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Xi'an to Yichang Train

Taking nearly 13 hours, only 1 Xi’an to Yichang train runs on a daily basis.

Traveling about 870 km (540 mi), the train starts from Xi’an Railway Station and arrives at Yichang East Railway Station.The ticket price of the soft sleeper is CNY 330, of the hard sleeper is CNY 229, and of the hard seat is CNY 105.  

By the end of 2023, Xi’ an to Yichang high speed train will be in service. With a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph), it will greatly shorten the travel time between the two cities.   

Xi’an to Yichang Train Tickets Booking


Other Transportation Options from Xi’an to Yichang

Transfer at Zhengzhou East Railway Station

Xi’an North to Zhengzhou East Zhengzhou East to Yichang East Overall  Travel Time Ticket Price
Second Class Seat / Second Class Seat
G2204 12:10-14:23 G555 15:30-19:27 7h17m CNY 239 + CNY 353=CNY 592
G1904 10:57-13:04 8h30m

Transfer at Wuhan for High Speed Trains

Xi’an North to Wuhan Hankou to Yichang East Overall  Travel Time Ticket Price
Second Class Seat / Second Class Seat
G98 09:57-13:48 D2377 16:01-18:11 8h14m CNY 454.5 + CNY 108=CNY 562.5
G842 13:20-17:42 G1147 19:45-21:43 8h23m
G838 12:29-16:57 D2197 19:04-21:05 8h36m
G846 13:50-18:35 G2037 20:39-22:29 8h39m CNY 454.5 + CNY 81=CNY 538.5
G870 07:03-11:41 G309 13:55-15:46 8h43m CNY 454.5 + CNY 108=CNY 562.5
G642 11:58-16:27 G1029 18:52-20:41 8h43m

 How to get to Hankou Railway Station from Wuhan Railway Station
From Wuhan Railway Station, passengers can take metro line 2 and get off at Hongshan Square station, then transfer to metro line 4 and get off at Hankou Railway Station.

Xi’an to Yichang Flight:

What’s more, 1 Xi’an to Yichang flight is available daily. Passengers can take flight at T2 Terminal of Xi’an Xianyang International Airport and arrive at Yichang Sanxia Airport. 

Xi’an to Yichang Coach:

1 coach is operated from Xi’an Coach Station to Yichang Bus Terminal, taking about 12 hours. The coach ticket costs CNY 206.  

Yichang to Xi’an Train:

1 Yichang to Xi’an normal train is operated on a daily basis. Taking 11.5 hours, the train starts from Yichang East Railway Station and arrives at Xi’an Railway Station.

Passengers can also choose to transfer at Zhengzhou East Railway Station. First passenger can take bullet trains from Yichang East Railway Station to Zhengzhou East Railway Station, taking around 4.5 hours; then transfer to another bullet train to get to Xi’an North Railway Station, taking about 2.5 hours. With 1 hour of waiting at the transit station, totally, the whole journey takes at least 8 hours. 

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