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Yichang East Railway Station

Yichang East Railway Station is 31 miles (50 km) from the Three Gorges Dam and 14 miles (23 km) from Sanxia Airport. As a landmark of the city, the station is a vital transportation hub and the only passenger railway station in the city. With the construction of Hankou-Yichang and Yichang-Wanzhou railways, East Railway Station is becoming more and more important.

Address: Huayan Section of Chengdong Avenue in Wujiagang District

Schedule and Ticket Booking

The station operates both bullet and ordinary trains to and from Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Changsha and Hangzhou each day.

High Speed Train Schedule

(Last Update on Apr 25, 2023)
ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
First/ Second Class Seat
Beijing West
G1516, G802 at 08:17 and 09:315h59m - 8h31mCNY 1,092/ 682
USD 161/ 100
Shanghai Hongqiao
D3034, D3008, D3074, D3074...
13 departures from 06:28 to 14:55
6h15m - 9h26mCNY 676/ 423
USD 99/ 62
Guangzhou South
G1138, G1030, G1034, G1142 from 06:21 to 09:377h10m - 7h40mCNY 903.5/ 564.5
USD 133/ 83
Nanjing South
D3034, D3008, D2194, D3082...
18 departures from 06:28 to 16:16
4h24m - 5h58mCNY 492/ 277
USD 72/ 41
Changsha South
G1138, G1030, G1034, G1142 from 06:21 to 09:374h20m - 4h46mCNY 431/ 269
USD 63/ 40
G1138, G1138, D3034, D3008...
90 departures from 06:21 to 22:05
1h43m - 3h1mCNY 147/ 92
USD 22/ 14
Chengdu East
D633, D367, D619, D2373...
17 departures from 08:46 to 16:17
6h18m - 7h32mCNY 428/ 250
USD 63/ 37


Normal High Speed Timetable

(Last Update on Apr 25, 2023)
ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
Soft/ Hard Sleeper
Chengdu East
K787, K529, Z333, K1257 from 00:54 to 17:0010h24m - 14h28mCNY 384/ 255
USD 56/ 38
Beijing West
T50, Z4, Z96 from 19:30 to 21:0513h19m - 18h28mCNY 484.5/ 317.5
USD 71/ 47
K1472 at 12:584h56mCNY 141.5/ 97.5
USD 21/ 14
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.

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Yichang East Railway Station
Yichang East Railway Station

Station Plan

The station mainly consists of a three-storey terminal building and the front square.
 3F: waiting hall, escalators, boiled water, toilet, VIP lounge, soft seat waiting room
 2F: entrance, exit, ticket office, waiting hall, boiled water, toilet, left luggage, escalators
 1F: commercial area, exit, entrance
 Front Square: taxi stand, city bus, parking lot, long-distance bus

Platforms are to the south of the terminal building, basically on the same level of the 3F of the terminal.

How to get to the east train station from downtown Yichang?

 Arrival by bus:
At East Station Bus Terminal: 9
At East Station Bus Stop: 1, 5-1, 37, 68, 80, 82, 105-1
At Tongqiang Intersection: 83
At Huayan Station: 5
Passengers arriving by bus will be dropped off at the east side of the front square. For those with a ticket in hand, enter the station directly to find the correct waiting area and wait for departure. For those without, the ticket office is on the second floor. Passengers can go there to purchase a ticket first and then go to the waiting hall.

 Arrival by taxi:
If arriving by taxi, passengers will get off at the east side of the front square. 
From Sanxia Airport: It takes 25-30 minutes and costs about CNY50.
From Three Gorges Dam: It takes about an hour and costs around CNY100.

Ticket Check and Boarding

A number of check points are available in the waiting hall. Passengers should read their tickets carefully before checking in and know exactly where to have the tickets checked. Afterwards, go to the platforms to board. Please note that red tickets can only be handled manually, while blue ones can be checked at automatic ticket check machines.

How to exit and leave the station?


Upon arrival, passengers will get out from the underground passage to the front square. Passengers then can go to take bus, taxi or long-distance bus to leave the station according to their routes.

 Leave by bus:
Bus stops can be found close to the west entrance/exit on the front square. It is easy for passengers to reach.

 Leave by taxi:
Taxi stands are located to the west side of the front square.

 Leave by long-distance bus:
To the east side of the station, Yichang Passenger Transport Center is easily accessible for passengers' convenience. Here, passengers can take coaches to Wuhan, Wushan, Wuxi, Enshi, Yunyang, Wanzhou etc.

 Transportation to other places:
 Sanxia Airport:
Walk 2-3 minutes to Yichang Passenger Transport Center and take airport shuttle bus to the airport. Buses are arranged according to the flight schedules. It takes an hour and costs CNY20 per person. Passengers are suggested to leave the downtown 2.5 hours in advance to catch the flight.

 Three Gorges Dam:
After getting out from the exit, one can easily find Sanxia tourist centre to the southeast of the station where through tour bus can take passengers to Three Gorges Dam. The bus departs from 08:00 to 13:00 every hour on the hour. Travel time is about 50 minutes and the ticket fare is CNY15.

