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Beijing to Jiaxing Train

Currently, 1 Beijing to Jiaxing high speed train is available from Beijing South Railway Station to Jiaxing South Railway Station, requiring the travel time of around 7 hours to finish the travel distance of 1,402 kilometers (871 miles). The ticket price for a first class seat is CNY 1,030.5, and for a second class seat is CNY 591.5.  

Additionally, 1 Beijing to Jiaxing normal speed train is running from Beijing Railway Station to Jiaxing Railway Station, taking about 16 hours. A soft sleeper costs CNY 580.5 and a hard sleeper costs CNY 343.5.

Beijing to Jiaxing Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train G151:
1Beijing South -15:49
2Langfang 16:1016:18
3Dezhou East 17:1517:17
4Jinan West 17:4117:44
5Xuzhou East 18:4718:49
6Bengbu South 19:2719:29
7Dingyuan 19:4519:54
8Nanjing South 20:2520:28
9Zhenjiang South 20:4720:53
10Wuxi [Jiangsu] East 21:2221:24
11Suzhou [Jiangsu] North 21:3521:37
12Kunshan south 21:4821:54
13Shanghai Hongqiao 22:1222:27
14Jiaxing South 22:54-
Beijing South
Jiaxing South
Details of the Train D717:
1Beijing -19:16
2Dezhou 22:1922:21
3Nanjing 04:4604:52
4Jiaxing 07:5007:52
5Haining 08:0908:11
6Hangzhou 08:54-
Details of the Train Z281:
1Baotou -06:43
2Baotou East 06:5807:02
3Hohhot 08:4808:56
4Hohhot East 09:0809:26
5Jining [Inner Mongolia] South 10:4010:46
6Datong 12:2712:39
7Zhangjiakou 15:0615:17
8Beijing 18:3119:10
9Tianjin West 20:2620:40
10Xuzhou 02:1402:35
11Nanjing 05:2305:37
12Zhenjiang 06:1306:17
13Changzhou 06:5507:00
14Wuxi [Jiangsu] 07:2507:30
15Suzhou [Jiangsu] 07:5808:01
16Shanghai South 09:4510:19
17Jiaxing 11:0211:05
18Haining 11:2211:25
19Hangzhou 12:15-
Details of the Train D711:
1Beijing -21:15
2Tianjin West 22:3022:39
3Nanjing 06:5106:57
4Jiaxing 09:5910:01
5Hangzhou 10:56-

Where to Go in Jiaxing

Wuzhen Water Town is one of the six most famous ancient towns in China. The residential buildings and the shop are built beside the water. And it is quite common to see bridges and shops when one is on the boat. Moreover, the lanes and streets in Wuzhen are quite narrow. Only one person can go through the streets or lanes. The night scene in Wuzhen deserves to be seen by everyone who comes to the town. When the night comes, the lights and lanterns make the whole town shinning over the water. Quite a scene to appreciate. Besides, tourists can taste the local dishes such as lamb noodles sold in Shusheng Lamb Noodles Reastaurant, Sauce Duck and Braised Lamb.

Although Xitang is also famous for its untouched architecture and water just like Wuzhe, it has its own uniqueness which are the covered lanes and many scenic spots including Museum of Traditional Chinese Buttons, Ming and Qing Woodcarving Hall, Wufu Bridge and Long Corridors of Misty Rain. Tourists can walk through the lanes like the most famous one Shipi Lane to appreciate the unique architectural style of the residential buildings in both sides. If one go into the Museum of Traditional Chinese Buttons, they will learn a lot about buttons such as the process of making a button in the shape of a shell and different kinds of buttons in ancient and modern China.

Jiaxing South Lake is entitled as one of the three most famous lakes in China. The scenery in South Lake is quite beautiful. One can rent a boat to the Mid-Lake Island. There are lots of gardens and buildings in Chinese traditional architectural style including the well-known Building of Misty Rain. What’s more, one can visit many gardens there like Four Season Garden, Hero Garden, Lanxiu Garden and so on. If they are lucky enough, they may see the misty and beautiful scenery over the South Lake when it rains. When come to this lake, remember to see the various gardens in the Mid-Lake Island and the beautiful scenery among the mist.

Jiaxing to Beijing Train

1 Jiaxing to Beijing high speed train is in service, taking 6.5 hours. 1 normal speed train is also running from Jiaxing to Beijing, taking 16.5 hours.

See detailed Beijing Train Schedule & Jiaxing Train Schedule

Major Rail Lines from Beijing to:

Major Rail Lines from Jiaxing to:
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Questions & Answers on Beijing to Jiaxing Train
Asked by Kaleb | Mar. 30, 2020 01:40Reply
Is D711 a daily train from Beijing to Jiaxing?
Answers (1)
Answered by Tawny | Mar. 30, 2020 17:10

Yes, it is a daily train. It shows on schedule for every day.
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