5 Places to Visit in Beijing in June

In June, it is early summer in Beijing, thus the weather is somewhat hot. You may want to choose cool and water related attractions. Below are five recommended places to visit in Beijing in June. things to do when you travel to Beijing in June.


Boat Cruise in Shichahai
Nothing can temper the summer heat better than a leisurely boat cruise over the cool waterscape. Shichahai is a vast lake made up of three water zones, Qianhai, Houhai and Xihai. While sitting on the boat, tourists can appreciate the traditional mansions and residences of former celebrities on both sides. You can also enjoy the beautiful lotuses floating on the lake, accompanied by the lingering sounds of paddles. After you pass through the Lotus Pool in Houhai, you will be met by flocks of ducks, and you can feed them bread crusts. What a nice thing to do in Beijing in June! Moreover, you can enjoy local cuisine and summer nightlife at the nearby bars and restaurants.

Rickshaw Tour in Hutongs

Rickshaw Tour in Hutongs
Hutongs are the narrow alleys, along both sides of which are traditional Beijing courtyards, Si He Yuan. As representatives of traditional Beijing architecture, Hutongs are good places to learn anout the daily life of local Beijingers. The most famous Hutongs in Beijing include Nanluoguxiang (South Gong and Drum Lane), Yandaixie StreetMao’er Hutong, and Jinyu Hutong. The best way to visit them is to take a rickshaw. The sunshade on the rickshaw can reduce the June heat. You can also sample some delicious snacks and fine great souvenirs in these hutongs. For the all above reasons, Hutong tour is recommended as one of the top things to do in Beijing in June.
Visit Prince Gong’s Mansion
Prince Gong’s Mansion (Gong Wang Fu), the largest mansion from the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912), is known for its carefully-designed layout and deluxe decorations. It has over 30 buildings set up along Central Axis, West Axis and East Axis. When walking along the Central Axis, you will enjoy the roofs of the Yin’an Palace and the Jiale Palace, which are covered with green glazed tiles. Some people say that the charm of Prince Gong’s Mansion lies in the details, and that’s true. Buildings on the West Axis, Baoguang Hall and Xijin Hall for example, are decorated with nanmu wood partitions. Even the frames of the windows and doors vary a lot! This mansion is the epitome of Qing’s glory, thus a nice place to visit in Beijing in June.
Gubei Water Town
Simatai Great Wall is the only section of the Ming Great Wall (1368-1644) that has not had any change to its former design. The dilapidated walls and incredible steepness highlight Simatai Great Wall’s uniqueness. In addition, Simatai is the only Great Wall section open in the evening, so tourists can avoid visiting it during the hot daytime in June, hence a nice place to visit in Beijing in June. At the foot of this Great Wall is Gubei Water Town. These two attractions are a striking contrast, because the latter is very delicate and quaint. When walking on the flagstone street, you will enjoy the neatly arranged houses, featuring green bricks and gray tiles. The night view of Gubei Water Town is also highly recommended. The peaceful lake reflects shimmering lights, just like falling stars.
Beijing Aquarium
When traveling with kids, what to do in Beijing in June considering the hot weather? The Beijing Aquarium is a good option. It is very cool inside. Tourists can interact with animals and touch turtles and star-fish. There is an artificial Amazon Jungle where you can take photos with colorful tropical fish. Don't miss the rare Chinese sturgeon!  In addition, there is an underwater tour, where you can discover marine animals from different environments, including the South China Sea, West Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and so on! Don't forget to enjoy the funny performances of the sea lions and dolphins.
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