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Wuhan to Haikou Train

2 Wuhan to Haikou trains take 23-26.5 hours to serve passengers. Both of them start from Wuhan Railway Station, and arrive at  Haikou Railway Station.

The ticket price of the soft sleeper ranges from CNY 717-838, of the hard sleeper ranges from CNY 471-503, and of the hard seat ranges from CNY 245-263. 

Besides Wuhan to Haikou direct trains, passengers can also transfer at Changsha for trains, or take Wuhan to Haikou direct flights instead.  

Wuhan to Haikou Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train K457:
1Zhengzhou -18:45
2Changge 19:2919:39
3Xuchang 19:5419:59
4Luohe 20:3920:42
5Zhumadian 21:2321:26
6Xinyang 22:2522:30
7Xiaogan 00:0500:08
8Wuhan [Wuchang] 01:2501:43
9Xianning 02:3002:41
10Changsha 05:4905:57
11Zhuzhou [hunan] 06:3606:42
12Hengshan 07:3207:46
13Hengyang 08:2308:43
14Yongzhou 10:1410:20
15Guilin North 13:0313:11
16Liuzhou 15:3615:57
17Laibin 16:4916:54
18Guigang 18:1918:23
19Xingye 19:0419:07
20Yulin [Guangxi] 19:3619:48
21Wendi 20:4320:48
22Lianjiang [Guangdong] 21:2321:27
23Zhanjiang West 22:35-
24Haikou 05:0005:00
Wuhan [Wuchang]
Details of the Train Z201:
1Beijing West -17:54
2Shijiazhuang 20:1920:25
3Zhengzhou 23:5023:56
4Wuhan [Wuchang] 04:3504:41
5Changsha 08:0408:10
6Chenzhou 11:3611:39
7Shaoguan East 13:2013:23
8Guangzhou 15:4216:02
9Zhaoqing 17:3117:35
10Maoming 20:4820:54
11Zhanjiang West 21:4221:48
12Haikou 03:4004:40
13Dongfang 06:1706:22
14Sanya 08:12-
Wuhan [Wuchang]

Other Transportation Options from Wuhan to Haikou:

Transfer at Guangzhou for Trains

Wuhan to Guangzhou South Guangzhou to Haikou Overall Travel Time Ticket Price
Second Class Seat / Hard Sleeper
G551 09:51-14:25 Z201 16:03-03:51(+1) 18h CNY 463.5+CNY 306=CNY 769.5
G1113 10:26-14:39 17h25m
G541 10:39-14:56 17h12m
G649 11:12-15:42 K511 17:32-06:00(+1) 18h48m CNY 463.5+CNY 285=CNY 748.5
G847 11:34-15:47 18h26m
G1161 11:50-16:10 18h10m
G1031 11:26-15:58 18h34m
G1117 11:45-16:26 18h15m
G1013 12:07-16:21 17h53m
G1019 15:45-20:06 Z111 21:30-08:46 17hm
G1129 15:50-20:19 16h56m
G305 16:00-20:00 16h46m
G65 16:05-20:24 16h41m

 How to get to Guangzhou Railway Station from Guangzhou South Railway Station
From Guangzhou South Railway Station, passengers can take metro line 2 to get to Guangzhou Railway Station. It takes about 30 minutes on the way.

​Wuhan to Haikou Flight 

Besides trains, passengers can choose flights as well. There are direct flights flying from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport to Haikou Meilan International Airport. Taking about 2 hours at least, a single trip from Wuhan to Haikou costs CNY 200-560.

How to Get To Famous Attractions in Haikou from Haikou Railway Station?

One can take bullet trains from Haikou Railway Station to Wenchang Railway Station, then take taxis to the destination. The whole route takes within 1.5 hours.
 Tourists can take bus 35, or express bus 40 from Haikou Railway Station to Holiday Beach, taking about 30 minutes.
 Taking around 70 minutes, one can take express bus 37 from Haikou Railway Station and get off at Wugongci bus station, then walk southwest for about 1.5 km to get to Qiongtai Academy. 
 From Haikou Railway Station, one can take express 37 and get to Temple of Five Lords directly. 

​Haikou to Wuhan Train:

2 Haikou to Wuhan trains serve passengers, taking about 23-26 hours. If you prefer a faster travel, direct flights from Haikou to Wuhan are also available. Passengers can take flights at Haikou Meilan International Airport and get off at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport. A single trip takes 2 hours at least.

See detailed Wuhan Train chedule & Haikou Train Schedule
Major Rail Lines from Wuhan to:
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