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Beijing - Dunhuang Train

Only one pair of trains numbered K41/K43 are operated between Beijing Railway Station and Dunhuang Railway Station. The duration is up to 36 hours for a distance of 2,482 kilometers (1,542 miles).

The Beijing - Dunhuang high speed trains may be put into service in 2021, cutting the travel time to about 16 hours.

In addition, one can make a transfer in Lanzhou to short the travel time to some extent. 

Beijing to Dunhuang Train Schedule

Train No. Departure - Arrival Travel Time
K41 20:45 - 08:22++ 35h37m
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Dunhuang to Beijing Train Timetable

Train No. Departure - Arrival Travel Time
K43 07:41 - 19:39+ 35h58m
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1. "+" indicates the second day; "++" indicates the third day.
2. The timetable above is for reference only. Please search for real-time schedule by the tool on top of the page.


Ticket Price of Beijing - Dunhuang Train

Soft Sleeper Hard Sleeper Hard Seat
CNY 767.5 / USD 119 CNY 496.5 / USD 77 CNY 273.5 / USD 42
 Stations along the way:
Shacheng, Zhangjiakou South, Chaigoubao, Tianzhen, Yanggao, Datong, Fengzhen, Jining South, Hohhot East, Salaqi, Baotou, Linhe, Wuhai, Huinong, Shizuishan, Yinchuan, Qingtongxia, Zhongning, Zhongwei, Wuwei South, Wuwei, Jinchang, Shandan, Zhangye, Gaotai, Qingshui, Jiuquan, Jiayuguan, Yumen, Guazhou

As this is a long-distance journey, passengers are advised to buy a soft sleeper or hard sleeper berth beforehand to make the trip more comfortable. Also, they can bring some snacks or download some videos to kill the boring time on the way.

Faster Transfer in Lanzhou  by High Speed Train

Beijing to Lanzhou to Dunhuang Train Schedule & Ticket Fare

Beijing - Lanzhou Lanzhou West - Dunhuang  Overall Travel Time  Ticket Fare (CNY)
Hard Sleeper + Second Class Seat
Z151: 16:03 - 11:28+  D2737: 13:41 - 21:12 29H9M  363 + 324 = 687

Dunhuang to Lanzhou to Beijing Train Timetable & Ticket Fare

Dunhuang - Lanzhou  Lanzhou West - Beijing  Overall Travel Time  Ticket Fare (CNY)
Hard Sleeper + Second Class Seat
K9669: 18:24 - 09:12+  G438: 14:28 - 21:42 25H18M  244.5 + 700 = 944.5
Y669: 20:43 - 07:17+ G430: 09:49 - 18:53 22H10M 
Note: "+" indicates the second day.

If taking the above option, passengers are kindly reminded that a transfer between Lanzhou Railway Station and Lanzhou West Railway station is needed. Bus line 31, K102, 137 or 1 are available between the two stations.  The duration is about 1 hour. Also, passengers can take a taxi with the duration of  around 40 minutes.

Beijing – Dunhuang Train vs. Flight

Trains are more punctual than flight and rail travel is more preferable for budget travelers. As it passes many different cities, the scenery along the way is distinctive and beautiful.

Alternatively, you can fly between the two cities. There are three direct flights daily for passengers’ convenience, taking only about 3 hours. But the air ticket costs more, over CNY1,000 per person for an economy class in most cases. However, flight delays may occur frequently because of the changeable weather and air traffic control. Passengers should be prepared in mental.
Major Rail Lines from Beijing to:

Major Rail Lines from Dunhaung to:
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Questions & Answers on Beijing - Dunhuang Train
Asked by Jayne | Sep. 09, 2019 00:25Reply
Regarding "+" indicates the second day; "++" indicates the third day.
If I take train K41 from Beijing on Sep 28, on which day will I land at Dunhuang? Sep 30 or Oct 01?
Answers (1)
Answered by Raines from AUSTRALIA | Sep. 09, 2019 17:38

If you depart on Sep 28, you will reach Dunhuang on Sep 30.
Asked by Robert from USA | Mar. 03, 2019 12:05Reply
Flying into Dunhuang. Want to see more scenery by rail on way out...
I plan on flying to Dunhuang. But, I'd like to take the train leaving Dunhuang to see more of the scenery. Is there a recommended train and route (for say 3-4 hours.) that leaves Dunhuang that will take me to a city/airport where I can fly back to BJ?

Thx and regards.
Answers (1)
Answered by Hailey from USA | Mar. 04, 2019 01:32

Maybe Jiayuguan can be your option. It is about 4.5 hours by rail from Dunhuang, and then there is an evening flight to Beijing (with a stopover in Lanzhou though).
Asked by Diana from CANADA | Nov. 23, 2018 00:59Reply
It seems that D4081 is not in service anymore?
I checked the timetable for many days but cannot find it
Answers (1)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Nov. 25, 2018 16:33

Thank you for your inquiry.
This D4081 used to be available, however, in recent dates, it is no more in service. It could be an adjustment of Railway Company during off season. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Currently, you may choose other normal rides instead.
Asked by SRL from MALAYSIA | Oct. 20, 2017 08:23Reply
Bus From Beijing to Dunhuang
Hi Are there any early busses from Beijing to Dunhuang? Will be arriving Beijing at 5am. Hoping to catch an early bus to Dunhuang. Thanks in advance.
Answers (1)
Answered by Reyes | Oct. 21, 2017 03:16

The distance from Beijing to Dunhuang is about 2300km, you'd better consider train or flight.
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