30
Louguantai Wild Animal Center March-November: CNY 30
December-February: CNY 20
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