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Xiamen Travel
Day1 Hong Kong - Xiamen
Gulangyu Island
Take a morning flight from Hong Kong to Xiamen city. It is easy to get to Hong Kong Airport. For detailed transportation to the airport, please click here. The full air-fare for economy class is CNY 1,290. There is usually a good discount, so you should only need to pay CNY 600 - 800 for a ticket including tax and airport construction fee.

Tips: Citizens of more than 170 countries and regions may visit Hong Kong visa-free within a limited period of stay. However, please make sure you have a valid visa before you head for Xiamen.

The flight to Xiamen airport takes about 1 hour. You can take a taxi (CNY 40 - 50) from the airport to your hotel in downtown. We would like to suggest the 3-star Super 8 Hotel at #29 Hou Jiangli Road. Check into the hotel and have a good rest.
In the afternoon, visit the Hulishan Fortress, the South Putuo Temple and Xiamen University. Walk westward for about 100 meters to Bailuzhou Road. Take bus No.87 for 7 stops to the Xia Da Bai Cheng stop. Then walk along the road for about 200 meters to reach the fortress. Remember to take some CNY 1 coins, because most buses do not have conductors and you need to put coins into the fare box on the bus. You can also rent a bicycle to travel along the coast road, as the three attractions are not far from the sea. The cost is about CNY 10 per hour, and a refundable deposit is required.
South Putuo Temple
Hulishan Fortress is open from 07:30 to 18:00, and the entrance fee is CNY25. There you can see the world's largest and smallest cannons, as well as other cultural relics. Walk back to the bus stop where you will find a gate of Xiamen University just across the street. Strolling around China's most beautiful campus, you will become totally relaxed. Leave the campus from its south gate, and you will find the South Putuo Temple not far away. The temple was initially built in the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), and is one of the Buddhist holy sites in South Fujian. The temple is free to enter and is open from 03:00 to 18:00. Afterwards, take bus No.841 for 4 stops to Du Lun (Ferry Terminal) stop, and walk back for about 100 meters. You will see a Taiwanese food street. Enjoy the mouthwatering food there. At night, you can take a leisurely walk along the coast and then return to your hotel by taxi (about CNY10).
Day2 Gulangyu Island
Today, let's take a Xiamen highlights sightseeing tour to Gulangyu Island. First, take a taxi from the hotel to the Ferry Terminal (CNY10), and then take a ferry to Gulangyu Island. The ferry runs every 10 to 15 minutes from 05:45 to 00:30 daily. The round trip ticket price is CNY8. If you prefer to have a nice view from the upper deck, the extra charge is CNY1. Gulangyu Island with the laudatory title "Island of the Piano" or "Maritime Garden" boasts the Sunlight Rock, the Shu Zhuang Garden and the Piano Museum. The package ticket for the five attractions is CNY100 per person. You can get a map of the island at the ticket office.
If time permits, we recommend you stay overnight on the island. Hotels and hostels of different types are available. Remember to try the delicious snacks, such as milk tea, worm jelly, dried pork slices, and Gulangyu pie.
Day3 Xiamen - Wuyishan
Spend more time on the Gulangyu Island or Xiamen City and take an afternoon flight or overnight train to Wuyishan City. Wuyishan City, about 500 km (310 miles) north of Xiamen City, is named after the famous Mount Wuyi. The air-fare is about CNY500 for economy class and the flight takes 40 minutes. Alternatively, the train K8746/K8747 leaves from Xiamen at 19:32 and arrives in Wuyishan at 08:10 the next morning. Hard-sleeper class costs CNY150.
Day4 Mount Wuyi
Bird's-eye view of the Mt.Wuyishan
Upon arrival in Wuyishan, check in at a local hotel. TCG recommends the 3-star Wuyi Tea Hotel located in the Wuyishan Scenery Resort. The hotel provides free pick-up service from the airport or railway station if you book rooms. Taxi fare will be CNY20 - 30 from the airport and CNY30 - 40 from the railway station. To appreciate all the highlights of Mount Wuyi, we suggest you stay for at least two nights. The ticket for the mountain is CNY160 valid for 3 days; CNY150 valid for 2 days; CNY 140 valid for 1 day. You can follow the two suggested itineraries:

Itinerary One:
In the morning, go to visit the Happy Buddha, the ancient Yongle Temple, the Big Red Robe tea tree and the Nine Dragon Nest. In the afternoon, ride a traditional bamboo raft on the wonderful Nine Twist Stream.

Itinerary two:
Heavenly Tour Peak - Cloudy Nest - Special Tea Canyon - Fairy bath pool - Tian You Temple
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