Black Mountain Valley

With an area of 40 square miles (103 square kilometers), Black Mountain Valley, or Heishan Valley, 70 miles (115 kilometers)  from Chongqing City, is located in Black Mountain Town (Heishan Town) of Wansheng Economic Development District of Chongqing City. Enjoying a forest coverage of 97%, the primitive natural ecological environment in this scenic area is preserved well. There are distinctive  views in the area, including high mountains, deep valleys, steep cliffs, grand waterfalls, winding plank roads and floating bridges, as well as various animals and plants, making Black Valley a great place for rafting, mountain climbing, camping, hunting and hiking.

Black Mountain Valley, Chongqing
Black Mountain Valley, Chongqing
Map of Chongqing Black Mountain Valley
Map of Black Mountain Valley (Click to enlarge)

Carp River Gorges (Ten-mile Gorges)

Similar to the formation of the Himalayas, the mountains in Black Mountain Valley are split where a crack formed, which is now known as Carp River Gorge. As a typical deep V-shaped valley, Carp River Gorge sees anelevation difference of 437 to 1,094 yards (400 to 1,000 meters). The widest part of the river is 22 to 33 yards (20 to 30 meters), while the narrowest part is less than 2 yards (2 meters). The narrowest section of Carp Gorge lies between Chongqing City and Guizhou Province. Therefore, visitors can touch the mountains in different places with both hands simultaneously.

Carp River Gorge boasts three extraordinary characteristics: plenty of carp beaching onthe shore, cool weather in summer and animals that live in harmony with local residents. Above the gorges, plank roads and floating bridges are constructed. Walking on the plank roads and floating bridges, visitors see carp swimming beneath, giving a feeling of wandering in an underwater palace. As well, Carp River Gorgeis covered with thick forests. They areseen as natural air conditioners, shading strong sunlight onextremely hot days, making the place a great summer resort. Meanwhile, thick forests are home to more than 300 species of animals that live happily together with local residents.

Fish Leaping Gorge

Every year in spring and summer, fish in the lower reaches of Carp River leap up to 24 inches (60 centimeters) to move forward. That is why the local residents call the gorge Fish Leaping Gorge. As well, local people put up a plank roadover the river,which helps visitors to go through the gorge and appreciate the carp closely.

Fish-Like Waterfall

Since the shape of the waterfall looks like a fish, it is called Fish-like Waterfall. It is the grandest waterfall in Black Mountain Valley Scenic Area. Falling from high places of hundreds of feet, the water sprays to look like pearl strings, strikes heavily on the stones below, and forms clouds of water vapour, which looks magnificent. If the sun shines right on it, there  is a rainbow.


1. The best time to visit Black Mountain Valley Scenic Area is from May to September, when there is cool weather and visitors can avoid the summer heat.
2. Since the southern area of Black Mountain Valley is higher than the north, it is recommended that tourists start from the south gate to save energy.

How to get to Black Mountain Valley

Black Mountain Valley, Chongqing
Black Mountain Valley
There is no direct transport from Chongqing to Black Mountain Scenic Area. Visitors need to make a transfer in Wansheng.

 How to get to Wansheng from Chongqing City
 Take a passenger bus at Chenjiaping long-distance bus station and get off at Wansheng bus station. The bus departs every hour from 8:00 to 17:30 and the ticket costs CNY 41.
 Take a passenger bus at Nanping long-distance bus station and get off at Wansheng bus station. The bus departs at 9:00 and 13:40 and the ticket costs CNY 40.
 Take a passenger bus at Longtou Temple long-distance bus station and get off at Wansheng bus station. The bus departs at 10:00 and 17:00 and the ticket costs CNY 42.

 How to get to Black Valley Scenic Area from Wansheng bus station
 Take Bus 113 at Wansheng long-distance bus station and get off at Black Mountain Valley South Gate station. The bus departs from 6:30 to 18:00 and the ticket costs CNY 6. The whole journey is about 25 minutes.
 Take Bus 106 at Wansheng long-distance bus station and get off at Black Mountain Valley North Gate station.The bus departs from 6:30 to18:30 and the ticket costs CNY5. The whole journey takes about 30 minutes.

Admission Fee March - October: CNY 85; November - February: CNY 60
* Children of and below 1.3 yards (1.2 meters) are free of charge.
Transportation Fee inside the Scenic Area Shuttle bus: CNY 20
Sightseeing bus inside the scenic area: CNY 30 
Cable Car: CNY 30 for single trip
* Children below 1.3 yards (1.2 meters) are free of charge.
Opening Hours 9:00 to 17:30
Recommended time for a visit 3 to 6 hours

Nearby Attraction

 Wansheng Stone Forest: There are direct buses running from the Tourist Center and South Gate of Black Mountain Valley Scenic Area to the South Gate of Wansheng Stone Forest. Ticket price is CNY 30 and CNY 15 respectively for a one-way ride.
- Last updated on Apr. 15, 2021 -
Questions & Answers on Black Mountain Valley
Asked by Warin from THAILAND | Oct. 25, 2019 04:16Reply
How can I go around between Black Mountain Valley, Ordovician Park and Stone forest?
I plan to visit 3 places of Wansheng by spend 2 nights at Black Mountain Valley south gate. Then travel between 3 places. How can I go around by bus or tourist bus service?
Answers (1)
Answered by Grace from MALAYSIA | Oct. 29, 2019 02:53

You can take bus No.119 from Black mountain valley to Ordovician Park. As for stone forest, it is close to Black mountain valley.
Asked by Rick Darling from AUSTRIA | Oct. 21, 2019 06:54Reply
if the Wansheng ordovician theme park is located within Black Mountain Valley?
If not , then how to get to Wansheng ordovician theme park from Black mountain valley? Is it possible to cover both attractions in one day?
Answers (1)
Answered by Lucy from USA | Oct. 24, 2019 18:16

You can take bus No.119 to the theme park. One day will be too tight and it is suggested to stay at least two days.
Asked by Rick Darling from AUSTRIA | Oct. 01, 2019 12:58Reply
direct bus from Chongqing to Wansheng Heishan Valley
I have heard straight from the horse's mouth that now there is direct bus from Chongqing to Wansheng Heishan Valley Tourism Area. I wonder if it is true or should I stay for the first night in Wansheng? Thank you in anticipation mates.
Answers (1)
Answered by Garner from AUSTRALIA | Oct. 09, 2019 19:47

Not really. You can take bus from Nanping Coach station to Wansheng Coach station, then take bus No.106 to Heishan Valley.
Asked by Erik McLean from CANADA | Apr. 27, 2019 01:01Reply
Can this be done in a day trip?
If we leave Chongqing in the morning and go to the balck mountain valley during the day, is it possible to then go back to CQ the same day? Or is it recommended to spend the night in Wansheng
Answers (1)
Answered by Steve from USA | Apr. 28, 2019 00:00

It is possible to be done within a day but it is too tired. You are suggested to spend a night in Wansheng.
Asked by sharon from AUSTRALIA | Apr. 07, 2019 02:11Reply
Is there an app for timetables for transport from chongqing to Black Mountain Valley?
Or a website that I can check how to get to the valley and return on Saturday thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Kevin from CANADA | Apr. 09, 2019 01:52

There is only Chinese website. You can take a bus from Chenjiaping Bus Station to Wansheng, and the bus departs from 8:00 to 17:30 with an interval about 1 hour. After that, take Bus Line 106 from the east gate of the Wansheng Bus Station to Black Mountain Valley.

The last bus back to Chongqing is at 17:00.
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