 New Century Wharf:
Take bus line 9 to No.22 Middle School and change to bus line 10 to Sanyou Cave station. After getting off, walk westward for about 800 yards (720 meters) to the destination.


Facilities and Services

 Ticket Office:
The ticket office is on the second floor where 14 ticket offices are available for passengers' convenience. Services including ticket selling, ticket change, and ticket refund are provided here.

Waiting Hall
Waiting Hall
 Waiting Hall:
There are two waiting halls respectively on the second and third floors. VIP lounge and soft seat waiting room are provided on 3F. Only soft seat ticket holders are allowed to the soft seat waiting room. Toilets and hot drinking water are provided on both waiting halls.

 Left luggage service:
Luggage storage cabinets are provided at the west side of the first floor. It usually charges CNY 10-20 per day for each cabinet depending on its size.

 Information Desk:
Information desk is located inside the 1F. It provides great convenience for the elder, weak, sick, disabled, the pregnant and other passengers needing help. Free medicine, needlework, wheelchair, stretcher, baby carriage and mobile phone charger are also provided here. 
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Questions & Answers on Yichang East Railway Station
Asked by Toni from INDONESIA | Sep. 15, 2019 00:31Reply
How long we must spare time, for changing Train Zhangjiajie-YichangEast to train Yichang-Chongqing?
On 11 Nov 2019, I am going from Zhangjiajie to chongQing North. I have booked Zhangjiajie - Yichang East, K1610 (05:53 - 10:39). Which coming train from Yichang East to Qhongqing North I must choose? (Considering: delay antisipation, queue time, walk when changing train).
1)D629 (11:44 - 16:08),
2)D2373 (12:25 - 16:48) or
3)D2259 (12:45 - 17:18)

nb. I dont want to wait too long. I just need to buy take away lunch
Answers (2)
Answered by Manley | Sep. 16, 2019 04:21

I think 1.5 hours would be OK. Usually around 30min would be Ok for changeing trains and take 1 hour for the possible of delay of K1610.
Answered by Toni from INDONESIA | Sep. 17, 2019 19:14

Thank you for this very helpful information.
Asked by Brock from ITALY | Jul. 12, 2019 03:58Reply
Is the train K1474 usually runs on time from Zhangjiajie to Yichang East?
I will need to change train to Chengdu. How long do you think it is necessary considering the chance of a train delay?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sienna from CANADA | Jul. 14, 2019 17:23

The chance of delay is very hard to say as K1474 did runs a long distance from its beginning station before the trip from Zhangjiajie. Therefore, maybe it is better to have at least 1 hour between your two trips. In case K1474 delayed for a long time, you may ask the station to help you to change the second trip freely.
Asked by Tony Mills from USA | Sep. 22, 2018 17:36Reply
Going from Yichang Three Gorges Center Cruise Terminal to Yichang East Railway Station
Is Yichang Three Gorges Center Cruise Terminal the same as Yichang Maoping Port? And if not, is there a bus or train that goes from Yichang Three Gorges Center Cruise Terminal to Yichang East Railway Station, and what number is it and when does it run (and if possible, how much does it cost)? Neither Bing Maps nor Google Maps have this information.
Answers (1)
Answered by Dr. SCHIEBE from INDONESIA | Sep. 23, 2018 23:33

Generally, the cruise company will transfer you from Maoping Port to Yichang Three Gorges Center Cruise by shuttle bus, then from Three Gorges Center to Yichang East, you could take a taxi directly. It will take you around 20mins.
Asked by tony mills from USA | Sep. 10, 2018 16:36Reply
How to get from Yichang Maoping Port to Yichang East Railway Station
The Yangtze River cruise I'm planning to take from Chongqing to Yichang disembarks at Yichang Maoping Port, which is 50 KM from Yichang. How do I get from there to Yichang East Railway Station? Is there a bus or a train that goes there?
Answers (1)
Answered by Carman | Sep. 11, 2018 02:12

There is bus 809-2 from Maoping Port Bus Center to a long distance bus center beside the East Railway Station directly.
Asked by Asia from POLAND | Aug. 21, 2017 08:34Reply
from Yichang East to Three Gorges Dam and back
is there any direct bus from Yichang East to Three Gorges Dam sightseeing places (Tianzi Park etc), and is there any direct one to come back to station?
Answers (3)
Answered by Taban | Aug. 21, 2017 22:05

It seems no direct one. See from some online travel route, you may take bus or taxi to reach Junyao Square or Yemingzhu and then take tourist bus No. 216 or No. 8 to reach transportation hub of Three Gorges Dam.
Answered by Asia from POLAND | Aug. 22, 2017 03:34

Thank You very much!
Then, do You know how much would cost taxi to go to three gorges dam from the Yichang east? And if it is possible to find next to dam any taxi to come back then?
Answered by Lainey from AUSTRALIA | Aug. 24, 2017 01:59

See from the distance, it may cost you about CNY200. By the way, for a trip like this, the driver hardly use meter. You need to discuss the price with driver directly. By the way, you may go to the coach station near East Railway Station. There may have direct tourist bus to the Dam.
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