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Chongqing to Yangshuo Train

Presently, 4 high speed trains are in service from Chongqing West Railway Station to Yangshuo Railway Station.

These Chongqing to Yangshuo trains require 5 to 5.5 hours to finish the journey as long as 829 kilometers (515 miles).

The ticket price for a new soft sleeper is CNY 605, for a first class seat is CNY 487 and for a second class seat is CNY 305.


Chongqing to Yangshuo Train Tickets Booking 

Details of the Train D1869:
1Chongqing West -10:27
2Qijiang East 10:5310:55
3Ganshui East 11:0911:11
4Zunyi 11:5712:00
5Guiyang East 12:4812:54
6Duyun East 13:3213:35
7Congjiang 14:2314:30
8Wutong 15:1115:13
9Guilin West 15:2515:32
10Yangshuo 15:5615:58
11Zhongshan West 16:2816:37
12Hezhou 16:5016:52
13Huaiji 17:2217:24
14Zhaoqing East 17:5317:55
15Foshan West 18:1418:16
16Guangzhou South 18:36-
Chongqing West
Details of the Train D1875:
1Chongqing West -14:48
2Qijiang East 15:1415:16
3Xiuwenxian 16:4416:47
4Guiyang East 17:0517:09
5Longdongbao 17:2017:22
6Congjiang 18:3618:38
7Guilin West 19:2519:29
8Yangshuo 19:5320:00
9Hezhou 20:3820:41
10Guangzhou South 22:08-
Chongqing West

Running Route of Chongqing to Yangshuo High Speed Train

Chongqing - Guiyang High Speed Railway Line: This high speed railway line is about 344 kilometers (214 miles) in length, linking railway stations like Chongqing West, Qijiang East, Zunyi and Guiyang East.

Guiyang - Guilin High Speed Railway Line: As a section of Guiyang - Guangzhou High Speed Railway Line, Guiyang - Guilin High Speed Railway Line is 423 kilometers (263 miles), linking railway stations of Guiyang North, Congjaing, Sanjaing South, Guilin North and Guilin.

Guilin - Yangshuo High Speed Railway Line: As long as 67 kilometers (42 miles), Guilin - Yangshuo High Speed Railway Line, mainly connecting Guilin Railway Station, Guilin North Railway Station and Yangshuo Railway Station.

How to Get to Chongqing West Railway Station

Passengers can take city bus 213, 226, 325, 415, 441, 473, 499 and 526 to get to the west railway station directly.

How to Get to Famous Attractions from Yangshuo Railway Station

Take bus Yangshuo High Speed Special Line 1 to Fengming Tourist Center, then walk south along the road for about 2,000 meters (2,200 yards) to get to the park. If one choose to take a taxi to get there, it may take about 50 minutes and the fare is around CNY 60.

To Xingping Town

Passengers can take bus Yangshuo High Speed Special Line 2 to get to the town directly. A direct taxi ride may take about 10 minutes and cost CNY 20.
 Take city Yangshuo High Speed Special Line 1 to Fengming Tourist Center and transfer to bus Yangshuo 801 on the opposite of the road to get to the West Street. Taking a taxi to go there takes about 50 minutes and costs around CNY 60.

Yangshuo to Chongqing Train

6 Yangshuo to Chongqing high speed trains are for passengers’ use, taking the duration of around 5 to 5.5 hours.

See detailed Chongqing Train Schedule

Major Rail Lines from Chongqing to:
Major Rail Lines from Yangshuo to:
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