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  My visa will expire soon, but I still want to stay in China, what should I do?

China Visa Sample
China Visa Sample
 Answer: It is advised to apply for a visa extension with ample time to spare before your current visa expires. Overstaying your visa's duration may be considered an illegal residence and could lead to a fine, imprisonment or deportation. However, in exceptional circumstances, one should apply for visa extension in advance of the visa's expiration date. To extend your Visa in China, you need appropriate reasons and relevant documents, please read Visa Extension for all the details.

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  Do I need to buy insurance before my trip?

 Answer: Yes. Don't forget to provide yourself with personal accident insurance or world wide travel insurance before you start your visit. Insurance is an effective guarantee against most emergencies. But hopefully you will not meet anything unexpected or unpleasant during your visit.
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  What if I feel faint, lose my appetite or suffer from insomnia during my visit?

 Answer: Don't worry! These are common symptoms for people travelling abroad. Tablets like Vitamin B2 and Multienzyme Tablet may help. Remember to eat more fruit and avoid overly fatty food. Whenever you feel uncomfortable or short of breath, please stop trekking and have a rest in the shade and drink some cool fluids. If you are stricken with a serious illness, ask the local hospital or a doctor for help. In China, the free first-aid number is 120.

Beijing Emergency Medical Center
Beijing Emergency Medical Center
  How to deal with bee sting, snake bite or other venomous animals during a trip?

 Answer: Keep calm! Clean the infected area and bind up the wound tightly and attempt to draw or squeeze out the poison. Then, ask somebody to help you get to a hospital immediately. Try to keep the afflicted area elevated and do not move unduly.

  What can I do when I am involved in a traffic accident?

 Answer: If you are involved in a traffic accident or other unexpected altercation, keep calm. If it is safe to do so, try not to leave or alter the scene of the accident and immediately call the police (110). Remembering the sequence of events that lead to the accident may help you when providing information to the police. Please refer to Traffic Safety for more tips.

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