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Beijing to Kunshan Train

Up to now, 6 Beijing to Kunshan high speed trains are available from Beijing South Railway Station to Kunshan South Railway Station.

These Beijing to Kunshan high speed trains take the travel time of 5.5 to 6 hours to finish the travel distance of 1,268 kilometers (788 miles).

The ticket price for a first class seat is CNY 898.5 and for a second class seat is CNY 533.5.

Beijing to Kunshan Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train G117:
1Beijing South -09:25
2Tianjin South 09:5910:09
3Dezhou East 10:5411:08
4Jinan West 11:3211:38
5Zaozhuang 12:2812:30
6Chuzhou 13:4413:46
7Nanjing South 14:0414:07
8Zhenjiang South 14:2614:28
9Suzhou [Jiangsu] North 15:0515:07
10Kunshan south 15:1815:20
11Shanghai Hongqiao 15:38-
Beijing South
Kunshan south
Details of the Train G123:
1Beijing South -11:05
2Tianjin South 11:3911:41
3Dezhou East 12:2512:27
4Jinan West 12:5112:54
5Zaozhuang 13:4413:47
6Nanjing South 15:1715:19
7Wuxi [Jiangsu] East 16:0416:13
8Kunshan south 16:3116:33
9Shanghai Hongqiao 16:50-
Beijing South
Kunshan south
Details of the Train G125:
1Beijing South -11:10
2Tianjin South 11:4411:46
3Dezhou East 12:3012:32
4Jinan West 12:5612:58
5Tengzhou East 13:4113:43
6Suzhou [Anhui] East 14:2314:25
7Chuzhou 15:1215:17
8Nanjing South 15:3415:36
9Changzhou North 16:0816:10
10Suzhou [Jiangsu] North 16:3216:34
11Kunshan south 16:4616:48
12Shanghai Hongqiao 17:07-
Beijing South
Kunshan south
Details of the Train G129:
1Beijing South -12:10
2Tianjin South 12:4412:46
3Dezhou East 13:3013:32
4Jinan West 13:5613:58
5Xuzhou East 15:0115:03
6Suzhou [Anhui] East 15:2215:25
7Nanjing South 16:2616:29
8Zhenjiang South 16:4816:50
9Changzhou North 17:0817:10
10Suzhou [Jiangsu] North 17:3217:34
11Kunshan south 17:4517:47
12Shanghai 18:07-
Beijing South
Kunshan south
Details of the Train G145:
1Beijing South -14:35
2Dezhou East 15:4816:04
3Jinan West 16:2816:31
4Xuzhou East 17:3517:39
5Chuzhou 18:4018:42
6Nanjing South 19:0019:05
7Zhenjiang South 19:2419:26
8Changzhou North 19:4319:45
9Kunshan south 20:1420:16
10Shanghai Hongqiao 20:34-
Beijing South
Kunshan south

The Must-see in Kunshan: Zhouzhuang Water Town

Zhouzhuang Water Town is the number 1 water town in China. There are lots of scenic spots in the town such as Shaung Qiao, Fu’an Bridge, Shen House, Zhang House, Milou Tower and so on. Tourists can visit Zhouzhuang Museum to learn more about the water town which has a history of about two thousand years. If one wants to have some leisure time there, they can just wander in Shuang Qiao and Fu’an Bridge. When people go to Shen House, they should listen to Qun Opera and the legends which are told person by person through hundreds of years.

It is said that the best time of appreciate the beauty of Zhouzhuang during one day is in the morning and at the night. In the morning, the sun rises, waking up the whole town. And at the night, the lights shine, make everything bright. It is quite a good time to drink a cup of tea at one of the tea houses and sit there, watching people doing their own business. During the day, tourists can rent a boat travelling over the water to see the unique building styles on both sides.

How to Get to Zhouzhuang from Kunshan South Railway Station

Passengers can take city bus Kunshan 133 to bus stop Zhouzhuang Passengers’ Transportation Station and then transfer to city bus Kunshan 261 on the opposite of the road to get to Zhouzhaung Water Town.

Kunshan to Beijing Train

8 Kunshan to Beijing high speed trains are in service, taking about 5.5 to 6 hours. 1 normal speed train is also running from Kunshan to Beijing, requiring the travel time of about 22 hours.

See detailed Beijing Train Schedule & Kunshan Train Schedule

Major Rail Lines from Beijing to:

Major Rail Line from Kunshan to:
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Questions & Answers on Beijing to Kunshan Train
Asked by Dacey | Mar. 30, 2020 17:17Reply
Hi, is there anyone know about transfer from Beijing South Station to Guomao area?
I booked Nostalgia Hotel near Guomao area and trying to figure out a convenient way to get there. Any suggestion?
Answers (1)
Answered by Emerson from SPAIN | Mar. 31, 2020 16:54

It is very easy to go by metro line 14 (east part), just 7 stops to get off at Pingleyuan. You can exit from gate D and then you can walk to the hotel. It is about 1km. If you cannot find the direction, you can call hotel for help.
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